Sunday, November 30, 2008

The US should pull out of the UN.
The short argument against the UN: their conventions, laws, treaties,etc., are meant to undermine national sovereignty.

(just Google "Agenda 21")

the extra ingredient

As the new administration moves along in time, the mistakes of the dear one, large and small, will gradually erode Obama's support. Eventually the mainstream media will begin sniping at him(about a year from now). Those who oppose the administration will gain in numbers...while the festering wound in the constitution caused by Obama's deception about his birthplace and eligibility for high office...will create a reaction. This, combined with our un-repayable debt, are(is) enough to collapse the country. The USA will not exist in its present form for much longer- we will go through a Soviet style collapse before 2020, probably before 2012.
Nothing Obama signs as President will have any validity- already he has weakened under the pressure -will he be found out and exposed before the entire nation?- His facial twitch has increased in severity under the 'lite' pressure of selecting cabinet members...

Iraq has passed a law to limit US troop actions-Obama campaigned to end the war....Originally, his supporters were given the impression that he would begin the draw down on his first day on his usurped throne. Instead, the new Iraq treaty will dictate terms to him,our troops will remain for a few years more... but its all probably to his advantage. Now, he can go about with a more free hand with the business of the dismemberment of Pakistan, which is the goal of Obama's foreign policy mentor and master, Zbignew Brzezinski ( who was the real President during Carters term).

I find it hilarious whenever the validity of Obama's birth certificate is questioned, the Obama camp usually refers the questioner to "" for a rebuttal. "" is owned by people who support Obama...and Obama sits on the board of one of their subsidiaries.

This is a very dangerous Achilles heel- as evidence mounts that Obama is a fraud, people who would be mildly opposed to his rule will sharpen their attacks, which will in turn create a climate of hate against our faux President. Militia armies opposed to him, and opposed to our un-repayable debt, will increase in numbers. The debt will sink the dollar, which will create hyperinflation. Most people will lose most of what they have struggled for all their lives. During such a dangerous time, we need a President who obeyed the mere legal requirement needed to obtain high office....instead, we have a manufactured candidate, seemingly run by foreign intelligence services, who, with fake polls, screaming adolescents, and bused-in fraudulent voters, short-circuited normal politics and seized power. The media can only cover for him for so long...

If people did not view him as illegitimate, their opposition to him would be slightly less. Obama's apparent lack of US citizenship may be the straw that breaks the camels back.
The news coverage of the recent attack in Bombay was inadequate . Almost nobody from the big three networks-CNN, NSNBC, or Fox- bothered to show up in the flesh on the ground in India, everyone relied too heavily on Indian news clips....Did anyone see Anderson Cooper near the carnage?

Our news never presented any comprehensive coverage...I never saw any graphs or time-lines, sequences of events that made any sense. The visuals never seemed very dramatic or relevant.

Now we are being told that only ten individuals were involved. We are expected to believe that these ten men, or boys, captured two large hotels, kept many hostages inside both buildings, killed the chief of police and another big-shot in the Indian security apparatus.....while almost simultaneously launching raids against a hospital, a railway station, and multiple bars and restaurants....for over 60 hours, killing over 200 people, in a city accustomed to dealing with terrorist activity?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obama's grandmother died on election-eve...yet she remains unburied, a month later. Why?

Her death was very convenient- she knew things that could derail Obama's pending presidency.
"Do not ask God the way to Heaven. He will only show you the hardest way" (Stanislaw Lem)
Last night... I dreamed I was asleep in bed... a ghoul burst into my attacked me in my sleep,waking me... I struggled for my life. Suddenly , I really woke up ..

I went back to sleep and began to dream again... the same attacker appeared in my room. It was a cross between a ghoul and a zombie, if that means anything to you. The creature wore old moldy rags, and seemed like a "monk" from another era, only dead. The face was grey and putrid...I struggled with the fiend in my bed...A knife tried to cut me, I felt the fetid breath of the monster on my face. In the dream, I realized I was dreaming... I knew that whatever happened to me in this dream would happen to me in "reality." I had to fight off the attacker if I was going to live....there seemed to be a sexual component to the assault....I felt a razor -sharp blade upon my wrist...with one final Herculean effort, I shoved the zombie off of me, and woke up as I sprang up from the bed....scary.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whats with all this "closure" crap? What I want is anger.
Problem with solar energy- availability, and storage.

