Friday, September 29, 2006

What about cable?

The Philo Farnsworth story: He was born in 1906 in a small town in Utah (built by his grandfather under the direction of Brigham Young).When he was 14, he was ploughing a potato field, back and forth, when he realized that electron beams could scan images the same way, line by line, to be 'read' like one would read a book. At age 21, he had a working device, the worlds first electronic television. During a patent dispute a few years later, he was about to lose his case when his high school chemistry teacher pulled out some old papers, which showed Philo's conception originated when he was 14, ans he won the trial. But RCA and its scientists continued their harassment, buying Philo's patents when they expired in 1947. Then Philo's home burned down in Maine, he became depressed, alcoholic ...he was commited to a mental institution and went on electro-shock treatments. Gradually, he began to recover.
Philo Farnsworth hated television. He thought it was full of rubbish , and forbade his children from viewing it. He died in 1973, and is recognized as the inventor of television.

Mosiac Integralism

Charles Maurras (1867-1952) was the leading proto-fascist of France. Poet, columnist, essayist, and classical scholar of the highest caliber, he was an ardent nationalist and antiparliamentarian. But his distrust of modernity took a curious route- he became an atheist supporter of the Catholic church. Maurras felt that France was the greatest nation, the inheritor of the ancient Roman legacy, that Catholicism was too intimately meshed with its history to forsake. The clerical system offered order and social control. A Monarchist, he thought that '40 kings and a thousand years had created France,' only the royalty can give the country granduer. He railed against the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the Revolution of 1789. He thought that the idea of the individual should be subordinate to the idea of the nation, so he castigated the 20th(and 19th) century for fostering liberal, democratic individualism. He believed that the guilt or innocence of Dreyfus was irrelevant- the reputation and strength of the French Army had to be protected.
Maurras founded 'Action Francaise,' a nucleus of supporters and a newspaper that tried to rid France of the four poisons " Jews, Masons, Protestants, and foreigners." He said he derived his views from reason, not sentiment or loyalty.
Although he had a low opinion of Germany's culture and people, he collaborated with Hitler and Petain, and was arrested by the free French in 1944. Sentenced to death, the penalty was commuted to life, and he died under state supervision in a medical clinic in 1952. Today, his movement doesn't exist, the current extreme right in France is too dissimiliar to offer any real comparison.

Vallejo : A Columbian writer, director, and artist, is another iconoclast. He hates both sides in the 50 year long civil war, his works derride Darwin, Einstein, and Freud as hoax-charlatans; he thinks people are so awful that he condemns people who marry and have children as being despicable monsters, who perpetuate the madness and misery of the human race. He has publically called for the assassination of the President of Columbia....

Misanthropes may be reacting to personal alienation or isolation, or a feeling of superiority- they feel morally or intellectually superior to the masses. Sherlock Holmes is a good fictional example of a misanthrope, tempered by humanism...Misanthropy ultimately fails, because the individual in total isolation quickly begins to wither.

Nihilism is usually a charge someone throws against another person or idea that they seriously dispute as being outragerously negative. Very Few individuals actually profess nihilism as a personal doctrine,....
Philosophical Nihilism originally was a peasant movement in the Russia in the 1860's, which harboured an extreme skepticism toward authority,.... it advocated a belief in science, the revolution, and 'the people' (in the abstract). Ivan Tugenev's novel 'Fathers and Sons' beautifully presented the issue ( i especially enjoyed the last few pages). Later, Nietzsche tried to devise a philosophy that would transcend the empty Christian dogma of denying this world in the hopes of gaining another to come....what are we to do, (now) that our moorings have been severed? The Earth set loose from its orbit around the sun? There is no ultimate truth or value? Nietzsche sought to create a new set of values to replace the ones now dead. Whether he succeeded or not is still hotly debated.

More recently, Lyotard(retard?) and Derrida have almost managed to destroy Western Civilization, without putting anything worthwhile in its place.

