Sunday, January 24, 2010

A dweller on the threshold

"The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad"- Salvador Dali

I stalk these dark house is my mist shrouded Keep. A floor board creaks as I creep across a threshold. Moonlight guides my way; there are no lights here. That's the way I want it, that's what I like. I don't want to see the world- I've seen too much of it already. In the dark I can imagine the world a certain way, the way I want it to be: perfumed angels and cornucopia's of abundance, soft music that would make Odysseus willingly sink into the waves just to catch a melody...Instead, I have this abyss. My empire of spiralling thoughts and blunted emotions has preserved me thus far...I walk further into the shadows... the dank stygian void urges me toward the lower chambers...I feel my way along the wall; here, my foot falls silently upon the stained boards as I use the faded whiteness of the walls for a torch...What is here with me? I tense up. Something moves along the far side of the room...

....How this came to be, I don't know- I'll probably never know. What was once a small room, just a monks study corner with a cot, has turned into a mansion. I gained the side chambers; then up into the higher garrets providence allowed me to drift. Now the entire property is my dwelling- from deep into the ground- the dark wet soil and granite... and upwards to the azure sky itself.

Red eyes gleam. I'm quite shocked. Exploring the lower level has brought me to a fear filled impasse- in front of me in the shadows something stands. It breathes. I hear it. I dare not move; am I to deny my destiny at the moment of truth?
Obama blew it. He took a hands off approach to formulating a healthcare reform bill, then he stood on the sidelines while the plan drew incredible flak from an outraged citizenry. The bill was pure fascism....1. the bill said that once passed, it was immune from any judicial review...2. if you didn't buy a plan, then you had to pay a 2.5% annual tax- if you didn't pay this tax and went into "total noncompliance," then you could get up to five years in prison....3. the bill steals from Medicare, essentially destroying a struggling program 4. the bill gave the Feds direct access to your bank accounts...and it goes down hill from there.

Obama is already a lame duck, after just 340 days in office. If he had gone the incremental route, had just focused on one thing, like ending denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions, a 50 page bill, then he might have had a chance. It was total arrogance that caused the debacle. Now, a Republican has won Kennedys old seat in Massachusetts...the hope and change man is now nearly hopeless and just wants your spare change.

The Supremes have delivered a body blow to American (semi)-democracy. In a 5-4 decision (all Republican appointees, I think) The Court now says that unlimited corporate money can flow into election campaigns. A proxy holding of The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, or the Saudi Bin Laden construction group, can now incorporate in Deleware and pour unlimited amounts of money into any race in the US, no questions asked.

Obama announced a federal spending freeze...due to kick in next year. All this means is that the bankers have gobbled up all the money and now there's none left for you poor slobs.

The great recession isn't over. Those faltering securities and credit default swaps, leveraged derivatives looking for a profit that will never come, all those unfunded obligations, future entitlement payments, , underwater mortgages, all this stuff is still out there on the books, ready to explode.

We could have decent healthcare for all if we just restored America's manufacturing base and brought back decent wage jobs for working people. That way, families could afford healthcare plans on there own, assuming the companies involved were reigned in and behaved the way they did in the 1950- 1960's, and stopeed being absurdly venal, as allowed by their paid- off regulators.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Take the red pill

Would you like to know why I go around with an inner smile?

Do you know what the Self is ? Do you know the meaning of the legend of St. Patrick chasing the snakes away from Ireland? Would you like to find out? Check your backside, if you want to know. Do you have spine enough to know? Do you get it? Haha.

Do you know what our religions are really all about? We cannot know ultimate truth intellectually...we must experience it. Symbols lead us toward intuitive knowledge...

The Christ story...this is a narrative that humans were familar with before Jesus. Its an archetype. You yourself must connect to your archetype, symbolically, to penetrate into your inmost self. Did you know that before Jesus, there were over a dozen crucified world saviours? They were born of virgins, and rose from the dead. This is the old way, before civilization dawned. The dying God. The Egyptian god Horus closely parallels the Christ narrative.
What happens on the Winter Solstice? To astute observers, the Sun seems to magically stand still, for three days. Then it re-starts its annual journey or cycle. Three days the Sun is in its grave...then it rises from the dead...Do not mistake mere astro-theology for the truth. This is bigger than pagan naturalism and modern materialism. The madman hath said in his heart- there is no God. Would you believe me when I tell you that there is a certain, special knowledge that can cause you to die, to vanish in the twinkling of an eye? This knowledge can also make you the ruler of the world... Here's a clue for you all: we are not what we are.


