Friday, August 31, 2007

Islam has no concept of seperation of church and state-The early Caliphates wove state and religious authority together-The Koran explicitly denies the possibility that society can be secular.
Along the western frontier, the U.S. war for independence raged on for another year after the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781.
( Battle of Blue Licks, Kentucky- British and Indians defeated the Colonials a year after the British 'gave up'-Daniel Boone knew his commanding officer was being led into an ambush-as the colonials were being routed, Boone tried to give an unmounted horse to his son, so he could escape- the son was then shot dead. Boone then rode out to safety).

They could win.....

Since I adhere to Western values and civilization (Natural Law, human rights, liberal democracy, scientific method ) and want the Western tradition preserved,warts and all, Radical Islam must be defeated. The demographics are not favorable- the Imperial groups of the last 500 years- the Russians, Japanese, English, Germans, French,Italians- have chosen to self-genocide themselves- through a failure to reproduce, caused by economic stress and hedonistic nihilism. We drown in relativism,while muslims breed like rabbits.....

Not a single Western strategist has proposed a cultural tactic to combat the Islamists- instead, we just drop bombs on top of helpless innocent babies in the third world; while our institutions appease the foreigners in our midsts.

What is necessary: The alleged authenticity of the Koran needs to be demolished. Textual criticism shows that 1. The Koran does NOT offer a higher spiritual law than the Sermon on the Mount 2. The claimed miraculous origin and development of the Koran is highly suspect.

Take away the core, and Islam will no longer gain converts and motivate fanaticism.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Anti-communists in the U.S. use to try to portray communist regimes as being uniform and forcing everyone to be the is ironic, because the development of affordable suburbia in the post-war years (Levitt towns, named after their originator) were identical- row after row of houses, each one almost the same; each car in the driveway almost the same, each job and church conformed to the same template).

America had a real electronic monoculture from about 1920- 1970. Everyone listened to the same radio programs, and watched the same movies and television programs....(not really a bad thing, since there existed many quality shows back then).
Cable altered the picture, briefly seeming to produce diversity yet ended up being 85% filler.We have more 'choices' but little actual quality diversity. In America we can choose from paper or plastic.

America currently seems to be both culturally homogenized and diverse-

I have been without a TV for the past 19 months, so I have only caught about 3-4 individual shows during this time at friends/families houses. Last night I hooked up the needed apparatus and watched two hours of mind-numbingly boring and stupid trash which passes for 'entertainment.' I fear for my country.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

One God

Ghenghis Khan was motivated by a spiritual call- he heard a voice in the sky telling him to conquer the world. He composed a intricate law code and religious manual, codifying Mongol custom and belief-the Yassa. In this sense his career is much like Muhammads, although he was more brutal in warfare and more morally strict in ways moderns could never understand ( death to adulterers, death to slackers in the war caravan over minor offenses such as failing to pick up another's fallen pack during a retreat, etc.) Only a select few were allowed to see and read the Yassa- it has since vanished in the mists of time but we know about it from the accounts of later Persian historians.

The Khans were voted into power, Mongols bathed (Europeans did not, at this time), could sleep in the saddle, and drank the blood of their horses while riding ( they were excellent suture-ists).
To get around legal restrictions, the Nazi regime 'adopted' the Japanese as being of pure Aryan stock.
Himmler fancied the Sioux Indians, so they were adopted as Aryans also.

The 'constitution' of the Palestinian people and 'nation' declares that Jews who can trace their ancestry to the region in question before the time of the Zionist incursion (about 1885 onward) shall be considered to be citizens of Palestine.

The apartheid regime in South Africa sometimes declared American blacks who immigrated to their country to be 'Honorary whites,' since they were viewed as being 'civilized' and upholders of Western values.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Disengagement from politics is infantilism.

( The ancient Greeks had a term for those who did not get involved in civic life- 'idiot' ).
Entropy sucks

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Except for one notable instance, the US was the aggressor during the Cold War. The Soviets were building bombs in reaction to our procurement.