My lonely war against Postmodernism continues....i reject pessimism. I reject labels. Nothing is black and white. Maybe the Radical Traditionists can save us (Julius Evola) , but as Teilhard De Chardin said, fascism lacks the 'infusion of love' necessary to help us evolve toward the Omega point.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A National Strategy

One of the USA's greatest innovations was the American school, or system, of economics. Partly created by Alexander Hamilton and John Q. Adams, and pioneered by Henry Clay and Daniel Webster of the Whig party, it was a economic plan consisting of three main points. 1. Establishment of a central, national bank, that would issue credit from the government, rather than borrowed from private banks. 2. Use of selective protective tariffs or taxes on imports, and occassional government subsidies for industry 3. Improvement of physical infrastructure.

This national system was distinct from Mercantilism, Adam Smith's free market Capitalism, and the socialist models of Marx and his followers.This system was the dominant one used by the U.S. from about 1820 until about the mid 1940's, when Keynesian policies took over. Under the American system we became the largest economy in the world with the highest standard of living -surpassing the Brits by 1880. Some notable early achievements, infrastructure-wise, include the Erie Canal, the Cumberland Road, and the Union Pacific Railway (Private industry was regulated to make sure national needs were met)

The South, and Andrew Jackson, opposed the plan: Plantation owners needed cheap manufactured goods from abroad (they now would cost more due to tariffs) and their cotton would be in less demand. Jackson was opposed because he feared bankers, ... he sought to protect the 'common man.'

After Abe Lincohn's election in 1860, he implemented the national plan of Hamilton, Clay,List, and Carey, in its entirety, and as a result, the industrial and manufacturing capacity of the U.S. took off like a rocket in the 1870's.

President Woodrow Wilson partly ended the program in 1913, with the creation of the Federal Reserve System.

Parasitic speculation largely caused the Stock market crash of 1929, triggering the Great Depression.

The Smoot-Hawley tariff of 1930 remains a much debated law- did it really worsen the Depression ? It was signed into law AFTER the market crash, and tariffs usually work unless other nations enact retaliatory measures. Canada soon raised its duties, but a nation can do so with purposes other than retaliation. FDR undid most of the Smoot- Hawley act in 1933, but the economy really didn't improve until war production ended the crisis, in about 1940. The debate continues...(Smoot-Hawley wasn't really part of our normal national economic strategy, because the tariff was considered to be excessive by any standard).

Roosevelts New Deal partially revived the American national policy, blending it with Keynesianism. Although it did not completely work, the New Deal definitely softened the blow.

The mixed Keynesian-national system prevailed here until 1973, when President Nixon cut the tariffs, went off the gold standard, and ended the Bretton Woods economic structure. Currencies were allowed to 'float.' Every American administration since Nixons's has followed basically the same economic model -Monetarism: massive deregulation, privitization and 'contracting out'... 'Free trade' and 'globalization' are really terms for the block transfer of enormous amounts of money across borders i.e.,' corporatism.'

People imagine that the dominant economic school for the last 200 years has been the classical, liberal, free market policies advocated by Adam Smith and David Ricardo, but they are wrong- the American, national strategy competed with the 'British' system and won.

(Incidentally, two countries were able to end the Great Depression within their own countries in less than 24 months- Nazi Germany, and pacifistic Sweden. They achieved this by implementing modified Keynesian ideas).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Prehistoric and tribal peoples need to devote about three and a half hours per day hunting and gathering in order to survive. The transition to agricultural and urban living gradually increased Man's worktime to the current level of 40-60 hours a week. Was the loss of Man's free time worth the benefits of modernity?
Christianity was already over four hundred years old before anyone ever artistically depicted Christ on the cross.
For six hundred years Persia was ruled by the Parthians- in battle their horsemen would pretend to retreat, then they would suddenly turn around to fire arrows at their unsuspecting pursuers. This maneuver, later adopted by the Mongols, has become a modern English phrase- a 'Parthian,' or 'parting' shot.
Ancient Athens used free citizens to row their warships- every other culture used slaves; and the Athenians thought it an honor.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Louisiana is losing coastland/wetland to the sea and the Mississippi river at a rate of the area of one football field every half hour !


