Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The December criminals

Our egotistic street hustler- in -chief, Barry Obama, flew to Oslo to pick up his Nobel prize for peace....while announcing US troop increases in Afghanistan, and refusing to sign the Ottawa anti-land mine and cluster bomb treaty. Land mines maim or kill hundreds of children a year around the world- yet Obama wouldn't sign, after 158 other nations have already done so.

The Copenhagen global warming summit failed to produce the intended framework for a global government- what it did do was issue a glorified press release. (The Copenhagen treaty spelled out the organization of a new UN-like structure).

Ben Bernake got Time magazine's 'Man of the Year'- on the eve of the senate vote to re-confirm him as chairman of the Federal Reserve . Hmm.
Ben "I'll do anything for a buck" Bernake helped create the economic mess, by continuing Greenspan's almost- free money policy and further deregulation.
The crisis isn't over- hyperinflation is right around the corner, waiting, like a mugger with a crowbar, waiting for you to walk by.

A watered down healthcare bill will probably pass and will be signed by Barry Soetero . (Thats his real name, legally. He committed massive fraud by registering his run for the presidency under an alias). Next, we will see a titantic push to legalize the illegal immigrants here in America. Once done, the vast majority of them will vote democratic. (Health care reform is needed- portability, across state competition, anti-trust rules, prohibiting denial of care for pre-existing conditions....but 500 billion in cuts for Medicare? Jail time for noncompliance? I want a single payer not -for profit service, not the monster that is forming in the chambers)

If you look at the electoral map of the US, you will see that future races hinge upon a few states- Texas, Florida, maybe Pennsylvania and Michigan. Republicans have to win in Texas or Florida to gain the presidency next time (Pa. and Mich. went for O by comfortable margins, so they are not in play). Granting amnesty will almost guarantee an Obama re-election in 2012.

I don't like Republicans or Democrats, generally. I am not opposing amnesty for the sake of who gets whose votes...

When we won the southwest from Mexico in 1848, we were tempted to take the whole country. Maybe we should do so now, and invade Mexico and push them into the gulf or into central America. What good are they? They fill our jails and drain our health and educational resources. They come here and spit on our flag and laugh at us.

After all, we went to the Moon in 1969, and those countries cannot even fire a satellite 10 miles into the air.

Mexicans learn in school that the United States is their natural number one enemy. Most of them hate us. Lets chuck political correctness and cowardice and hate them back.

Being an American means that you are never afraid to express your opinion. If you are afraid to do so, then you are not a real American, you are a pretend patriot and false citizen.

Lets talk about the elephant in the room- Zionism. Zionism and Jews are not synonyms, despite what Martin Luther King once famously said. To critique Zionism is not an attack on Jews. Zionists control the blackmailed six ways to Sunday- sock- puppet fake president Obama through his minders, Axelrod and Emmanuel.
WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel is a Mossad agent, who makes sure Obama does what he's suppose to do, while Axelrod feeds Obama his script for his teleprompter, to make sure Obama says what he's suppose to say.
Zionists caused the crash- Greenspan's policy. Zionists control the IMF and World Bank, they ran the Bush administrations, and they caused World War Two, while funding all sides. The Rothschild family fortune is at least $5 trillion, dwarfing Bill Gates $40 billion by a huge margin.

Zionism is merely a tool of the Rothschild family. Jews are its primary victims- arms dealers keep the strife simmering in the mid east, while local leaders on both sides could end the tension in months, if the arms dealers were absent. Hence, many Jews oppose Zionism. The state of Israel is merely a corporation of the Rothschilds and their agents, such as the ADL, the Bnai Brith, and their political lobby here in America, the AIPAC. Imagine a family and corporation that owns its own 250 nuclear bombs....
The two primary weapons of the Rothschild crime syndicate are 1. the smear label of racism or anti-semitism against any of their outspoken opponents....and 2. Debt

Whats the endgame here? America is being destroyed by design, to better help integrate her into the New World Order. This is evidenced by all the bad trade treaties that are passed in the Senate in the dead of night....Command and control economies, centralization of decision making...will continue. Statism, and assaults on the family, nation-state, and traditional religion, all will continue. The proof? Just look around you anywhere.
The Rothschilds and their agents want depopulation- a planet with only about 500 million people, all tagged and micro-chipped, cowed into ignorant submission, worshiping Gaia. A neo-Feudal order, a world run by less than a six families or 300 people, for their own amusement. This is happening now, but the depopulation is needed for manageability purposes. What is being planned is the greatest mass murder in history- a culling of over six billion people, about three years from now. The Rothschilds need this- its their religion. The murders will constitute a ritual sacrifice like no other...

The Rothschilds may have rivals- the Chinese leadership, mainly; yet both may be intertwined.


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