Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Whenever an American soldier dies, Cheney earns a thousand dollars

I was in a small library doing research concerning my July 17th blog entry, accessing odd sites involving pyrotechnics and such- I took a late lunch break and came back, sitting at a terminal about eight feet away from where I was sitting earlier. I heard a minor commotion and looked behind me- there, at the computer I had been using earlier in the day, regular police officers were fiddling with the controls, attempting to analyze something. I have been in this library 100 times before, and I have never seen police in there before. I had been looking at very detailed and convincing diagrams which claimed to be blueprints for Uranium and Plutonium bombs, including altimeters, detonating heads, lead shields, fuses, etc.( from the Outlaw Labs site) I also went to a site called "the Jolly Roger anarchy cookbook v.666" which purports to be from a clandestine anarchist specializing in ways to 'monkey wrench' the establishment, some forms of which were quite lethal. I also viewed a Congressional report concerning such sites, where several publications were listed that were thought to be in need of permanent deep-6ing ('The Curve of Binding Energy' by John McPhee was one of them- I found this book in a yard sale once, about 14 years ago).
We spend so much time and energy putting band-aids on our problems, never going direct to the source (the alleged 'war on drugs' being a prime example-which is really a war on people, having nothing whatsoever to do with 'drugs'- it is just a mechanism for agencies to get funding so they can play cops and robbers) A society of saintly elders could know how to construct WMD, but it would not matter. It is a matter of intent and motivation. Instead of constructing a fortress America, we ought to construct a new society by eliminating cash and commodity incentives, replacing them with earned social merits, thus eliminating our malcontents and sociopaths. Our foreign policy so distorts the middle-east, causing our problems there- most Arabs use to admire us (1950's). Our support for tyrants (the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, and the House of Saud) inflames the natives against us, breeding fundamentalism (they don't turn to Marxism anymore-since the 1960's- due to its atheism and apparent overall failure). Our one-sided support for Israel is the other half of the equation. Whenever a single Israeli is killed by extremists, Israel responds by killing about 100 men, women, and children inside the refugee camps. Is this justice? A formula for peace? If we had never supported the tyrants or tilted toward Israel, 9-11 would not have happened (supposedly Osama was mad at the West for putting infidel troops near Mecca; we earlier told Saddam to go ahead and invade Kuwait; we armed him against Khoumeni and Iran, while secretly arming the Ayatollah while Reagan straight-faced lied to the public about it....the 1979 revolution in Iran would not have happened if we and the Brits had never installed the Shah, etc, etc, and we did all this for oil- the current war in Iraq- Israel is safer, because an enemy has been removed, and oil production has been cut in half- the Houston,Texas mafia has made record profits, while ordinary Americans are bearing the brunt of the cost of the crisis, which is poised to escalate beyond Dr. Strangeloves wildest imagination.


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