Monday, July 09, 2007

The big lie

Political correctness asserts that all human groups are interchangeable and equal. I happily go through my life knowing that there are allot of people out there who are smarter, stronger, and more creative than I am. The talent differential between individuals is obvious, yet PC demands that we accept that all groups are about the same, and any apparent difference is solely due to preventable environmental factors. What is wrong with acknowledging differing aptitudes between peoples? If I want an opera or pasta dish, I can go get an Italian. If I want beauty and intuition, I find a woman. A knife thrower and horse breeder, a Gypsy, etc. (Most stereotypes are mostly true-like it or lump it). All groups possess skills and talents useful for the furthering of the human project. Yet, I don't mean to imply that one skill is equivalent to another- this isn't so. Skills do not equal raw intelligence-if this were true, most animals would have to be considered as our equal, or even our betters- this isn't so, due to the uniqueness of our central nervous system and our destiny beyond the stars. There exists an absolute standard for higher versus lower thoughts and ideas-the Platonic forms. If 92% of the Nobel prize winners and patent holders happen to be able to trace their ancestry back to a narrow geographic band across Europe, so be it. Male Ashkenazic Jews and the Nordics predominate among the technical sciences that literally produced the 19th and 20th centuries, and I don't see very many people objecting to this situation by retreating into the forest to live in huts.

Newton and Leibniz independently invented Calculus in the late 1600's, the application of which created the modern world, as accelerated by the Lunar Society in the 1760's (James Watt and Joseph Priestly were members). Calculus involves (lunch break).


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