Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama easily jettisoned any 'radical negro' agenda that may have been attached to him...he has been an incremental pragmatist all along. He easily duped millions into supporting him; he falsely advertised himself as the "change"candidate... millions took the bait.

Obama eagerly embraced the agenda of the multinational cartels long ago. His cabinet now consists of retread corrupt Clintonians and Carterites.

If the Detroit auto industry is allowed to sink, we will go into a depression, which could end up in Martial Law- already, Icelanders have rioted and stormed their parliament, over the economic crisis. This could happen here.

Unemployment is already over 10% in almost half the states ( the national figure of 6.5% is cooked. Those who cycle off the unemployment benefits rolls yet are still unemployed are not counted. Neither are 'discouraged' seekers, or those who need 40 hours a week but take 10, just to survive. The real unemployment figure is at least 11.5%, and maybe as high as 16%).

Remember when the National Guard started bayoneting grandmothers in the streets in 1934? Labor strikes and armies of the hungry unemployed rose up and clashed with police; many on both sides got their heads knocked around. We came perilously close to revolution or military rule.
Anti-eviction neighborhood watches sprung up- when sheriffs evicted people out of their homes, neighbors would move the evicted persons belongings back into their house, and dared the sheriffs to try again.

The issue is globalism. We are allowing our country to be targeted and killed- Spain buys up our public highways, China wants to rule Detroit, and the United Arab Emirates tried to get over 20 ports...wake up you morons... Once the dollar is collapsed, all of the USA will be for sale for one cent on the dollar. Obama ran for Bush's third term.

Do you really think the Constitution is intact? Do you think the country is the same as it was 50 years ago?


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