The arms race bankrupted the US- including delivery systems, we spent over 4 trillion on defense - equal to our deficit circa 1994 ( and 2004).
Part of what being an American means is to never have to apologize for ones opinion.
Nancy Pelosi is doing a very good job protecting Cheney-Bush from criminal wrong-doing investigations.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

West Africa

Most of us know that Liberia was founded by Americans seeking to repatriate blacks back to Africa in the early 1800's.

But the country of Sierra Leone was started earlier, by the British, to settle blacks who had helped them in their fight against the Colonials during the Revolutionary War. (Yet not fully independent until 1961).
In the future, the ability of a small group, or even an individual, to wreck catastrophic harm upon civilization will become relatively easy, given expected advances in knowledge and technology. To cope with this looming threat, microscopic surveillance 'bugs' (using nanotechnology) are being developed that will be unseen to the eye, and will float on the wind, becoming embedded in our hair and clothes, etc. Trillions will be released into the atmosphere; there will be no privacy, in any form, whatsoever. This could happen by 2020. (What kind of apparatus could keep track of all that data?)

Instead of constructing a reactive fortress, why can't we build a new mind set that would make extreme defensive measures obsolete? I don't want to live on a nightmare planet.
Private firms employ over 180,000 contractors (mercenaries) in Iraq-more than the number of actual US troops there. They are paid with US tax dollars.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Isaac Newton was a great enthusiast for alchemy- a hobby that helped create the British Empire.

Montagu devised the proto-modern English banking system in the 1690's, basing it upon the Venetian reserve (fractional?) method- notes could be redeemed at any time for Gold or silver, but the banks only held a percentage of the funds/coins needed to operate, and functioned as long as there was never a run on the banks-which would quickly deplete the nations reserves of precious metals. Good faith and confidence was needed for the system to work.
Montagu installed Newton as head of the treasury, knowing that he was widely rumored by the populace to hold the secret of how to transmute base metals into silver and gold. This had the effect of calming people during troubled financial times- they would never run on the banks, because they believed that Newton could always produce enough silver or gold to cover their individual holdings of paper currency- they had no fear that the bank would simply run out of precious coin.

This allowed the realm to finance and 'purchase' their empire. Or so the story goes...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

To deal with violent, radical Islam, we must use a dual approach: 1. Take away the reason for the violent reaction. This can be done by forcing Israel to provide justice to the Palestinian people. We need to stop using fossil fuels so much, and we need to end our support for tyrants in the region.

2. Adopt the Mossad's assassination methods.

Rapprochement with the willing, annihilation for the intransigent.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

President Bush loses his personal library

Crawford,Texas : A tragic flood has destroyed Bush's personal library. The flooding began in the Presidents bathroom and completely destroyed both books. The President is especially distraught, as he had almost finished coloring in both books. Bush attempted to phone FEMA, but the call was never answered.

This blog will keep you posted about this unfolding tragedy....

Update: Presidential spokesman Tony Snow has announced that a copy of "My Pet Goat" will soon be delivered to the White House, in an attempt to mollify the President over his loss.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Multiple worlds interpretation (MWI) of Quantum theory(QT) states that at every instant of measurement where more than one outcome is deemed necessary by Schrödinger's equations, another universe is actually created where another 'you' goes on to live another life, each one branching off into another universe moment to moment. Time loses its linear aspect, it becomes an ever branching tree, part of a truly infinite spacial form.

There are several versions of the MWI- philosopher David Lewis actually believes that as long as logical consistency is maintained, every conceivable and possibly universe really exists, somewhere within the umbrella of the Multiverse.

Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Roddenberry's Star Trek, all the fantasy and sci-fi worlds you know about have reality under the some versions of the MWI hypothesis. Several prominent scientists believe in the existence of the multiverse- Stephen Hawking and David Deutsch, for example.

David Lewis died from kidney failure in October of 2001. Or did he?
The 'suitcase' nukes that have supposedly gone missing within the Russian arsenal have their equivalent in the US military- the 50 pound 'Davy Crockett' bombs built between 1956 and 1963. These can destroy a small city.

A legend spun by a defecting Soviet relates that the Russians salted Appalachia with their suitcase bombs, to be detonated when the time was ripe.

