Saturday, October 20, 2007

It is a fact: 9-11 hijacker Mohammad Atta received about $100,000 in a wire transfer from the ISI, the Pakistani secret service, under the direction of director-general Lt. General Mahumd. Mahumd was immediately fired when the news broke (broken by a joint FBI and Indian effort, and he was fired to help cover-up the crime- not as a punishment).

Saudi princess Haifa, wife of ambassador Prince Bandar and a personal friend of George Bush, wired Mohammad Atta and other hijacking associates many thousands of dollars.

Two of the 19 hijackers (Al Hazmi and Al Mihdhar) lived in the same apartment with a FBI informant in 2000, in San Diego. This informant, who had to have noticed something was up, supposedly never told his FBI handler (Butler) anything relevant or pertinent. The informant even helped open a savings account for future hijackers- with $9,900.

The FBI has never thoroughly investigated any of these issues, nor did the 9-11 Truth Commission report deem the money trail important enough to seriously look into.

(On September 11 2001, Pakistani General Mahumd was having breakfast in DC with senator Graham and rep. Porter Goss. These two 'public servants' were later to assume prominent roles in the "investigation").


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