"Molten salt" solves the problem...

Monday, November 24, 2008


We easily rescue white collar "workers"(thieves), yet drag our feet to rescue the blue collar auto industry. Is there some snobbish bias in play? Or merely the effect of a power differential? I've been against all the bailouts, but if anyone should get at least a partial bailout, its Detroit. This is a security issue, as Detroit helps with defense procurement.

Detroit has shot itself in the foot- they often put about 20 dealerships in about a 5 square mile area...where Toyota will have just one dealership...yet the percent of sales is about even...Bad management should not be rewarded.
I think we should make all the top level managers for the big three work for $1 dollar a year until they straighten things out. Give citizens a several thousand dollar rebate if they purchase a Detroit car. Give Detroit a loan, not a handout.

Obama's team of Clinton croney's vaporizes any idea that Obama represented "change" He should be sued for false advertising-his very young supporters thought they were getting a Swedish-style socialism, with a racial twist.

The incoming chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, a hardcore Zionist. Emmanuel is a vulgar crook from the Chicago machine...he is an Israeli citizen, even possibly a spy for Likud. He loves war, death, and blood.His father fought with terrorists-the Irgun. There were plots to kidnap and kill European nobility...He is worse than Cheney and Karl Rove combined-Rahm Emmanuel is the devil, and now he will be our Prime Minister.

The new Attorney General wants to censor the internet... and the fresh Secretary of State will be a tired old one-woman circus...Obama has yet to appoint a single "progressive liberal" to his transition team-even president Clinton had one-Labor Secretary Reich (still my favorite Clinton appointee).

I wonder if changing the short- sell rule, or a certain accounting method, would have made a difference in the current crisis. I understand that the seizing up of market credit is(was) deliberate- deep-pocketed saboteurs have targeted America.

China must let its currency rise, or we should adjust the system to tack on a rise in the Yuan' value in regards to trade practices and exchanges. They use their low currency to become a manufacturing global hub, siphoning our factories away... while they don't buy very many of our goods... This is a completely uneven playing field, yet the Washington-New York traitors enable this trade imbalance to flourish and torpedo our economy.

Obama (like Bush) is a front-man for the multinational cartels...a puppet of Zbignew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Soros,and other New World Order cretins. Only Obama is much more dangerous than Bush- Obama can do worse damage, due to his widespread support among his "useful idiots." When the "guaranteed" "generated" crisis hits-watch out!

I voted for the Arab- Ralph Nader... since I couldn't stand any of the other alternatives.

"He who spares the wicked harms the good" Roman stoic philosopher Seneca

Sunday, November 23, 2008

God is the ultimate voyeur (psychologists come in second-their profession is based upon a vice).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Show me a Republican who has a broad and absolute belief in the fourth me a Democrat who has a broad absolute belief in the first and second amendments...and I will show you a three headed rooster.
Obama easily jettisoned any 'radical negro' agenda that may have been attached to him...he has been an incremental pragmatist all along. He easily duped millions into supporting him; he falsely advertised himself as the "change"candidate... millions took the bait.

Obama eagerly embraced the agenda of the multinational cartels long ago. His cabinet now consists of retread corrupt Clintonians and Carterites.

If the Detroit auto industry is allowed to sink, we will go into a depression, which could end up in Martial Law- already, Icelanders have rioted and stormed their parliament, over the economic crisis. This could happen here.

Unemployment is already over 10% in almost half the states ( the national figure of 6.5% is cooked. Those who cycle off the unemployment benefits rolls yet are still unemployed are not counted. Neither are 'discouraged' seekers, or those who need 40 hours a week but take 10, just to survive. The real unemployment figure is at least 11.5%, and maybe as high as 16%).

Remember when the National Guard started bayoneting grandmothers in the streets in 1934? Labor strikes and armies of the hungry unemployed rose up and clashed with police; many on both sides got their heads knocked around. We came perilously close to revolution or military rule.
Anti-eviction neighborhood watches sprung up- when sheriffs evicted people out of their homes, neighbors would move the evicted persons belongings back into their house, and dared the sheriffs to try again.

