Sunday, October 26, 2008


McCain and Obama: the post- modern Tweedledee's and dums for our era-a senile old man versus a young foreign agent who has never been in the military, never run a business, city, or state. Both want to turn America upside down: both want amnesty for the illegals in our midst's, which would allow these illegals to bring their relatives here, tripling the Latino population in the US in a few short years. These newcomers are unprepared to become citizens- just look around your home town. Example: In communities where illegals are about 5-6% of the population, if you look in the local jails, you see that they make up about 30% of the inmate population, etc.

McCain, and Palin, his frontier woman sidekick...Palin may make for a good governor of a small population state, but she is not qualified to be VP or Prez. She is not well read enough, insightful enough, or experienced enough. However, the way the media has zeroed in on her, leaving her two opponents virtually alone- this has been very unfair.

McCain is in the early stages of senility- during the last debate he clicked his tongue, rolled and blinked his eyes over 100 times in just one minute... his waxy, absurdly grinning visage reminded me of a dummy from the rogues gallery in Madam Tuassards House of Wax. When Obama is without make-up and tired, his glowering face and eyes look downright diabolical and menacing. What a creep.

Obama rarely ever tells the truth about anything...while McCain is too out of it to tell too many knowing lies, since he believes them... he just wants to kill us all. McCain is eager to press the button, to nuke Iran or Russia. The proof? In August Russian troops briefly, and justly, entered Georgian territory...McCain has pushed hard for Georgian NATO membership-he still does. If Georgia had been a NATO member last August, the recent conflict would have been considered an act of war against the US, and we would have been contractually obligated to declare war on Russia. I will let you fill in the blanks here and speculate on your own as to where all of this would have ended up...McCain still wants NATO membership for Georgia, the ultimate tripwire.

Incidentally, the Obama-Biden team also supports Georgia over Russia.

McCain just doesn't understand that Russia has a right to a sphere of influence on its own we possibly see the influence of AIPAC , the Israeli lobby. A McCain victory could mean death for us all- we could be consumed by radiation, Hellfire, and plague... just exploding a dozen Hydrogen bombs on top of a few key cities could end our planetary civilization. McCain just does not get it- there is NO real Geo-strategic reason for the US to be enemies with Russia; and Iran is an exaggerated threat, period. The weapons we have now are far more powerful than the ones used during World War Two- we have booby trapped the planet... we need a de-escalation, not an escalation, of tensions.

Obama is a foreign agent- did I say that? The evidence is still coming in... this is merely a tentative conclusion. Barack Obama probably was not born in Hawaii- he may have been born in Mombasa, Kenya. His "certification of live birth" document from Hawaii is not an actual "birth certificate" and does not even list the hospital or city in Hawaii that he was born in, nor does it name the delivering doctor.

The law in 1961: if one parent was a US citizen, and gave birth outside US territory, the child is a US citizen. But- the parent needs to be a resident of the US for ten years, five of which need to be after the age of 14 (16, according to some other sources). Obama's mother missed it by at least one year- she was 18 when she gave birth to Barack.

Furthermore: Obama was adopted by his step dad from Indonesia. Obama lived in Indonesia and went to school there from age 6-10. In Indonesia, you have to be a citizen to go to school in their country. His school records listed Barack as a "Muslim." Barack apparently briefly attended an Islamic school, and went to Mosque on occasion.

Obama returned to the US and Hawaii at age 11. There is absolutely no record of him going through immigration....At age 18 (1981) , he takes a three month world tour (on who's dime?) and ends up in Pakistan- in 1981, it is illegal for American citizens to travel to Pakistan. He flew on a Indonesian passport. Indonesia and the US do not allow dual citizenship for each other.

The argument against Obama being a US citizen has two tracks: One, that he was not born in the US and his mother lacked residency.
Two: Obama was born in Hawaii, but lost his citizenship when he went to Indonesia and was adopted by his stepfather.
Both of these tracks may overlap.

The Constitution says that only "natural-born" citizens can be President or Vice President. This is where the legality gets very sticky- I think it might be possible for Obama to not be a real US citizen right now, yet he may end up with real citizenship bestowed upon him by a majority Democrat Congress, via a law being passed that redefines the traditional concept or meaning of "natural-born." Passage of a Constitutional amendment to change the requirement ...might be the route to take to legalize an Obama presidency, if the new law is retroactive.This way, the whole issue might be side-stepped... but these actions would acknowledge that he is guilty right now and the issue needs to be fixed.

But as things stand today, it look like Barack Obama has perpetrated a massive fraud on the people of the United States. Who would run for President when they knew that they were ineligible? Obama has run the most secretive campaign in American history- almost no records from his past have been released- not much from his Illinois legislative days, and nothing from his college career. Records from Columbia and Harvard are sealed. His baptismal records are missing or unreported too.

The former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania filed suit to halt Obama's candidacy. Mr. Berg ( a Democrat party activist) technically won by default- the Obama camp failed to legally "perform" on time, so the Judge in the case made his final decision on Friday evening- he tossed the suit out- not because he thought the case lacked merit, but because he opined that Mr. Berg lacks standing to bring the suit(a canard- I guess the Judge didn't want to be murdered in his sleep by an impromptu neo-Mau-Mau uprising, if he had ruled in Bergs favor).

A few days ago, the governor of Hawaii, in cahoots with the Obama camp, had Barack's alleged birth certificate sealed from any future prying eyes. Obama can end this debate over his citizenship right now by producing an authentic birth certificate- but instead of doing this he is moving in the opposite direction, making sure the document never sees the light of day. What is he hiding?

It seems like the DNC and Obama have fraudulently misrepresented themselves, and as a result they have raised over $700 million dollars- the financial fraud aspect of the case could show up in court soon.
Berg has appealed his case to the Supreme Court.

