Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Multiple worlds interpretation (MWI) of Quantum theory(QT) states that at every instant of measurement where more than one outcome is deemed necessary by Schrödinger's equations, another universe is actually created where another 'you' goes on to live another life, each one branching off into another universe moment to moment. Time loses its linear aspect, it becomes an ever branching tree, part of a truly infinite spacial form.

There are several versions of the MWI- philosopher David Lewis actually believes that as long as logical consistency is maintained, every conceivable and possibly universe really exists, somewhere within the umbrella of the Multiverse.

Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Roddenberry's Star Trek, all the fantasy and sci-fi worlds you know about have reality under the some versions of the MWI hypothesis. Several prominent scientists believe in the existence of the multiverse- Stephen Hawking and David Deutsch, for example.

David Lewis died from kidney failure in October of 2001. Or did he?


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