The issue is globalism. We are allowing our country to be targeted and killed- Spain buys up our public highways, China wants to rule Detroit, and the United Arab Emirates tried to get over 20 ports...wake up you morons... Once the dollar is collapsed, all of the USA will be for sale for one cent on the dollar. Obama ran for Bush's third term.

Do you really think the Constitution is intact? Do you think the country is the same as it was 50 years ago?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"There are poisons that destroy the sight and there are poisons that open your eyes" (August Strindberg)
Our recent election was a contest between vanilla and chocolate. Chocolate won, but since the auto industry is about to be bought out by China, this means Strawberry really won the election.

We will eventually end up with 'Rocky road.'
Well, it happened. "Al Qaeda" has declared our President-elect an apostate Muslim, or a Murtad. This means that he is especially vulnerable from here on...

Islam is really a parody of Judaism and Christianity. About 600 AD some disenchanted gnostics invented Islam- Islam is just a physical expression of some metaphors that the Judeo-Christian gnostics were working with in NW Arabia about that time....Mohammad may not have been a real historical figure.

With Christians, two centuries of textual criticism have not been able to destroy their faith, because that is exactly what it is- faith.

Islam is quite vulnerable to Koranic criticism-for one thing, moslems claim to possess the third revelation, and hence, superior religion. But when you examine the tenets of Islam found in the Koran, do you really think Islamic laws or rules are better than the Sermon on the Mount?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Before there were none...then one room. Then two more... then the mansion materialized like a mirage...suddenly one became two. Two homes for the price of none...up top in my eagles nest, open the window, a plank goes out...two homes for the price of none....a pirate plank bridges the gap; now I revel in double barreled bliss and leisure. A deck, a tower... I keep watch over the city. How many crimes have I thwarted? How many?...I often tread where two or three cops fear to go...
From my perch inside these two towers, the light fades but grows still. Mercury, sulfur and salt, the prime matter, four elements guided by heat and the cold, by the wet and the dry. I move electrons around and turn lead into gold. If only you knew, if the city knew, they would burn me out Frankenstein-style; their jealousy would burn them up into a crisp; their sordid ahses would float past me in my two chosen, stolen, towers.
My bane, she waits for me... at weeks end; a desire on fire, A tryst with a sweet treat, oh how the city would turn, oh how the elders would rage and burn... I gloat.. my secret makes me coast...she waits for me, bejeweled and blonde, a dusky gem in the rough of life.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Much silence and a good disposition....this is the best combination.
If they drive God from the Earth, we will shelter him underground (Dostoevsky)
If you don't create phantoms, you are condemned to live by yourself.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"human trash" wow, that sounds kinda harsh

America once was the world standard...we ruled.

Hollywood (entertainment) Detroit ( manufacturing) Madison avenue and Wall street (advertising, fashion, finance).

When we pushed Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and invaded Iraq in 1991, the Chinese leadership went slack-jawed. They couldn't believe how well we were able to project our might. In 1991, huge China would have had a hard time taking over tiny Taiwan...(Incidentally, I strongly opposed the Gulf war and the Iraq war).

For how much longer will we be a beacon? Is it already over? If the auto industry folds like a paper napkin next year, this will be a symbolic, as well as an economic, collapse. The US can rebuild itself, but one of our great weaknesses is our tolerance for unqualified illegal immigration.

Germany was a completely destroyed country in 1945, yet 20 years later they become an economic powerhouse. America can rebuild, but its unlikely, when 50 million low-intelligence laborers break- in and help dismantle the gene pool.
But the unfortunate grunt from south of the border cannot be blamed too much- wouldn't you get your back wet, for the opportunity to improve your economic status enough to become a Chinese-import WalMart shopper?

We support the corrupt oligarchy in Mexico- a clutch of families who rule and rape the badlands. American rulers, the IMF, etc., put pressure on the Mexican aristocracy, strangling opportunity for the campesinos...naturally, they try to flee north. Our enemy is within- the financial elites who are transforming the nation. Traitors have created a new Marielito evacuation...

(In 1980, about 150,000 Cubans fled their island. Castro let them go, since many of these island deserters were criminals. I think the analogy for what's happening right now is apt-many of the current border invaders are criminally minded. Just look at the evening news. Just read the FBI's ten most wanted list...Fidel was merely letting off steam for his country, getting rid of undesirables along with the normal refugees...The Mexican leadership sees it this way too, regarding the current invasion).