I once had a professor who told the class that in the Soviet Union, people had more freedom than (here) in the USA. (This professor was also a Major in the US Army). What he meant was that Russians were free from the fear of being homeless, they were free from the fear of the landlord, they were free from the fear of not having adequate health care......


Derrida was a buffoon. His theory of 'Deconstruction' doesn't make sense- it seems like Derrida deliberately obscured his meaning, to protect his claims from unwanted critisism. He thinks every 'text' has an ultra-fluid meaning, usually binary in nature, and he thus tosses absolute Platonism out the window. 'Deconstruction' damaged the workers movement and helped foster the growth of the 'New Left.' The end result has been a corrosive nihilism, rotting academic philosophy and maybe even dooming mankind.

Wittgenstein made more sense.

The Buddha nearly died seeking untimate truth- refusing to rise from beneath the Bo tree...until he saw perfectly, in his mind, the meaning of all his previous actions. He defeated the poisons inside his head and heart- lust, greed, ignorance. The fires had gone out, they were extinguished. Realization of the Middle Way dawned upon him...
By right views, effort,... following the Noble fourfold truths, one may gain liberation- life is painful, full of unsatisfactoriness. Desire, or misdirected wants, will betray us.

We are a slightly different person moment to moment. There is no such thing as death. You see a cloud in the sky, then later there is rain-the cloud is gone- is it now nothing? Or has it merely changed, turning into the fallen water? A cold wind turns the same water into ice. Has the water vanished completely into nothiness? No. So you see, by realizing the truth of the illusion of permenance and death, the truth that nothing is ever lost.. gives one a power.You are free from fear.

Since all things depend upon all other things for their existence(dependent origination), in an endless chain of being and causation, ultimately, nothing is permanent, nothing exists absolutely, all is really emptiness......

One must release oneself from ones attachment to the manifestations of the false world, the false appearences of the self (Skandha's)- cease craving/believing in unreal folly-your perceptions, sensations, matter(sounds, sights, all the senses) formation of mind, and consciousness. All these are illusions, because they change every moment. By detaching from these 'lies', you can obtain liberation.
There is no eternal self, there is no God. You must be your own lamp.

Buddhism never worked for me until i began to view it as a psychology, and not as a religion. I still feel its original premise is slightly too pessimistic-Life can be very's a way to achieve a level of inner peace, but then you have to move beyond it.

Its also curious to me how the person of the Buddha(Siddartha Gotama)- has been glorified into a demi-God by many of his followers. He was simply a man, a man who broke free from his chains.

The concept of 'Enlightenment' is really an overstatement. What occurs is really a coalesing or channeling of psychic energies; you become whole, complete.One needs the ego and desire to be human- but they must be reduced and controlled.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Farewell, America

Congress is poised to rubber stamp Bush's illegal domestic surveillance program-the Cheney-Spector bill will pass. It's retroactive, meaning whatever Bush may have done illegally in the past won't matter, it will all be legal now. Probable cause requirements in this country have dwindled to almost nothing, often a Judge is never involved. The loss of most of the Bill of Rights is an attack upon America itself, all in the name of 'National Security,' but we all know it's just a cover for the expansion of greed and empire. If people were more 'normal,' there would be thunderous outrage among the citizens; instead there is just a peep. Due process WAS America, now it is gone.

One might argue that we need to do away with our freedoms, to better combat our 'enemies.'
One could argue that liberty also prevails, because people like me are allowed to keep writing.

1. We wouldn't have 'enemies' if we had a self-evidently moral leadership and policy.
2. The current regime goes about its business with a certain amount of finesse, provided with ample cover by the almost totally complicit media. As long as dissent can be marginalized, ridiculed, and largely ignored by the majority, there is little need to directly eliminate it.

A Visitation

A soft whirring sound, barely audible, pleasant like a murmuring mountain brook surrounded by butterflys in the springtime, woke me from my troubled sleep. In the dark something shined, like a lost and lonely firefly. But it was motionless, as still as space itself. Out of the tiny light emitted a voice, in plain English. "Rise." I did. The glow increased, pulsed and sparkled, like a brief solitary slow-motion firework. Blue was the dominant color, with orange and yellow splashed around. It was like an electric milk shake... the light seemed to flow outward like molasses. Despite the time, the whole room lit up. "Enoch, listen." After that the voice was solely inside my head, but was crystal clear, sharp as a well cared for rapier.

