Monday, December 28, 2009

Storm of Steel

You yuppies out there who think you can play it safe and lay low, that you will remain a part of the system, that there is a place for you in the emerging world order, you are the biggest fools of all. Sticking your head in the sand only makes it easier for you to be killed. There is a special category for you- the elites have designated you a coward who wont stand up to tyranny. You love comfort over country. Your bank account cannot protect you. Your clean record wont protect you. Your political silence wont save you. You have been scheduled for elimination whether you believe me or not. How many children do you have? One? None? See what I mean....causing you to not reproduce was the first step toward your doom. The scientific dictatorship that was erected decades ago caused this- a lessening of the preparedness one needed in order to marry on time. And now, your water is poisoned, the food you eat is bad. But you got your paycheck, don't you? But you don't have your country anymore. Soon that precious paycheck will disappear too... 30 million white collar jobs here in the US are in the early stages of being outsourced to India.

You dont have to be perfect in this world, but you do have to have guts. The Bill of Rights was a hedgerow wrapped around your sorry ass, protecting you from elite criminal monsters. That monster is growing by the day, its fangs and jaws snap in anticipation. You comfortable middle class types will be the most punished group of all- mark my words-history proves this.

We could lose this battle, we could lose this war, and if we do, it will because YOU let it happen.

Are you happy living in a state where your every move is monitored by thug police forces? Are you happy with the ubiquitous surveillance all around you? Are you happy living in a state that can destroy you with taxes? Are you happy knowing that the 9-11 hijackers were trained in US military bases, and that this is fully admitted by news outlets, via released documents? A global police state grid is in place, they are aiming for you, they want you dead. The people have a gun to their head while banker hands are in the peoples pockets.

Once we lose whats left of the Bill of Rights, we will become another Mexico and North Korea. Can't you figure that out?

Only when your pension fund has been drained by the vultures on Wall Street....only when your neighbor rats you out for no cause, just so he can get a bowl of rice...only when sadistic foreign goons kick in your door at 3 am and drag you out of your house and load you into a cattle truck and take you away to a work camp....only then will you understand-too late.

A revolution is coming. They will pull every dirty trick, the monster will use every deceit and thug tactic... many patriots will be killed defending the Republic. We will probably enter a decade of darkness. But in the end, you cannot suffocate the spirit of mirth. The sleeping giant of populist decency will awaken. And when that giant rises, it will slay the hell- demon banker racket. The forces of usury, war and vanity will be torched and consumed by the popular rage and righteous wrath of a long suffering people.


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