Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Slide

From his first day in the Illinois senate, up to today, Barack Obama has been an overt shill and toady for the multinationals. Obama won't be an "Uncle Sam," he will turn out to be an "Uncle Tom." He is a slave to Wall Street concerns...These companies have zero loyalty to the United States.

Part of the celebratory aspect to his election is based upon the idea that affirmative action has worked- the US has finally met a certain "quota."

Obama is a slave, and his followers are slaves. He voted for the bailouts, to save his benefactors... he will support and expand the military-industrial can bet on it. I foresee an unnecessary military intervention in Africa during his term-Bush has already expanded our options there, a reach for mineral wealth seems likely.
Obama has never shown any capacity for authentic rebellion; he has never stood up to any special interests. His record is beyond dismal.

I've known since last Christmas that he could win the Presidency. Friends told me that he could not win, but I knew he could. A hollow man can beat a hollow opponent. Like most people I assumed Hillary Clinton would be our next President. But when I found out that David Geffen had thrown his Hollywood might into the race in favor of Christmas, I knew it had become a tight three-way contest between Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

Obama as President presents the US with unique problems. If he is slain while in office, the chance for a "small" civil war is high- this gives our foreign enemies an unfortunate opportunity. In this sense, he is irresponsible, but I believe every qualified (?) person has the right to run for President. Obama is taking a gamble, which shows some courage; but the gamble is huge and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Given these stakes, should we have taken a different course?
America had a choice between nuclear war and martial law. We picked martial law.

The Republicans are in a box. They don't get it. Just yelling "He's a socialist" can never win an election, because, at least on November 4, a winning majority wanted Obama's vague pseudo"socialism." The word "socialism"doesn't have much meaning, because there are about one hundred different "socialisms"...Overuse has rendered the term invalid, in the same way Americans have overused the word "love"....the word has no meaning anymore. "I love my cat, I love my book, I love my treat, I love my show, I love my coat, I love, love, love... blah, blah, blah. The word isn't special anymore.Using the word "love" too often without heartfelt sincerity has destroyed its meaning .

McCain lost the election for a variety of reasons- bad advisers, a hostile media, erratic behavior during the market meltdown, low Republican turnout,the problems with eight years of the Bush disaster... made us want "change." But out of the frying pan and into the fire is change too...(McCain and Palin being retards didn't help matters either).

The Republican party is the "toy" of a few oil companies, banks, and the Rev. Sun Yung Moon. Until these special interests are broken, the Republicans will remain in a sinking in-the -ocean steel box of their own devising.

Republicans support life in the womb...but don't support life outside of the womb. They want unborn babies to be born, but they want both parents to work 50 hours a week for low wages, so the kid can grow up unsupervised, in poverty or near poverty. Then Republicans want to send the ritilin- riddled youth off to a foreign country to fight and die in the name of a narrow corporate agenda, disguised as "patriotism."
Save the unborn, because we need them to kill our imaginary enemies. No birth control, but bombs away...drop that bomb on top of that little foreign kids head.

No day care, no college grants, low wages and long hours, crippling hospital bills, plus absent parents....but no birth control, no abortions- because the corporate machine needs meat for factory work and military adventures.

Un-regulate the corporations, put poisons in our bodies... but don't you even think about keeping someone from entering this world...we care about you while you are in the womb, but after you are born, we could not care less about your well being. You are on your own, and by the way, here's some poison, ignorance, and wage slavery.

"We stand for limited government, yet we massively increase defense spending. Pass the bailout around the table..."

Until Republicans work out the contradictions in their thinking, they will remain the minority party. (Personally, I believe late-term abortions are murder. But before that...well, I just don't know).

Joe "I can guarantee it" Biden says we will absolutely -and-for-sure suffer a massive terror strike in about eight months. This man is chairman of the foreign intelligence committee; he is a long term Washington insider; and he is privy to the exact same intelligence information that the President gets ....was he lying or does he know something that the rest of us don't? (After getting some flak for the statement, he repeated it a week later).

Whats really interesting: the day after Obama's victory, the Kremlin issued its most bellicose anti-US threat since the early1980's.

Obama has a checkered past- he is a security and blackmail risk. If what I think about Obama is true, the Russians (and others) will certainly find out for sure. Barack may soon find himself trapped in so many ways, he will wish he had never even become a Senator. If the US suddenly seems to show too much deference to Russia...(or Cuba, China, etc.), if we uncharacteristically back will know he is compromised.

Bush joined a secret society (Skull & Bones) and part of the initiation rite involved him taking part in some odd sexual actions and confessions. Do you really think that its impossible for a foreign power, like, say, China, to learn how to eavesdrop on the ceremony in some way? Is this the reason for our self-evidently anti-American trade policy?


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