Just before being killed in a mysterious accident, General Lebed claimed over 100 Russian nukes were 'missing.'
Some sources claim that 'Al Qaeda' purchased these nukes from Chechen mafiosa types and renegade ex-KGB officers, paying with opium or opium derived profits. The 'Arab-Afghans' also bought the launch codes AND technicians necessary for a detonation.
It is also rumored that terrorists have, or are trying to, buy the launch codes for regular 'ordinary' nuclear weapons, without stealing them outright. This could mean that it might be possible to launch the entire ex-Soviet arsenal without Putin's permission. I hope these stories are just a bit too far-fetched to have any reality behind them.

The E-bomb is a new device based upon older technology, which emits an electromagnetic pulse that fries electronic circuits and thus can shut down civilization by pulling the plug upon all our gadgets. The September 2001 issue of Popular Mechanics says a small E-bomb can be acquired for $400.
Women claim to have been subjugated by men for millennium- in the arena of sex they extract revenge. Men tend to be single-mindedly focused, while women seem partly immune from some of the specifics involved- here is where the issue can be exploited.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease

One reason the country (and world) is in the mess its in: people don't complain in the right manner- they gripe to friends, when they should be(intelligently) screaming, on the phone, and in person, to authority figures.

If nearly everyone complained loud enough, the abusive minority in charge would listen. They get away with their mad schemes because they can rely upon apathy.

Whenever an American soldier dies, Cheney earns a thousand dollars

I was in a small library doing research concerning my July 17th blog entry, accessing odd sites involving pyrotechnics and such- I took a late lunch break and came back, sitting at a terminal about eight feet away from where I was sitting earlier. I heard a minor commotion and looked behind me- there, at the computer I had been using earlier in the day, regular police officers were fiddling with the controls, attempting to analyze something. I have been in this library 100 times before, and I have never seen police in there before. I had been looking at very detailed and convincing diagrams which claimed to be blueprints for Uranium and Plutonium bombs, including altimeters, detonating heads, lead shields, fuses, etc.( from the Outlaw Labs site) I also went to a site called "the Jolly Roger anarchy cookbook v.666" which purports to be from a clandestine anarchist specializing in ways to 'monkey wrench' the establishment, some forms of which were quite lethal. I also viewed a Congressional report concerning such sites, where several publications were listed that were thought to be in need of permanent deep-6ing ('The Curve of Binding Energy' by John McPhee was one of them- I found this book in a yard sale once, about 14 years ago).
We spend so much time and energy putting band-aids on our problems, never going direct to the source (the alleged 'war on drugs' being a prime example-which is really a war on people, having nothing whatsoever to do with 'drugs'- it is just a mechanism for agencies to get funding so they can play cops and robbers) A society of saintly elders could know how to construct WMD, but it would not matter. It is a matter of intent and motivation. Instead of constructing a fortress America, we ought to construct a new society by eliminating cash and commodity incentives, replacing them with earned social merits, thus eliminating our malcontents and sociopaths. Our foreign policy so distorts the middle-east, causing our problems there- most Arabs use to admire us (1950's). Our support for tyrants (the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, and the House of Saud) inflames the natives against us, breeding fundamentalism (they don't turn to Marxism anymore-since the 1960's- due to its atheism and apparent overall failure). Our one-sided support for Israel is the other half of the equation. Whenever a single Israeli is killed by extremists, Israel responds by killing about 100 men, women, and children inside the refugee camps. Is this justice? A formula for peace? If we had never supported the tyrants or tilted toward Israel, 9-11 would not have happened (supposedly Osama was mad at the West for putting infidel troops near Mecca; we earlier told Saddam to go ahead and invade Kuwait; we armed him against Khoumeni and Iran, while secretly arming the Ayatollah while Reagan straight-faced lied to the public about it....the 1979 revolution in Iran would not have happened if we and the Brits had never installed the Shah, etc, etc, and we did all this for oil- the current war in Iraq- Israel is safer, because an enemy has been removed, and oil production has been cut in half- the Houston,Texas mafia has made record profits, while ordinary Americans are bearing the brunt of the cost of the crisis, which is poised to escalate beyond Dr. Strangeloves wildest imagination.