Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aldous Huxley wrote "The Doors of Perception" in 1953...these 80 pages examined his experiences with mescaline. Under the influence of the drug, he said Plato was mistaken- Being and Becoming could not be separated, they were one. The visual sense was heightened, colors revealed their subterranean truth-nature. All that is, Is.
There is "Mind at Large.." but we cannot experience it fully, since we are burdened with a 'reducing valve' called the brain and nervous system. Mind does not seek out and find the world of reality, nor does reality impress itself upon our minds; consciousness limits reality, only allowing enough of it through the sieve of the reducing valve; allowing us to function within certain dimensions. Peyote widens the valve, and "Mind at Large"floods through, enlightening us.

Alexander Shulgin was one of the very few pre-1960's scholars who studied Peyotism-he ingested it himself. He found that the Indians who practiced Peyotism were more 'civilized' than their regular Christian-white counterparts. While under the influence of mescaline, individuals do not become coarse or incoherent.

We would all be much better off if the Sunday morning churches folded, and sweat lodge-AmerIndian Peyotism took their place.

Our thoughts are formed by about a 1,000 media clips a day, our consciousness is very carefully constructed by unseen designers.Why not buck this indoctrination by going straight to the source- to God, via Peyote?


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