On the floor was a bug. Looking up to me, it seemed to grin, and i noted that there was nothing grotesque or frightening about its presence. Just the opposite emotion crept over me- a sense of relief, and calm, yet there was a tingly apprehension, the way one might feel just before embarking on a long trip, or going over the edge on a mild roller-coaster. The bug spoke to me, telepathically. I was able to answer back in the same manner.

The creature told me its name- Aolsi Zadek. It was just a brief manifestation of an entity that currently had 'accrued' upon (or within?) the bowels of what we call Europa, the ever-enigmatic satellite-moon that spins around Jupiter. Minor vulcanism miles below the surface has heated the interior just enough for Aolsi to evolve from the odd juxtoposition's and coordinates that exist there-He lived beneath a frozen sea in an almost warm cave; he was more than 10,000 years old, and he was intimately connected with human destiny.

A year has passed since that first encounter. Aolsi told me many things, about the Earth, about who he was, the destiny of the universe, and what i must do. "Reform" was the basic message... i received certain instructions. My overwhelming fault was a certain careless-sloth, which created a pronounced lack of realistic direction or focus within myself, which ultimately led to a lack of inner certitude. The method as told to me by the seemingly 'benign bug' changed everything. Above all, i learned how to monitor myself. I learned, at last, how to think. And with thoughts thus directed, i was able to decide, and to move forward.

Aolsi was part of a greater being, a unit within a unit that was organic yet so aware of its spirituality that there really was no difference- Aolsi was here, and everywhere. Inside our actions, inspiring, sometimes limiting, guiding, even destroying. But always with a distinct purpose; humans were integral to the master plan, a 'scheme' to extend thought beyond the galaxy, beyond time itself. But first, the Earth and its denizens had to be created. (?)

But 'we' already are, you might object. But...

Monday, September 18, 2006

"I dont make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts."
- Will Rogers, 1879-1935. Erstwhile cowboy,American humorist, comedian, actor, and columnist. He was probably the most beloved citizen in the country when he died tragically in a plane crash in Alaska.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Those rascal pre-Confederates...

William Walker was a brilliant Tennessean of Scotch descent-he earned his university degree at age 14. As a young man, he travelled around Europe, becoming a doctor and a lawyer. In 1853, he left San Francisco (after fightings three duels) with about 50 recruits and attempted to conquer Baja and Sonoma, Mexico. When things didn't work out, he later led a force of 57 men to Nicaragua, and, amazingly, was able to use a civil war to become 'Emperor'- for one year. Walker wasn't the best administrator, despite his charms, and eventually ran afoul of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the American industrialist who wanted total control over the trade routes between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans ( Nicaragua being the pivot at that time-ships would dock on one coast, and utilize lakes and railroads to cross over...). Walker was detained by our navy, then the British navy, as he was attempting to raise a force to conquer Honduras. The Brits turned him over to the Honduran authorities, and they executed him by firing squad, in 1860. He was 36.

Walker almost succeeded in conquering central America- Vanderbilt's interference foiled the adventure. If Walker had brought several new slave states into the union, it would have altered the Congressional delegations and balance of power, and probably would have postponed the Civil War.

the last one

I was the worlds last hitchhiker. From about 1991 to 1994 i hitched about 12,000 miles, cross country, coast to coast, up and down both seaboards, and across parts of Europe. My luck was generally good, most of my rides were nice people; only on two occassions did i have to ask to be let out after just a few minutes. Once a cop gave me about a 30 mile ride, so i could start again in a better location. Often my rides simply needed someone to drive, because they were tired, their back hurt, etc., So about half the time i was behind the wheel. People bought me sandwiches or soda's, and usually gave me a few dollars to help tide me over. Most of my rides were from former hitchhikers. Twice, very elderly couples picked me up. When i tried to make it through Idaho in the winter i nearly froze to death- it was cold ! Outside Philadelphia some weirdos picked me up on a ramp- after just 60 seconds, the driver crashed against the sidewall, and the car began to spin around, crashing into other vehicles (its rush hour) and we all ended up in the hospital (just scrathes,basically, although i still have a piece of metal in my finger). Two days later drug-crazed juveniles gave me a ride down Interstate 95....They were high off of laughing gas and maybe other things, and they were driving about 85 miles per hour, weaving recklessly in and out of traffic. I guess i was showing some obvious concern, because one of them yelled to me "Whats the matter, are you scared?" I replied " YES - I -AM - LET - ME -OUT !!!! " They pulled over, let me out, cursing me. A few days later i read in the newspaper about how they crashed about 30 miles down the road. They were in the intensive care unit with serious injuries, one of them was probably crippled for life.