Mexico pushes out its refuse, and suckers here embrace this human trash and call it "opportunity".. "tolerance" .. "neighborliness".. "solidarity..." I call it mass insanity and stupidity.

I have worked closely with illegals from Latin America- at least 85% of the kitchen crews, construction workers, maids and whatnot...(they) despise America and Americans-they despise us with a passion- and salivate over the prospect of taking us over.
They will breed themselves into power, as self-indulgent and financially weakened Americans non-breed themselves into nonexistence.

The main issue is sustainability. Soon, the entire American southwest will be a completely denuded, uninhabitable wasteland. (We made the region bloom ,after 1945.)...If you have any environmental bone in your body at all, you will oppose the human tidal-crime wave washing up on our shores.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Only one country has landed people on the Moon- the USA. We went there from July 20, 1969 to Dec.11-14, 1972. There were six separate missions-Apollo 11,12, 14, 15, 16, and 17. Only twelve men have ever set foot on the Moon. They are-

Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin

Pete Conrad
Alan Bean

Alan Shepard
Ed Mitchell

David Scott
James Irwin

John W. Young
Charles Duke

Eugene Cernan
Harris Schmitt

Only four nations have landed unmanned probes on the Moon- The US, the Russians, the European Union... India accomplished the task on Friday. China has a probe in lunar orbit(the Chang)...The Moon is the next Klondike.
One day, we will look up and see on the Moons surface a giant flashing neon-like sign saying "Eat at Joe's."
Films I yearn to experience: Les Vampires(1916) Dr. Mabuse,1&2,(1922) Haxan (1923)
If in every Congressional district there were one thousand activists applying pressure....holding the Congressman's toes to the fire...
Octopus, octopus, where are you?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Neel Kashkari, the Treasury Departments point man in the bailout fiasco...are you kidding me? Kashkari (Cash 'n Carry?).

So the october criminals don't want to tell anyone what they did with $2 trillion in stolen loot? The totality of the situation means that the readers of this blog will statistically die at least seven years before they should. You are losing quantity, and quality, of life, due to your inaction and the subsequent corruption in government.

This illigitimate government must go.
Animals do not need color vision to survive...only a few see in color. The rise of color vision in humans is incidental, and recent. Judgeing from Homer's Illiad and Odyssey, the Greeks of Homers age did not possess very much color vision (about 800BC). Other ancient Greek writers used color terms in the same limited way, so we cannot merely think that Homer was colorblind, and other Greeks were not . The possiblity exists that ancient Greek retinas were not evolutionarily developed enough to perceive the full color spectrum.
FEMA firefighting manuals describe what to do when a UFO crashes.
25% of the schoolchildren in the US are Mexicans.(This sounds about right, since officially 14% of our population consists of legal immigrnats from Mexico, while another 6% are illegally here).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Fedor Von Bock was a World War Two Field Marshal in Germany's army... A by-the- book commander, he was not the most brilliant theoretician, but he had a sense of total determination. He orchestrated the conquest of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, and Denmark.
Von Bock was part Russian... he spoke fluent French and passable English and Russian.

He invaded Soviet territory in 1941 (this was part of Operation Barbarossa), making rapid progress until...

Von Bock's strategy would have knocked Russia out of the war-he wanted a quick strike to take Moscow, but Hitler wanted the enemies southern flank dealt with first. Later, Hitler ordered Von Bock to make other bad moves...These delays allowed cold rains to overtake German soldiers along their way to Moscow...

The front was far from Germany, and stretched north to south for about 1,000 miles... A factor in the failure to take Moscow was a serious lack of winter coats among the German soldiers (this was the worst winter in 50 years) Thousands died from frostbite, tens of thousands were incapacitated by the cold. Von Bock was scapegoated for the failure and dismissed.
His original intent would have been the best plan, and the changes that were ordered along the way were deletorious-blame for the failure to take Moscow rests squarely on the shoulders of Hitler and the Berlin-HQ High Command.

Fedor Von Bock disliked the Nazi's (he was a monarchist) but did not approve of the many internal plots against Hitler. He was approached and asked to join conspiracies several times, but turned the offers down.
Once, Von Bock blocked a hit on the Fuhrer; but at the same time, he never ratted out any of the coup plotters. (Von Bock would have joined the plot(s) if Himmler had been involved. Himmler was chief of intelligence in Germany; Von Bock reasoned (correctly) that for any plot to have a chance for success, Himmler would have to be a co-conspirator too).

