Thursday, October 23, 2008

Invisible dwarves

My revolt against modernity and the 20th ( and now 21st) century continues....the things that should not have happened I seek to undo here in this blog. As the light fades and Kali Yuga prevails, the devo-lution continues...a bombing in Birmingham I will undo...I combat "corrosive irony" of Marx and Freud.

The usurers struck their daggers deep into the values of the folk. Koresh had a family that was a counter-weight to narcissism.

Tradition, symbols, initiation...there are two ways- salvation, for the individual man, and then there is the way of the deifying rites.

Non-dualism, sufi gnostic cosmology, Hindu theosophy... I reverse the order- the priests are not superior, the warriors are. Mountaineering as metaphor or analogy for the quest-as I climb higher and higher I become more whole- the process involves specialized training, preparation, faith in self. Warrior monks...

Marx and freud offered the twin poisons of abstraction, designed to make us weak. Women should not vote- they go by smiles, and other visual cues; intuition has to be informed by real information. A vague intuition is like a semi-selective plague.

Everyone must go on a long journey and be tested in the wilderness. Everyone must join the Knightly Order and go on Crusade-

Lo- the infidel is here, there, and everywhere- in the newsroom, the classroom, the church pews- there, squirming behind a pulpit, spewing filth, demoting the folk.

Only by riding with death can you become alive. Only by denying your needs can you conquer.

I see an infinite white light, now turning violet. A sea of lightning flashes and crimson flames, yet never burning. A strange beast I ride- "Truth"

The Ein Sof. Circles encirle circles, I ride out. Famished flames lick my ear, whispering "You will never die."
The rupture- a break. the devo-lution foreshadowed in cosmic space. You must relax. concentrate. Watch your breath- breathing moves the violet flame that heals and teaches... my forehead is hot. I see all- I'm inside your mind, I'm inside your heart. All history is alive, I feel it all. I do everything, I am everyone.

The Ein Sof shattered? Now our prayers must repair this rip...your prayers must be constant. Do you understand? We are not what we are.

The world, the devil.
The angels unseen in the air and etheric space- there is no such thing as time, time does not exist, it is a function of space. Don't you know? Can't you see this? It's just Objects in motion...

The Order demands your heart but not your soul. Jesus merely re-inacted a play, and you can too-

"Narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and there will be few who find it"

If you do not manufacture your own soul, "you will die like a dog" (Gurdjieff)

I see a smoking bridge, a dark shape, a holy ape in a monks garb gesticulates. Do you know what to say?
I seek to make Man into an ice creature again... the frozen Uranian steppes harbor truths, or tradition, which is the initiation into the lore of the symbols, which are alive. Are you?

Shall I tell you all? Should I squeeze the universe into a ball, and roll it toward some overwhelming question? I am Lazarus, come back from the dead. I shall tell you all.



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