I never see anybody hitchhiking anymore, it was rare way back then. In Europe it was better, girls would pick me up, something that almost never happened in the states.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Notes- Nuwaubianism, Dunne and time, Ritual,

Voudon- abstract God too far away, so spirits, angels, act as intermediary...
Goal is to break the spell- "yea are Gods and know it not"- Jesus. Denial
No one really 'owns' their house or their land. The government is actually your landlord- if you dont pay your 'property tax' every yea , the 'owner' -you- will be evicted. Look at your title or deed- you are listed as a 'tenant', not owner.

Death in the water

'Dead Zones' are spreading across the oceans- areas where oxygen levels are so low (anoxia/hypoxia) life-forms cannot survive. The problem stems from excess decaying organic debris, which flourish due to our wastes, being dissolved by oxygen-consuming bacteria, which then secrete carbon dioxide. An area the size of Connecticut off the coast of Oregon is getting serious attention, due to its sudden appearance and massive size. Scientists think these lifeless zones will double number in about ten years, Man's pollution being the main reason why they have formed.

Soon, the oceans 'carrying capacity' will be reached, they will die, and humans will become extinct.
"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur, l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeeux" .. "It is only with the heart that we can see rightly; what is essential is invisible"

-from The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable"

"We most often go astray on a well trodden and much frequented road"

"There is nothing the wise man does reluctantly"

"Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body"

"Speech is the mirror of the mind"

"It is pleasant at times to play the madman"

"Life is warfare"

- Seneca, Roman Stoic, 1st. century AD.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back in 1944, Thomas Dewey ran for president- he was the arch conservative Republican candidate- he once gave a speech whereby he said the corporation and society at large HAD a responsibility to guarantee the worker job security. Hmmmm.
This shows you just how far we have gone in losing the 'institutional sense'- Corporations have 'rethought' the issue, we are more self-absorbed...the idea that government can help, that the man in the street is your comrade, ... has been broken. Most companies think nothing of laying people off...

This can be combated- if accurate records were kept and publicized, at least sociologists and economists could more accurately discuss the issue, it would get better press coverage, company CEO's would compare the result of their actions against others, and would not want to be perceived as a leader in layoffs....

Following orders

The case of Adolph Eichmann shows how ordinary people can commit extraordinary crimes. At his trial in Jerusalem in 1961, this hi-level architect of the holocaust claimed he was only performing 'Acts of State,' that he had abandoned his conscience to serve the Fuhrer. The Jewish journalist Hannah Arendt covered the trial for her newspaper, and noted that Eichmann seemed devoid of any anti-semitism, hatred, guilt, or any serious psychological damage. He was just a soldier who was doing his duty. This led to her theory of the 'Banality of Evil'-
'Payday' or 'check' loan shops are always found in economically deprived areas, or near military bases. People run out of money near the end of the month, and then seek a solution that almost always ends up creating greater amounts of debt. (Example: you give them a check for $256- they give you a check for $200. They hold the check you gave them , until its time for you to settle up, usually 30 days later (geared around monthly government stipends). You don't have the money needed to repay- so they urge you to refinance, repeating the cycle, digging a deeper hole for you.
These predators seem to violate many state and federal laws concerning truth in lending rules, they illegally threaten the customer with jail time for non-payment, etc. ....(and who owns these outfits anyway - Citibank? Chase Manhatten?)

