Sunday, November 16, 2008

"human trash" wow, that sounds kinda harsh

America once was the world standard...we ruled.

Hollywood (entertainment) Detroit ( manufacturing) Madison avenue and Wall street (advertising, fashion, finance).

When we pushed Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and invaded Iraq in 1991, the Chinese leadership went slack-jawed. They couldn't believe how well we were able to project our might. In 1991, huge China would have had a hard time taking over tiny Taiwan...(Incidentally, I strongly opposed the Gulf war and the Iraq war).

For how much longer will we be a beacon? Is it already over? If the auto industry folds like a paper napkin next year, this will be a symbolic, as well as an economic, collapse. The US can rebuild itself, but one of our great weaknesses is our tolerance for unqualified illegal immigration.

Germany was a completely destroyed country in 1945, yet 20 years later they become an economic powerhouse. America can rebuild, but its unlikely, when 50 million low-intelligence laborers break- in and help dismantle the gene pool.
But the unfortunate grunt from south of the border cannot be blamed too much- wouldn't you get your back wet, for the opportunity to improve your economic status enough to become a Chinese-import WalMart shopper?

We support the corrupt oligarchy in Mexico- a clutch of families who rule and rape the badlands. American rulers, the IMF, etc., put pressure on the Mexican aristocracy, strangling opportunity for the campesinos...naturally, they try to flee north. Our enemy is within- the financial elites who are transforming the nation. Traitors have created a new Marielito evacuation...

(In 1980, about 150,000 Cubans fled their island. Castro let them go, since many of these island deserters were criminals. I think the analogy for what's happening right now is apt-many of the current border invaders are criminally minded. Just look at the evening news. Just read the FBI's ten most wanted list...Fidel was merely letting off steam for his country, getting rid of undesirables along with the normal refugees...The Mexican leadership sees it this way too, regarding the current invasion).

Mexico pushes out its refuse, and suckers here embrace this human trash and call it "opportunity".. "tolerance" .. "neighborliness".. "solidarity..." I call it mass insanity and stupidity.

I have worked closely with illegals from Latin America- at least 85% of the kitchen crews, construction workers, maids and whatnot...(they) despise America and Americans-they despise us with a passion- and salivate over the prospect of taking us over.
They will breed themselves into power, as self-indulgent and financially weakened Americans non-breed themselves into nonexistence.

The main issue is sustainability. Soon, the entire American southwest will be a completely denuded, uninhabitable wasteland. (We made the region bloom ,after 1945.)...If you have any environmental bone in your body at all, you will oppose the human tidal-crime wave washing up on our shores.


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