"A soldiers career should be crowned by (a) heroic death in battle"-FVB

After Hitlers suicide on April 30, Von Bock heard that Admiral Doenitz was forming a new government; Von Bock rushed toward Hamburg, hoping to get a new command.

On May 4, 1945, Fedor Von Bock and his wife and daughter were killed by a strafing run from a British fighter-bomber on the Kiel road near Hamburg-he was 64. The war ended a few days later.

Von Bock was the only Field Marshal of the Reich to die from enemy fire during the war.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I still can't find my octopus.
This Obama worship is silly. Now I hear that his followers want a national holiday in his honor, before his first day in office. These people are nuts. Sure, he is an inspirational leader(to some), one who will, or has, partly undone the legacy of slavery. But he is still a figurehead, like all our Presidents. If he really has a radical leftist agenda, it will be subsumed by the urgency to repair the economy. If he messes up, the Republicans will take back the Congress in two years. He has to reach out to all the factions and save the middle class. Otherwise, he will lose too much power after the midterms; then he really will have to cave-in. He needs some initial successes, but cannot bite off more than he can chew.

I use to be very liberal-beyond McGovernism. Eventually I had to break with liberals, over several issues
1. the second amendment
2. the first amendment ( PCism, speech codes, etc.)
3. illegal immigration
4. the liberal tendency to cooperate with corporate conservatism ( Pelosi never impeached Bush, did she? 24 Democratic senators voted for the Iraq war, didnt they?)

My philosophy may seem idiosyncratic, but I'm just calling it the way I see it.

If Obama tries to pass any socially radical legislation-before he stabilizes the economy- he will damage himself and fuel a Republican return. But at the same time, he has a very narrow time--frame to enact "progressive" legislation...once the Republicans make-up their 2008 losses in 2010, the Obama revolution is over.

Or maybe not. Obama wants to form his own version of the Maoist "Red Guards," a paramilitary-civilian force initially 250,000 strong, loyal only to him. If the "guaranteed" disaster strikes by next summer, these units will enforce his will, as the Congress and the courts transform the nation.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aldous Huxley wrote "The Doors of Perception" in 1953...these 80 pages examined his experiences with mescaline. Under the influence of the drug, he said Plato was mistaken- Being and Becoming could not be separated, they were one. The visual sense was heightened, colors revealed their subterranean truth-nature. All that is, Is.
There is "Mind at Large.." but we cannot experience it fully, since we are burdened with a 'reducing valve' called the brain and nervous system. Mind does not seek out and find the world of reality, nor does reality impress itself upon our minds; consciousness limits reality, only allowing enough of it through the sieve of the reducing valve; allowing us to function within certain dimensions. Peyote widens the valve, and "Mind at Large"floods through, enlightening us.

Alexander Shulgin was one of the very few pre-1960's scholars who studied Peyotism-he ingested it himself. He found that the Indians who practiced Peyotism were more 'civilized' than their regular Christian-white counterparts. While under the influence of mescaline, individuals do not become coarse or incoherent.

We would all be much better off if the Sunday morning churches folded, and sweat lodge-AmerIndian Peyotism took their place.

Our thoughts are formed by about a 1,000 media clips a day, our consciousness is very carefully constructed by unseen designers.Why not buck this indoctrination by going straight to the source- to God, via Peyote?
For about a whole day, I seriously considered voting for Desmond Tutu for President.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Did six million really die? My copy of H.G. Wells "History of the World" says at least 4.5 million Oxford Encyclopedia of 20th Century History, published in 1990, says 4-5 million died. I have seen reports that claim that the ground where the mass graves are said to be located has never been turned over in recent memory. A report claims that poison gas cannot be found in large amounts in the relevant bricks that remain around Auschwitz, when traces ought to be detected.

An 'order of magnitude' reduction of the claimed reality of the Holocaust is controversial, and even illegal in about a 20 countries ( suspicious in itself) .

The mass extermination of the Jews only began after Pearl Harbor, when America joined the fight.
The Wannsee Conference convened in Feb. 1942-this was when the decision was made to exterminate the Jew from Europe.

