Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Captured 'Al Qaeda' members/documents have given testimony that 'suitcase-nukes' have been smuggled into the USA- the bombs were obtained in a former Soviet republic, and drug cartel routes were temporarily 'rented'- the nukes came across the Mexican border via Brownsville, or through a tunnel near Juarez or Tijuana into the states, with Latino gangs assisting the 'Arab-Afghan' holy warriors. Another suitcase nuke supposedly arrived via New York harbor and northern New Jersey. Argentine intelligence agencies corroborate the story ( Many radical Muslims live in the tri-border region along Argentine border with Brazil and Paraguay).

Congress has declared that a WMD attack upon America is 'inevitable.'

Al Qaeda's second -in-command has recently released a videotape in which he oddly repeats the same nonsense phrase three times.

A few days ago Homeland security chief Chertoff said he had a sick feeling in his gut over a probable terrorist WMD attack on US soil this summer ( why doesn't he elaborate or come clean?)

Two months ago Bush gave himself dictatorial powers, in the event of another 9-11. He also said we would have "A bloody August."

( The suitcase nukes are hard to trigger-building a 'Dirty' bomb would be an easy alternative- industrial/medical radiation is readily available to most hospital workers, it can be found in some pipes used in certain industries, and many gauges. And the southern steppes of the old Soviet Union literally have radioactive debris scattered all over the ground- just walk up to a chunk of metal with a Geiger counter and if it sings, you have your material (but you might get sick- low-rent-a-thugs would be used for the initial acquisition. Also, about 50,000 smoke-fire alarm detectors have enough radioactive material in them to use in a Dirty bomb (which is just a conventional bomb with radioactive dust or pellets sprinkled inside). A Dirty bomb itself wouldnt be very harmful- it would be the PANIC that would do the most damage).

If the towel-heads ever did manage to detonate a Hiroshima- sized bomb in downtown Manhattan, over 100,000 people would die that day. Another million would probably die in the next few weeks. A million jobs would be lost overnight, plunging the nation into another Great Depression. Stocks would collapse, Gold would soar to about 2-3 thousand dollars an ounce . Martial law would be declared, thousands of dissidents silenced or corralled,the draft would be instituted within weeks, and we would invade Iran (even if they didn't do it).


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