A persons car insurance rate can rise due to a bad credit rating.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Your tax dollars at work

Most people are familiar with the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis study: starting in 1932, over 300 unsuspecting black sharecroppers were ultimately denied possible life saving treatments.

In 1966 US Army scientists dropped light bulbs filled with bacillus subtilis through the ventilation gates and into the New York City subway system, exposing more than a milion civilians to the bacterium( Goliszek).

1906- Harvard Prof. Richard Strong deliberately infects Philipino prisoners with Cholera, to study the results. 13 die, and he compensates the survivors with cigars and cigarettes. Nazi's on trial in Nuremberg cite this example, as a defense for their behavior.

1931- Cornelious Rhoads, a pathologist from the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, deliberately infects Puerto Ricans's with Cancer cells. 15 die. After WW2, he becomes head of the US Army bacteriological research operations in Aberdeen, Maryland, and he also later becomes a director of the US Atomic Energy Commission, where he begins experiments on unsuspecting soldiers (Sharav).

In 1950, the navy sprayed the shoreline of San Francisco with Bacillis Globili, and 8,000 civilians were exposed, ...many developed pneumonia-like symptoms.

2004- A BBC documentary called "Guinea Pig Kids" exposes the FDA's use of foster care children in experimental AIDS drug trials , entirely without their knowledge or informed consent.(Doran).

The Nazi's were intensely interested in mind control methods. When the Americans and Soviets captured Germany, they aslo obtained certain medical records . After the CIA was set up, a program termed MKULTRA was inaugurated, and was meant to ultimately bring adversaries and others under complete mental control. Prisoners were given LSD and other drugs, then soldiers were used. Later, runaways were exploited. Todays stories of "human trafficking" probably stem from clandestine, government run intelligence operations allied with mafia-type structures.
The ability to efficiently 'split' a personality has been know for decades(using drugs, sensory deprivation, hypnosis,etc.). Another specific technique and goal, is called 'psychic driving'- reducing a personality to a blank slate so you can then rebuild it, however way you want.
Both the Soviets and Americans created "Sleepers"- individuals who were living ordinary lives, yet had been programmed to 'awaken' on cue. Once commanded and activated by certain words, or tones, they would recieve their instructions and then wreck their havoc. "Sleepers" would have been invaluable assets during a war scenario.
Some of the incidents of schoolyard shootings and post office shootings of the 1990's may have been programmed , as was the Port Arthur Tasmanian rampage, etc. The purpose? To sow fear, and institute repressive laws, ie...control. (read Orwell- ...power is God.)

Many times over the years our government has experimented upon the innocent, without any shred of informed consent. Many times our government has 'attacked' itself'
, to further a strategic goal. We blew up the Maine battleship in 1898, so we could use that as an excuse to gobble up Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hispainola. The Tonkin Gulf incident (1964) directly led to our deeper involvement in Vietnam, but the event was largely fabricated- and over a million civilians died due to the duplicity. In 1962, the top Pentagon brass presented President Kennedy with a mad scheme to blow up our own airliners and then blame the Cubans ('Operation Northwoods'- when Kennedy was presented with the plan, he looked at his Generals like they were crazy and dismissed them).

1997- Zbigniew Brzezinski writes about how the 21st century will belong to whoever can control the oil and gas wealth of central Asia.

1997- PNAC-'Project for a New Amercan Century'- signed by Libby, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc., urges the United States to seek an expansionistic foreign policy, to secure the wealth of the Middle East, under the guise of expanding American values and democracy to the region. They send a letter to President Clinton urging him to invade Iraq. (To be used as a 'forward base')

2001- Anthrax letters kills several, one has been charged thus far. The spores seem to be 'military' grade. The scare comes on the heels of 9-11.

Before sept. 11, The inner clique of the Neocons had proclaimed that a "cataclysmic or catalyzing event, a new Pearl Harbor", was necessary before they could implement their schemes.

