Monday, December 28, 2009

Both parties agree on certain policies, which ultimately translates into a transfer of sovereignty over to international entities, thus making our elected officials jobs merely ceremonial posts. The people don't want global governance, but they are being sidelined by professional politicians. These careerists fear one thing- being rejected in the vote booth and becoming unemployed.
To reject the despotism of the EU, the NAFTA deal, the WTO and United Nations et al...the individual must confront their elected official. Don't punch your senator in the nose (unless he hits you first, then you should pummel him into the ground) , but let them know in plain words that you know that they are prostitutes for the international banker cartel, and you must tell them that they do not have your vote unless they do whats right. Elected officials will respond to pressure, if it is a certain amount.

The danger right now: as we move toward world government, the law codes of each nation are being rewritten. We are moving away from a law code that prescibes what we cannot a law code where what we CAN do is spelled out. This is the essence of tyranny.


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