Sunday, November 30, 2008

The news coverage of the recent attack in Bombay was inadequate . Almost nobody from the big three networks-CNN, NSNBC, or Fox- bothered to show up in the flesh on the ground in India, everyone relied too heavily on Indian news clips....Did anyone see Anderson Cooper near the carnage?

Our news never presented any comprehensive coverage...I never saw any graphs or time-lines, sequences of events that made any sense. The visuals never seemed very dramatic or relevant.

Now we are being told that only ten individuals were involved. We are expected to believe that these ten men, or boys, captured two large hotels, kept many hostages inside both buildings, killed the chief of police and another big-shot in the Indian security apparatus.....while almost simultaneously launching raids against a hospital, a railway station, and multiple bars and restaurants....for over 60 hours, killing over 200 people, in a city accustomed to dealing with terrorist activity?


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