Thursday, December 17, 2009

follow the money

Lee Harvey Oswald's tax returns for 1962 are still classified. In the interest of national security, no one can view his tax returns.

(At certain points in time, Oswald s tax records seem to have been merely 'confidential,' for "privacy" purposes ...only his widow could consent to their release. I'm still looking into this matter, so stay tuned. It does appear that a few assassination researchers have been allowed to view the records in question, as long as they never reveal to anyone what they saw? )

Here's why- if he was on the government payroll, it would tend to prove that he was part of a false defection program, or part of a government plot against the president...

The CIA is embedded within each of our 50 states governments- their agent is permanent, they stay no matter who is governor. The charter for the CIA says that they cannot operate within the US, so by being embedded within state governments, they violate their mission statement. Only the governor and his chief of staff knows who their CIA person is, all other state government officials are on the dark.

Thirty days after Jesse Ventura was sworn in as governor of Minnesota, he was summoned deep downstairs into the basement of the governors mansion, about 75 feet below ground. Twenty-three (23!) CIA agents were waiting for him. He sat in the middle of a large circle, and they began to interrogate him.
He later learned that the purpose of this 'meeting' was probably trend forecasting. They didn't see him coming, his election was a shock. The CIA needed to know if more 'independent' governors were on their way, and who might be funding their races...

(Source: Jesse Ventura's book " Dont Start the revolution without me", and a Youtube video called "Jesse Ventura: The Secret Government")


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