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Did six million really die? My copy of H.G. Wells "History of the World" says at least 4.5 million Oxford Encyclopedia of 20th Century History, published in 1990, says 4-5 million died. I have seen reports that claim that the ground where the mass graves are said to be located has never been turned over in recent memory. A report claims that poison gas cannot be found in large amounts in the relevant bricks that remain around Auschwitz, when traces ought to be detected.

An 'order of magnitude' reduction of the claimed reality of the Holocaust is controversial, and even illegal in about a 20 countries ( suspicious in itself) .

The mass extermination of the Jews only began after Pearl Harbor, when America joined the fight.
The Wannsee Conference convened in Feb. 1942-this was when the decision was made to exterminate the Jew from Europe.

What can be done about the Russian partisans, many of whom were led by Jews? This was a cause for the mass firing squad shootings of rounded up Jews on the eastern front.

Germany knew the war was lost after Stalingrad (Feb.1943), they knew they could not beat the Russians , Brits, and the Americans combined.
Hitler learned in 1942-3 that the victorious allies would dismember the German nation and possibly destroy forever the Reich Volk. This is when the plan to save the Jews, the Madagascar relocation plan, was abandoned, and the Final Solution was enacted- in the spring of 1942.

Usurers caused the war with their insane reparation demands against Germany in the Treaty of Versailles.

When the Bolsheviks took power in Russia, they saw that they had to kill the entire Royal family- there could be no exile, the symbolic rallying opposition had to be eliminated. Many Nazi's ended up with this same conclusion, by the spring of 1942.

As London and Moscow began their policy of encirclement of Nazi Germany after 1935, a reaction set- in in Berlin. Hitler became an embattled war leader...

The allies firebombed Dresden-a target with no military significance, killing at least 75,000 civilians in one pop. The allies nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even after President Truman knew that the Emperor was trying to surrender.

As the war entered its last year, citizens in Germany began to starve. Food and hygienic materials were prioritized to go to the military....if an inmate in a concentrated camp only had one bowl of gruel a day, as the war was winding down, his free counterpart German citizen only had two bowls of gruel a day.

Whether 4.5 million died by direct execution, or only 900,000 died this way, as the late President of Croatia asserts in his book, I don't know. Maybe over 2-3 million Jewish casualties occurred due to the ordinary privations of war- starvation and disease?

I wish Hitler had been killed in the assassination attempt of July 15, 1944. I wish Von Stauffenberg had succeeded in Killing Hitler, and I wish Himmler had been there and killed too. The German High Command would have called for a truce... the resulting peace would have been acceptable to most German nationalists at that point, and 1-3 million Jews would have been saved. The implications for this counter-factual are huge: the Reich would have survived with the pre-World War one German borders intact, plus Austria, and maybe Sudetenland and the Danzig -Polish corridor too. The urgency for the creation of the state of Israel would have been curbed...Stalin would have been denied his satellite empire of slavic puppet states, and the Cold War would have started with the West holding the best cards.

There were over 17 separate assassination attempts on Hitler from 1938-1945, many of these efforts were led by Generals, most of whom were aristocratic Prussian conservatives who loathed the crudity that Nazism had become.


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