Monday, November 24, 2008


We easily rescue white collar "workers"(thieves), yet drag our feet to rescue the blue collar auto industry. Is there some snobbish bias in play? Or merely the effect of a power differential? I've been against all the bailouts, but if anyone should get at least a partial bailout, its Detroit. This is a security issue, as Detroit helps with defense procurement.

Detroit has shot itself in the foot- they often put about 20 dealerships in about a 5 square mile area...where Toyota will have just one dealership...yet the percent of sales is about even...Bad management should not be rewarded.
I think we should make all the top level managers for the big three work for $1 dollar a year until they straighten things out. Give citizens a several thousand dollar rebate if they purchase a Detroit car. Give Detroit a loan, not a handout.

Obama's team of Clinton croney's vaporizes any idea that Obama represented "change" He should be sued for false advertising-his very young supporters thought they were getting a Swedish-style socialism, with a racial twist.

The incoming chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, a hardcore Zionist. Emmanuel is a vulgar crook from the Chicago machine...he is an Israeli citizen, even possibly a spy for Likud. He loves war, death, and blood.His father fought with terrorists-the Irgun. There were plots to kidnap and kill European nobility...He is worse than Cheney and Karl Rove combined-Rahm Emmanuel is the devil, and now he will be our Prime Minister.

The new Attorney General wants to censor the internet... and the fresh Secretary of State will be a tired old one-woman circus...Obama has yet to appoint a single "progressive liberal" to his transition team-even president Clinton had one-Labor Secretary Reich (still my favorite Clinton appointee).

I wonder if changing the short- sell rule, or a certain accounting method, would have made a difference in the current crisis. I understand that the seizing up of market credit is(was) deliberate- deep-pocketed saboteurs have targeted America.

China must let its currency rise, or we should adjust the system to tack on a rise in the Yuan' value in regards to trade practices and exchanges. They use their low currency to become a manufacturing global hub, siphoning our factories away... while they don't buy very many of our goods... This is a completely uneven playing field, yet the Washington-New York traitors enable this trade imbalance to flourish and torpedo our economy.

Obama (like Bush) is a front-man for the multinational cartels...a puppet of Zbignew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Soros,and other New World Order cretins. Only Obama is much more dangerous than Bush- Obama can do worse damage, due to his widespread support among his "useful idiots." When the "guaranteed" "generated" crisis hits-watch out!

I voted for the Arab- Ralph Nader... since I couldn't stand any of the other alternatives.

"He who spares the wicked harms the good" Roman stoic philosopher Seneca


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