What can be done about the Russian partisans, many of whom were led by Jews? This was a cause for the mass firing squad shootings of rounded up Jews on the eastern front.

Germany knew the war was lost after Stalingrad (Feb.1943), they knew they could not beat the Russians , Brits, and the Americans combined.
Hitler learned in 1942-3 that the victorious allies would dismember the German nation and possibly destroy forever the Reich Volk. This is when the plan to save the Jews, the Madagascar relocation plan, was abandoned, and the Final Solution was enacted- in the spring of 1942.

Usurers caused the war with their insane reparation demands against Germany in the Treaty of Versailles.

When the Bolsheviks took power in Russia, they saw that they had to kill the entire Royal family- there could be no exile, the symbolic rallying opposition had to be eliminated. Many Nazi's ended up with this same conclusion, by the spring of 1942.

As London and Moscow began their policy of encirclement of Nazi Germany after 1935, a reaction set- in in Berlin. Hitler became an embattled war leader...

The allies firebombed Dresden-a target with no military significance, killing at least 75,000 civilians in one pop. The allies nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even after President Truman knew that the Emperor was trying to surrender.

As the war entered its last year, citizens in Germany began to starve. Food and hygienic materials were prioritized to go to the military....if an inmate in a concentrated camp only had one bowl of gruel a day, as the war was winding down, his free counterpart German citizen only had two bowls of gruel a day.

Whether 4.5 million died by direct execution, or only 900,000 died this way, as the late President of Croatia asserts in his book, I don't know. Maybe over 2-3 million Jewish casualties occurred due to the ordinary privations of war- starvation and disease?

I wish Hitler had been killed in the assassination attempt of July 15, 1944. I wish Von Stauffenberg had succeeded in Killing Hitler, and I wish Himmler had been there and killed too. The German High Command would have called for a truce... the resulting peace would have been acceptable to most German nationalists at that point, and 1-3 million Jews would have been saved. The implications for this counter-factual are huge: the Reich would have survived with the pre-World War one German borders intact, plus Austria, and maybe Sudetenland and the Danzig -Polish corridor too. The urgency for the creation of the state of Israel would have been curbed...Stalin would have been denied his satellite empire of slavic puppet states, and the Cold War would have started with the West holding the best cards.

There were over 17 separate assassination attempts on Hitler from 1938-1945, many of these efforts were led by Generals, most of whom were aristocratic Prussian conservatives who loathed the crudity that Nazism had become.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The chief of staff for the new administration will be Congressman Rahm Emanuel? Are you kidding? He sat on Freddie Macs board...and he is Wall Streets most beloved beneficiary of stolen loot. This is an outrage.
Generals Patton, Pershing, MacArthur, Omar Bradley, George Marshall...all were war horses, having seen front-line action in battle before, or during, World War Two.

General Eisenhower never saw combat in his life. He rose through the ranks during peacetime. When it came time to appoint an overseeing general, his organizational skills got him the job... he was too old to be right up on the front- but his plan(s) worked, and the war was won.
"Dirigisme" was the official French economic model from 1945-about 1983. Dirigisme means that the state exercises broad control or directive authority in economic matters. This system was viewed to be a compromise between the central planning Soviet and laisez faire American model extremes. Capitalism flourished, yet so did socialism. The results were remarkable- France was rebuilt from the rubble of World War Two, modernized, and a large middle class was created.

The expiriment faultered when Mitterand nationalized the banks in 1982 (hmm, sounds familiar. AIP, anyone?)

Whether the next US administration seeks our own "dirigisme" or rather a new-New Deal...time will tell... but I suspect we will merely see a reprise of Clintonism ( this is "change?").

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Slide

From his first day in the Illinois senate, up to today, Barack Obama has been an overt shill and toady for the multinationals. Obama won't be an "Uncle Sam," he will turn out to be an "Uncle Tom." He is a slave to Wall Street concerns...These companies have zero loyalty to the United States.

Part of the celebratory aspect to his election is based upon the idea that affirmative action has worked- the US has finally met a certain "quota."

Obama is a slave, and his followers are slaves. He voted for the bailouts, to save his benefactors... he will support and expand the military-industrial can bet on it. I foresee an unnecessary military intervention in Africa during his term-Bush has already expanded our options there, a reach for mineral wealth seems likely.
Obama has never shown any capacity for authentic rebellion; he has never stood up to any special interests. His record is beyond dismal.