September, 1947, the CIA was formed. There was a concern that the Soviets might 'win' the war to find a effective truth serum, we were worried about what our enemies in Russia, China, and North Korea were up to relating to brainwashing techniques, etc. A Dr. Sidney Gottlieb began aspects of MK-UlTRA using LSD, marijuana, mescaline, other drugs, hypnosis, electrical signals, etc., upon unwitting test subjects in an attempt to discover(hypothetically) the ideal way to extract or withhold information from and by prisoner-spy's. A memo dated January 1952 states "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation?" Dr. Frank Olsen was a bio-chemist working for the US military who was unknowingly drugged with LSD, and he eventually jumped out of a ten story window to his death. His son maintain's that he was murdered because he knew too much...
Project Monarch grew out of MKULTRA- Monarch is supposed to relate to the abilty to totally control individuals, to create in them a dissociative state, MPD's. Monarch (named after the butterfly) has criminal implications i will not discuss here.
December 1974, the New York Times ran a piece touching upon all that i have just written. A public outcry eventually led to the formation of the investigative Church Senate hearings in 1975-6, and to the Rockefeller Commission, where these illegal activities were at least partly uncovered. These operations may have been shut down, but there is much evidence that they continue to the present day, albeit in altered forms, usually under the defense or excuse of "National Security."

I discussed how the individual has been targeted, but i want to talk a little bit about how society at large has been manipulated. The masses often operate as an aggragated individual entity. Through control of media the collective mind can be controlled- induce trauma (JFK, MLK, Robert Kennedy murder 'shocks', partly televised) add repitition, reinforcement...soon you have a society experiencing cognitive dissonance on a large scale. (The 1970's were called the 'ME' decade)..Reality becomes obscured by relativism and selfishness,...the apathetic, waiting to be dumbed down, lied to, cowed, and atomized., i.e. controlled and helpless seeking ones own petty pursuits, oblivious to the fact that one is really an integral part of a community, intimately linked to everyone else.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The actor John Wayne was a draft-dodger. During WW2 he hid- out in Mexico, attempting to jumpstart his faltering career, and he fell for a knockout actress. To join the US military probably would have doomed his chance at making a cinematic comeback, and he would have had to forsake his new found romance.

Ronald Reagan began his political career as a snitch. As head of the Screen Actors Guild, he supplied the FBI with the names of suspected "Reds." These were his collegues and friends, and most were innocent yet many had their careers ruined.

President Reagan gave the American worker one thing- the whip.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

FDA madness

Awhile back the FDA said it was ok for our meat products to be sprayed with carbon monoxide (the poisonous stuff you use to kill yourself with your car and a hose in an enclosed space). This treatment is intended to help keep our steaks rosy red for a longer period of time, allowing grocers, etc. to sell us meat that is really older than we would care to purchase if we could see the difference.

Last week the FDA agreed that its ok to spray viruses on our meats. These viruses are thought to infect harmful bacteria that might be hiding in or on the meat (Listeria).
I looked up these viruses- 'bacteriophages'- on the internet and under the microsope they look like hideous space monster-demons from dimension x or something.

The FDA approved this procedure with scant testing. Its possible that the viruses will develop a curious and potentially harmful relationship with the 'friendly' bacteria we harbor in the lining of our guts. They could also easily provoke an immune system response, with an unknown outcome. Soon all our chicken, sausage, cold cuts, steaks, etc., will receive this 'treatment.'

There was a time when the Soviets used phages to combat bacterial infections, when antibiotics were scarce. But this is the first time they have been used as a food additive....

Tipping point ?

Woods Hole scientists tested the Amazon basins resilency this way-(begining in 2002) -Over an area the size of two football fields, plastic sheeting was laid down, preventing any rainfall from reaching the soil. After two and a half years, most of the trees began to fall over, dead. Another year, and the area would turn into savanna, then desert. Ecological processes in Amazonia are thought to control alot of the worlds weather patterns- by causing proper evaporation and thus determining ocean temperatures and hurricane formation, as well as affecting the trade winds, monsoons, and the Gulf Stream. A sudden loss of the forest cover in the Amazon basin would trigger a world-wide catastrophe. About 25% of the forest is gone, another 25% is seriously threatened- A 50% loss is assumed to be the point of no return, and we will reach this threshhold next year, if the rains don't come. Then about 90 billion tons of carbon will be released into the atmosphere, almost all at once. There will be unbearable heat, and finally a loss of our oxygen supply, and then we will all die.