If you die burdened with compulsions or character defects, then you must try again. But who will be you? Are you even here at all? You can try to escape by killing yourself, you can commit suicide over and over again...but eventually, you will get tired of soiling your diapers and laying in your own feces. Haha. Do you understand?

What is forgiveness? It is total, ongoing, and mainly applied to yourself. If it isn't these three things, it isn't forgiveness.
Sigmund Freud presented a serious atheist challenge, in the early decades of the 20th century. He said our religious aspirations were the result of our fear. We are so terrified of death, we invent an afterlife and God, to console us.

Then why did the ancient Hebrews and Greeks think of the afterlife as a pale meager shadowy existence underground? If they were trying to console themselves, they could have done a much better job, dont you think?
Remember- Freud always thought in terms of universals. For his theory to be correct, it had to apply to everyone, at all times.

I dont deny that Freud offered us some real insights. I just think his thought was bit too speculative and philosophic to really be the way things are, in total.

Example: Freud thought toilet training and neatness were intertwined- a strict toilet training resulted in a neat adult. But studies show that when people are actually interviewed about this, they report that they became neat just because they were trained to be neat; parents report that they would train the child to be neat, while at the same time, maybe the toilet training may have been less strict....It seems Freud was wrong, or at least partly wrong. This is but one example...

However, I do accept the reality of the unconscious mind as a distorting influence upon our lives...dreams should be analyzed for meaning.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Mehmet Ali Agca (pronounced Ad-ja) has been released from prison. He shot the Pope in 1981, served 20 years in Italian custody, then he was released to serve another 10 years in a Turkish jail for the assassination of a journalist.

Defiant, dignified, and strange- this is Agca. He has announced that he is the second messiah, and that all humans will perish this century. He allegedly was hired by the Kremlin to kill the Pope, yet he issued a book after one of his trials- "I, Jesus Christ." Is he feigning mental illness?

In the 1970's, Agca ran with the Grey Wolves, a Turkish right wing terror group that was run by operation Gladio, which was a Kissinger asset. He was in prison and escaped, only to end up in Saint Peters Square, aiming a 9mm pistol as the Pontiff.

Bulgarian agents were implicated, then the Russians. Agca's infrequent outbursts of hyper- religious zeal only muddies the waters. He is caught in the crosshairs of several conflicting agenda's...he says he knows who kidnapped Emauela Olandi (a 15 year old Vatican citizen who "dissappeared." Archbishop Paul Marcinkus was thought to be identified on the telephone, posing as her kidnapper? He was president of the Vatican Bank before falling from grace (a position that was considered to be about 3rd. in the Catholic hierarchy. The girl was thought to be intended for a hostage in exchange for Agca's release...She languished awhile in a Castle near the Alps, or so my infomation goes...) Agca once said that he had accomplices in the Vatican- he shot the Pope on the anniversary of the 1917 Fatima miracle, and a priest found a skull, sans jaw, in his confessional on the same anniversary, 25 years later, which is also the anniversary of the girls 1983 abduction. Even today, the Orlandi case has the power to rivet the imagination of Italy...

Mehmet Ali Agca promises to rewrite the bible; he wants to sell his story, he says he is our saviour...I doubt he will live long, he will be killed. His ravings wont stop the hit. Agca is a quietly desperate man who wanted to change history, and he might yet accomplish that goal.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Obama problem

