Monday, January 04, 2010

To my fellow disgusting pathetic American sheeple

I thought that once the Weapons of Mass Destruction-WMD turned out to be a hoax, you would rise up. I thought that once Abu Graib was exposed, you would rise up. I thought that once it was revealed that the government was illegally listening in on your phone calls, you would rise up. How much abuse is too much? Dont you ever get tired of mindless consumption? What you see on the evening corporate news is NOT whats happening....When sound cannons were used on innocent American citizens for the very first time at the recent Pittsburgh summit, you sat idly by sucking your thumbs. How much is too much? You draw a line in the sand, and when the pig empire crosses it, you merely step back and draw another line. When are you going to stand up? Don't you ever get tired of being a 'play- it -safe' chump? The elites are laughing at you, and so am I.
You are a total cynic- I bet that was real hard, coming up with that philosophy. I bet it took a lot of hard work. Dont over exert yourself with ideals- they are too heavy to carry. You are not up to the task- you are weak. Stay where its easy, remain a consuming cynic. I can't even stand to look at you in the street- how can you stand to look at yourself in the mirror?
Eventually you will compromise too much. As you keep re-drawing that line in the sand and keep stepping back once its crossed, one day you will have your back to a wall and no where else to go.
As citizens of America, we enjoy certain rights and privileges. If our anscestors could stand at Lexington and Concord and defend the call of liberty, then we can defend our vanishing freedoms right now. If our grandfathers sacrificed themselves upon the beaches of Normandy to defeat tyrranny in the name of liberty, then you can take ten minutes out of your week to contact your representatives to fight for change.
A revolution is coming- if we have the wisdom to guide it, it will be a revolution of justice. Won't you honor those who died for freedom? If you wont take action now, our society and government will perish from the earth, and will be replaced with a boot stomping upon the face of humanity- forever.


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