I've known since last Christmas that he could win the Presidency. Friends told me that he could not win, but I knew he could. A hollow man can beat a hollow opponent. Like most people I assumed Hillary Clinton would be our next President. But when I found out that David Geffen had thrown his Hollywood might into the race in favor of Christmas, I knew it had become a tight three-way contest between Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

Obama as President presents the US with unique problems. If he is slain while in office, the chance for a "small" civil war is high- this gives our foreign enemies an unfortunate opportunity. In this sense, he is irresponsible, but I believe every qualified (?) person has the right to run for President. Obama is taking a gamble, which shows some courage; but the gamble is huge and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Given these stakes, should we have taken a different course?
America had a choice between nuclear war and martial law. We picked martial law.

The Republicans are in a box. They don't get it. Just yelling "He's a socialist" can never win an election, because, at least on November 4, a winning majority wanted Obama's vague pseudo"socialism." The word "socialism"doesn't have much meaning, because there are about one hundred different "socialisms"...Overuse has rendered the term invalid, in the same way Americans have overused the word "love"....the word has no meaning anymore. "I love my cat, I love my book, I love my treat, I love my show, I love my coat, I love, love, love... blah, blah, blah. The word isn't special anymore.Using the word "love" too often without heartfelt sincerity has destroyed its meaning .

McCain lost the election for a variety of reasons- bad advisers, a hostile media, erratic behavior during the market meltdown, low Republican turnout,the problems with eight years of the Bush disaster... made us want "change." But out of the frying pan and into the fire is change too...(McCain and Palin being retards didn't help matters either).

The Republican party is the "toy" of a few oil companies, banks, and the Rev. Sun Yung Moon. Until these special interests are broken, the Republicans will remain in a sinking in-the -ocean steel box of their own devising.

Republicans support life in the womb...but don't support life outside of the womb. They want unborn babies to be born, but they want both parents to work 50 hours a week for low wages, so the kid can grow up unsupervised, in poverty or near poverty. Then Republicans want to send the ritilin- riddled youth off to a foreign country to fight and die in the name of a narrow corporate agenda, disguised as "patriotism."
Save the unborn, because we need them to kill our imaginary enemies. No birth control, but bombs away...drop that bomb on top of that little foreign kids head.

No day care, no college grants, low wages and long hours, crippling hospital bills, plus absent parents....but no birth control, no abortions- because the corporate machine needs meat for factory work and military adventures.

Un-regulate the corporations, put poisons in our bodies... but don't you even think about keeping someone from entering this world...we care about you while you are in the womb, but after you are born, we could not care less about your well being. You are on your own, and by the way, here's some poison, ignorance, and wage slavery.

"We stand for limited government, yet we massively increase defense spending. Pass the bailout around the table..."

Until Republicans work out the contradictions in their thinking, they will remain the minority party. (Personally, I believe late-term abortions are murder. But before that...well, I just don't know).

Joe "I can guarantee it" Biden says we will absolutely -and-for-sure suffer a massive terror strike in about eight months. This man is chairman of the foreign intelligence committee; he is a long term Washington insider; and he is privy to the exact same intelligence information that the President gets ....was he lying or does he know something that the rest of us don't? (After getting some flak for the statement, he repeated it a week later).

Whats really interesting: the day after Obama's victory, the Kremlin issued its most bellicose anti-US threat since the early1980's.

Obama has a checkered past- he is a security and blackmail risk. If what I think about Obama is true, the Russians (and others) will certainly find out for sure. Barack may soon find himself trapped in so many ways, he will wish he had never even become a Senator. If the US suddenly seems to show too much deference to Russia...(or Cuba, China, etc.), if we uncharacteristically back will know he is compromised.

Bush joined a secret society (Skull & Bones) and part of the initiation rite involved him taking part in some odd sexual actions and confessions. Do you really think that its impossible for a foreign power, like, say, China, to learn how to eavesdrop on the ceremony in some way? Is this the reason for our self-evidently anti-American trade policy?
I can't find my octopus.

Monday, November 03, 2008

"Cowards die a thousand deaths, but brave men only die once"

Shakespeare, in "Julius Caesar"