Friday, September 29, 2006

What about cable?

The Philo Farnsworth story: He was born in 1906 in a small town in Utah (built by his grandfather under the direction of Brigham Young).When he was 14, he was ploughing a potato field, back and forth, when he realized that electron beams could scan images the same way, line by line, to be 'read' like one would read a book. At age 21, he had a working device, the worlds first electronic television. During a patent dispute a few years later, he was about to lose his case when his high school chemistry teacher pulled out some old papers, which showed Philo's conception originated when he was 14, ans he won the trial. But RCA and its scientists continued their harassment, buying Philo's patents when they expired in 1947. Then Philo's home burned down in Maine, he became depressed, alcoholic ...he was commited to a mental institution and went on electro-shock treatments. Gradually, he began to recover.
Philo Farnsworth hated television. He thought it was full of rubbish , and forbade his children from viewing it. He died in 1973, and is recognized as the inventor of television.


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