Obama is already a failed president. He never had anything to offer anyway. He entered the democratic primaries to challenge that very mediocre New York senator, and many people thought "Wow- what a breath of fresh air." When you listen to Obama talk, you quickly realize that he was nothing to say. Has he ever been able to tell one good joke? One quip or anecdote? Or has he ever been able to explain what the healthcare bill is all about? Or tell us why bankers need bailouts, while you and me need a tax on our soda pop? Or why our drones can murder women and children along the Afghan-Pak border, but if an enemy combatant is lucky enough to escape these drones, then he gets a lawyer and a jury trial? Can you tell me one very intelligent thought provoking profound statement that that guy has ever elucidated from his deceptive lying lips? Can you name even one real achievment that that guy has ever accomplished in his entire life? His claim to fame in the primaries was having ghost written two false autobiographies, and he gave a few hollow speeches using paid actresses who fainted on cue, and for a resume he went to Washington DC for about 150 days to be on the job as a freshman senator. People said, well , he looked good, he was soft spoken, he seemed real nice, they liked his wardrobe, his style, etc. When you need an open heart surgeon, who do you pick? Do you go for the doctor who is tall and well dressed? Or do you pick the doctor who knows what he's doing, somone who has an intricate knowledge of heart disease and the latest surgical procedures? At this time in our countries existence, when we are more at risk than ever before, when everything is more compex than ever before, do we need an empty suit spouting platitudes or do we need a capable individual who has a deep understanding of the world? The only reason Obama got to where is is today is because of the color of his skin. Whites needed to assuage their sense of guilt over the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, and blacks had already been mayors, governors, senators, so now we needed to put one in the Oval Office. If he were white, he would have never generated the media buzz that he did. Obama wasn't threatening to whites as he was a more neutral "black" than the other angry ones who had run for prez in the past. White liberal eggheads falsly percieved Obama as being a far left liberal, a would -be hero to the people, when in reality he is a quasi-fascist statist Keynesian, with little regard for democratic processes or ideals. He won Iowa, lost New Hampshire, and then black voters broke the tie in South Carolina and decided the outcome of the primaries. His appeal was, or is, emotion based. If you are inspired by Obama, you were probably inspired by your high school principal.
Obama violated the constitution and the Logan act by accepting the Nobel Peace prize and chairing the UN security council. Obama is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank's owners and he is blackmailed by Mossad. He needs to go right now, but the problem with letting the Generals step in and depose the president is that we dont know where that process will lead. We would be lucky if a patriotic coup led us back to free civilain elections very soon. Military officers are beginning to openly discuss what to do about the "Obama problem." He is viewed as a threat to the nation. His appeasement of radical Islam and his attempts to socialize sectors of the economy are viewed as dangerous policies that will ruin the nation. He is seen as being soft and weak on defense, he is bankrupting the country, and rubs the wrong way against tradition enough to infuriate many high ranking officers. The ordinary soldier takes an oath to uphold the constitution and obey the President, but officers do not swear allegience to the president. Pentagon brass are deciding what to do....

I would vote for a person if they were black as coal, if I thought they could save us. Legal racist barriers have fallen, they are part of our past. This race stuff is dishonest- a double standard exists and it stinks. Black on black racism is rife, yet little discussed. In the hood there's even an expression for this- "You black? Get back. You white? Your outa sight. You brown? stick around." (or something like that). Blacks are divided by shade or skin tone and features, more than you can imagine, its not just in the white domain that distinguishes this way. Studies show that both whites and blacks find mixed race people to be more attractive than someone who is just one race, mixed race faces are seen as being more symmetrical, as judged by both blacks and whites (except Obama- he looks just like Alfred E. Neumann, the Mad magazine "What, me worry?" guy) Often, mixed racial people will establish themselves as a distinct racial group, seperate from blacks- the Creoles in New Orleans, the coloureds in South Africa, etc.

Senator Reids comments using the word "negro" and "light-skinned" arent really much different from what Senator Biden said as he started his campaign for prez. "Negro" means 'black' in Spanish, derived from the Latin root word for black, 'niger.' The main reason the word negro become associated as a racial slur was because of its use during a bad time period for blacks in US history. Its as if white farmers during the depression got a nickname that they then embraced, yet 20 years later they reject that nickname because it reminded them of hard times.