Why does any of this matter? Because the Constitution matters- all of it.

There is nothing wrong with having a Muslim President, or a President having minor Muslim associations in the past- but why hide it ? People will largely ignore an issue when you come clean, but they are suspicious of cover-ups.

Obama might not even be legally qualified for the job of US Senator- if he was an Indonesian citizen and never reaffirmed to immigration his US citizenship when he got back to Hawaii at age 11, then technically he is an illegal alien and cannot hold the job he already has.

If Obama becomes the Prez, and he is Constitutionally unqualified for the job, then technically everything he signs would be invalid. We could have a split in the way that conservative Catholics split off from the main branch of Catholicism after Vatican II in in 1962. About a third of America will not accept Obama as President- will militia movements explode in numbers and influence after January 2009?

I'm assuming Obama later used his Hawaii 'certificate of live birth' to get into Harvard, get a drivers license, etc. (A Hawaii newspaper dated August 1961 lists the event of Barack's birth- but this doesn't prove anything, as anybody can call a newspaper and tell and pay them to record a birth).

Obama is essentially buying the Presidency- has has raked in about $750 million dollars for the campaign, while his decrepit opponent has raised less than a third of that amount. Some of Obama's donations are questionable, coming from overseas; but the amounts in these cases are low- about 4 million dollars.

Then there is the issue of stealing the election with false voter registration- about 500,000 new voters on the rolls seem to be fraudulent (ACORN).
This issue is bipartisan- Republicans control about half of the vote machines through the Diebold company; these machines are very easy to hack.
Both sides seem poised to try to steal the election- but if McCain's poll numbers put him more than 4 or 5 points behind Obama on election eve, then stealing the vote with rigged machines would look kinda obvious.

The Republican party has basically self-destructed, (by) going with Bush in 2000. Bush has gone against every alleged principle of the party, and has gotten support only because authoritarian Republicans don't pay attention to minutiae. Bush allowed Greenspan to put a wrecking ball to the country; Bush needlessly invaded a well contained nation without any WMD, jacking the debt.
Democrats share some blame for the market crisis too, but the bad mortgages are just a small part of the mess- unless we end or curtail derivative trades or bets, the economic house of cards could come tumbling down and drag us all into the gutter and into the bread line. Look at the Argentine economic debacle circa 1999-2003 for an analogy for what could happen globally.

The elimination of the possibility for average, or above average, people to marry and have children, due to harsh economic times... constitutes a genocide. The policy embraced by the leaders of both parties-a policy of outsourcing, off-shoring, downsizing, etc., constitutes a genocide. Young people-if they are responsible at all- delay marriage, or never get married at all. How can one, if wages and benefits are low, credit debts are high, and one trip to the emergency room costs thousands of dollars? We need a tribunal, like the Nuremberg trials, to put the guilty ones into the docket and face the ultimate penalty. The charge will be genocide.
Bush-Cheney, Greenspan,Bernacke, Paulson, the head of the NY Federal Reserve, most of the Federal Reserve board, several foreigners unnamed, Pelosi, Reid, the chairpersons for both parties, multiple CEO's, several state governors, and every Senator and Congressman who voted for the bailouts....they all need to be arrested and tried. If regular courts won't do the job, new citizen -based courts and assemblies need to be formed.

If a candidate isn't talking about keeping the American dollar healthy, he isn't talking about anything.

Obama could never work for the secret service, the CIA, the FBI, or probably even the state police, due to his shady past associations- he would fail the background investigation (Retzcko, Wright, Farrakahn, Ayers, et al). Under normal circumstances, Obama would never be considered for any high level security clearance- he cannot even work the same job that Homer Simpson (the cartoon character) has.

He might win the race due to several factors: He's half white, half black. So he entered the Democratic primaries already with the support of over 90% of black Democrats. If he had been white, he would have lost the third primary contest in South Carolina to Clinton- this would mean that Clinton would have won two out of the first three, and Clinton would have had the momentum to go on and win the party nomination....If he had been 100% black, racism or semi-racism would have cost him both (?) contests.
(There is evidence Obama stole his Iowa caucus victory by busing in supporters from his home state of Illinois, so they could improperly cast votes for him). Obama has also abandoned his base-he won't end the Iraq war, and he voted for the unlawful wiretap law.

Mainly, right now: he has 10-50 million supporters who are quite simply dazzled by his celebrity status... These people do not pay attention to minutiae- they seem to be going by his smile and rhetorical cool and poise, the quasi-cult of personality thing... few Americans subscribe to Obama's ultra-radical leftist agenda (reparations, partial live birth abortion, etc.) Also-there is the Obamacentric media....andMcCain himself- an old, wounded buzzard who cannot not inspire the country's youth under any set of circumstances.

We seem to have a choice between two dooms- one doom has a Motown rhythm, and the other doom comes served with Geritol.

I have voted for Ralph Nader (the Arab son of immigrants) in the past, and I might do so again. Votes are earned.

How did it all end up like this? People are stupid and lazy and easily led.

What to do about all this? I propose that Congress enact emergency legislation enabling "Wild Bill" Clinton to serve a third term- since he was once characterized as the "first black President" by a notable journalist, this should placate the Obama camp. Alan Greenspan called Bill Clinton a centrist, and he was, for the most part- this should appease most independents and some Republicans.
If he adds Bob Barker of "The Price is Right" fame onto the ticket, then this should placate the rest of the McCain camp, since Bob Barker is a geezer like McCain ( Barker practices martial arts daily, was a fighter pilot in WW2...and like Wild Bill, Bob is quite randy in his own right, often dating the young sexy models that were on his show. Overall, Bob and Bill should appeal to about 80% of the population, making them the ultimate civil- war stopping compromise.

But on a more serious note...


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