Wednesday, December 26, 2007

scandalous safety-valve

"Dr." Martin Luther King Jr. (his real name was Michael King, it was never legally changed, or at least there is no record of a change taking place) was found to have plagiarized almost half of his doctoral dissertation for Boston university (1955) by a committee from Boston U. in the 1980's. They didn't revoke Dr. Kings degree, because they said it would serve no useful purpose (read: cowardice).

Dr. King was also the subject of extensive video and audio surveillance by J. Edgar Hoovers FBI (ordered by Attorney General Bobby Kennedy from 1963-1968)- these tapes were sealed by a federal judge until the year 2027. Why? It seems Mr. King, a married family man with four children, was not only committing adultery every chance he got, but he probably used donated church funds for alcohol- fueled sex parties that may have involved white prostitutes; and he sometimes beat the women he was involved with. I don't know if this is absolutely true or not, but it seems suspicious that the surveillance tapes would be sealed if they only revealed that Mr. King harbored unorthodox theological beliefs, or showed that he was a communist sympathizer. When civil rights leader Ralph David Abernathy wrote his autobiography "And the walls came tumbling down" in 1989, he revealed a portion of what I have just written.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. helped contain the rage within the black ghetto cauldron- without his work, there would surely have been a dramatic increase in militancy, which would have almost certainly resulted in a mini-civil war, where the white power establishment would have eventually completely destroyed the black community, either by murder or exile. Kings efforts prevented this.


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