Back to the main point- what to do about the high level gangsters in charge of the planet and our lives. This isn't about one person. This isn't about anybodies race or skin color. This is about a criminal offshore banking cartel and their agents, and what we can do about it. They are looting the nation, enslaving the citizens, they have already killed about 30% of the Earths species and they have reduced over a billion people to the edge of starvation. The people need to wake up, get up, and get out there. Take to the streets, file a lawsuit, get your state assembly to see the light and pass legisaltion to protect the future, and grand juries need to be convened all over the country- the banksters, lobbyists, CEO heads, defense contractors- all these need to be indicted and sent to prison for the rest of their lives,-for murder, extortion, racketeering, theft, bribery, kidnapping, and crimes against humanity.

Obama is a real goofball. He spoke to sixth graders this week, and he had to use a teleprompter...

What to do: severe all military links and aid to Israel. If they want to battle anyone, they will have to do it alone.
People say, Israel is our main ally in the region. I say to them : I don't remember us having any enemies in the region BEFORE Israel was formed...Israel, and Zionism, through AIPAC, the SPLC, ADL, JDL, and Bnai Brith...have the US in a deadly chokehold. Laws ought to be passed to end dual citizenship, and disqualified Jews need to be banned from serving in certain posts.

Know this: there can be NO economic recovery until the jobs come back. Talking heads who say things are improving are lying.

Obama's neo-Keynesian tendencies are out of touch with reality. The American people were not spending enough- they needed to hang on to what little savings they had, since they used home ownership as equity, and that has evaporated. So the Obots decided the government had to spend in the peoples stead, via the bailouts. The only way this cheap, near zero interest, nearly free money policy of the FED, combined with nearly endless spending...the only way this scheme can work, is if America re-learns how to export.
The core moral crisis within the current economic planners pea brains: in economics, when you make a bad investment, you have to take your loss. This is something that the current clique refuses to accept. They want to reap their reward, even if they made bad bets. Can you imagine what would happen if you went to a horse race track betting parlor, lost your bet, and then began to tear the place apart in an attmept to get paid for a losing ticket? This is what happened.

President Obama is not calling the worlds foreign policy shots. More and more, the big decisions are being made in Ankara, Beijing, Jakarta, London, etc. At almost every level, Obama is taking a back set to others, yet he fantasizes that he is the messiah.... while he gives tonka toy trucks or Alfred Hitchcocks 'Psycho' movie to honored guests like the Queen of England and various Prime Ministers. He was even recently spotted reading a GQ magazine, because he was on the cover.....

Monday, January 04, 2010

To my fellow disgusting pathetic American sheeple

I thought that once the Weapons of Mass Destruction-WMD turned out to be a hoax, you would rise up. I thought that once Abu Graib was exposed, you would rise up. I thought that once it was revealed that the government was illegally listening in on your phone calls, you would rise up. How much abuse is too much? Dont you ever get tired of mindless consumption? What you see on the evening corporate news is NOT whats happening....When sound cannons were used on innocent American citizens for the very first time at the recent Pittsburgh summit, you sat idly by sucking your thumbs. How much is too much? You draw a line in the sand, and when the pig empire crosses it, you merely step back and draw another line. When are you going to stand up? Don't you ever get tired of being a 'play- it -safe' chump? The elites are laughing at you, and so am I.
You are a total cynic- I bet that was real hard, coming up with that philosophy. I bet it took a lot of hard work. Dont over exert yourself with ideals- they are too heavy to carry. You are not up to the task- you are weak. Stay where its easy, remain a consuming cynic. I can't even stand to look at you in the street- how can you stand to look at yourself in the mirror?
Eventually you will compromise too much. As you keep re-drawing that line in the sand and keep stepping back once its crossed, one day you will have your back to a wall and no where else to go.
As citizens of America, we enjoy certain rights and privileges. If our anscestors could stand at Lexington and Concord and defend the call of liberty, then we can defend our vanishing freedoms right now. If our grandfathers sacrificed themselves upon the beaches of Normandy to defeat tyrranny in the name of liberty, then you can take ten minutes out of your week to contact your representatives to fight for change.
A revolution is coming- if we have the wisdom to guide it, it will be a revolution of justice. Won't you honor those who died for freedom? If you wont take action now, our society and government will perish from the earth, and will be replaced with a boot stomping upon the face of humanity- forever.