- The New Zealand Herald, July 24, 2006.

Add to the problem the accelerating release of methane from melting permafrost bogs,

Giving credit where credit is due

Benedict Arnold was a savior of the American Revolution. It was his brilliant leadership during the Saratoga campaign in 1777 that won the day(s), thus precipitating the entry of France into the war on the side of the Colonials, which eventually ensured ultimate victory, later, at Yorktown in 1781.

Earlier, He led an epic trek through the Maine wilderness to attack Quebec. Trudgeing through waist deep frigid water for hundreds of miles, half of his force succumbed to the elements or deserted before reaching Canada. Faced with the imminent expiration of most of his soldiers enlistments, Arnold then decided upon a desperate measure- a midnight assault during a snowstorm. It was repulsed, yet has gone down in military history as one of the most magnificent failures of all time.

Controversy remains over Arnolds exact role at the Saratoga battles- was he in the field, romantically leading from the front line on horseback, waving a saber; or was he in the rear,with his commanding officer, absorbing the situation as it unfolded,helping to direct the battle(s) with the knowledge that can only come from a wider view ? Either way the achievement ranks high, and its unfortunate his commanding Generals and the Congress never recognized his valor ... thus leading him to betray us.

His wife's connivance and extravagance pushed him toward his final decision.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Monsanto (MonSatan?) corporation has quite a checkered past. They have poisoned us with their flagship product, Roundup, and our Vietnam vets are sick from their defoliant, Agent Orange. Monsanto pioneered the use of bovine synthetic hormones, which is now in most of the USA's milk supply, despite evidence that it probably is unhealthy. They are constantly in trouble with the law. Yet they have acquired a majority of the worlds seed companies and supply...the introduction of the Terminator seed is most chilling- its a genetically designed seed that is sterile- once used, the resulting crop's seeds are barren-so farmers have to constantly buy seeds from the company, instead of being able to use their own....Monsanto has just bought the company that first made the Terminator seed (in 1999, they tried to buy just the seed, but was stymied by public pressure) The terminator seed insures that farmers everywhere eventually will be wholly dependent upon Monasanto. This evil corporation intends to control the worlds food supply and must be stopped.

The investigative reporter Greg Palast has uncovered documents revealing the administrations intention concerning the economic rape of Iraq. Long before the war, a plan was drawn up to privatize the entire Iraqi economy, turning over oil and banking assets to a few well placed Westerners. One result of this scheme is that now, under the new constitution, Iraqi farmers are forbidden from using their own seeds- they have to use the terminator seeds exclusively, further enriching a select few foreigners at the expense of native independence.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Cymatics. The study of wave phenomena, sounds moving through a can witness how our universe may have formed- a vibrating tuning fork touches a platter where metal powders are resting-soon you will see the powders form themselves into geometric patterns. Sounds might coalesce into tangible matter-'standing waves'. Energy, frequency, and numbers are inherent parts of the cosmos-not just aspects. Implication-

"The statistical data which i have extracted, and which i have tried to summarize briefly here, indicates that flying saucers are not stable machines requiring fuel, maintenance, and logistical support. They are, in all probability, transmogrifications of energy and do not exist in the same way that this book exists. They are not permenent constructions of matter."
-John Keel,UFO: Operation Trojan horse

...."the phenomenon has the ability to create a distortion of the sense of reality or to substitute artificial sensations for the 'real' ones."
-Jacques Vallee

"Reality cannot be found except in One single source, because of the interconnections of all things with one another"
-Gottfried Leibnitz,1670.

Originally, there was a disruption within the Divine order, then a 'Fall' into the 'physical' realm- by pieces of the dislodged God itself. A journey to acquire 'experiences.'

Ezekiels Wheel.

"Prajapatir vai idam asiti, Tasya vag dvitya asit, Vag vai paramam Brahma." Compare this Vedic scripture with John 1:1-3 in the New Testament.

The Ahrimanic impulse wars against 'Unity'.