Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deadly ballet

Something called the' Tea party' erupted early in 2009 due to a Chicago Stock Exchange brokers outburst over the mortgage crisis and the way it was being dealt with... Within weeks, grassroots state level activists were organized, centrally around the issue of spending and debt. These people were or are decent, bill paying. hard working or now unemployed common folks who want their country taken back to Constitutional rule... The charge from the media and the Left was that the Tea Party was just a bunch of redneck racists taking orders from elite republicans- initially, this was a canard. Most of the tea party groups eventually did become captured assets of the republican party, though. ('Freedom Works' is just a billionaires club and plaything).

Goldman Sachs gave 60% of their political donations to democrats in 2008, then they shifted gears to give 60% of their donations to republicans in 2010. Can you say "gridlock by design?"

I submit to you that the owners of the nation... using the one major party which is divided into two segments... have deliberately jacked the debt in order to later impose draconian cuts into the social safety net, which is their genocidal gambit to physically eliminate a good percent of the population.

North Korea might just be a distraction. The Irish are rioting, and we would be too if we weren't too dumb to see that our necks are being put into the guillotine. The bankers made bad debts and sunk the economy, so now they command politicians to slash food stamps, end the COLA for social security... they will soon end unemployment benefits, they have frozen and will later roll back federal pay....this is just the beginning.

The Wiki-leaks issue is convoluted. There is no such thing as a political 'leak.' Guess which country remains unscathed in all this? Israel. Guess which 'friendly' country spies on the US more than any other? Israel. Guess which country controls American mid east foreign policy? Guess which racial ethnic religious group owns 90% of US media? Or 90% of Hollywood? Or 90% of Wall Street? Or shapes 90% of the administrations economic policy? Or dominates the US judiciary? Or runs 90% of the porn industry? And is just 1.9 % of the US population? Hmm? (AIPAC is the Israeli lobby here in the US- they have more money and personnel than the NRA and AARP combined.).

The Wiki-Leaks re-in-force the false notion that its the Arabs who are the ones pushing for war with Iran, and not Israel. Who is the 'intermediary' that gave the documents to the New York Times, hmm? What we are seeing is a global purge of sorts, run by Mossad a.k.a. George Soros and Henry Kissinger, who are in turn controlled assets of the House of Rothschild. Julian Assange is a mere monkey on a chain, albeit a rather long chain.

Guess which group is also vastly underrepresented in our armed forces? Guess who never dies in our wars?
Guess who will scream you are a hater and an anti semite and a neo- Nazi if you dare to criticize Israel or the disproportionate and malign Judaic influence upon US and Western civilization and the whole planet? (Here, I'm referring to usury and cultural /social abstraction, and the genocidal plans for the West and Nordics).

Many of the same centrifugal forces which destroyed the Soviet empire also destroyed most of my own allegiances to Leftism. Gorbachev uncorked the nationalist genie, and the brittle superstructure of the Soviets shattered. Gorbachev took away the fear people possessed- they felt they could challenge the system and change it for the good.

My feelings towards the Left soured more and more with each passing day-I did the research and discovered that man made global warming was a hoax. The more I read about the big government plan to take over healthcare the less I liked-it was merely a scheme to enrich elites, and it cannot work for you and me. Its about control. I witnessed the smug intolerance of radical students in North Carolina who wouldnt even let an invited speaker speak- they physically shouted him down and forced him to retreat from the room ( Tancredo). This was censorship. I saw how the national media attacked a child of the Vice Presidential candidate. I saw how the Left cheer leaded us into war, along with the rest. And always, it was the illegal immigration issue right before my eyes- if the Soviets had allowed 25 million invaders in to their country during the peak of the Cold War, we would have thought they were a bunch of chumps. A final straw was the wholly unmerited cult of personality that sprang up around one Barack Hussein Obama.

Granted, most of the (recent above) deals with the pseudo-left and not the labor left...

I had to jettison my flirtations with offbeat left wing Utopian schemes. A greater appreciation for my country grew within me; the overt disdain that leftists expressed for America turned me off more and more. The United States is a great nation worthy of respect and even fear. We grew out of the western European sphere, our roots are among ancient Athens and Jerusalem. What north central Europeans achieved during the last 500 years is a phenomenon that wont soon be surpassed. The organic unity offered by nationalism is healthier than international proletarian ism-tradition is a better guide than flimsy experimental social agendas that are intended to dislodge aristocratic creator preservers from their perch; nationalism is better than half baked mad schemes that allow weak vulgarians to rule. The problem now is that the lesser elements have the upper hand-

Socialism could work if we were better- if we had a different humanity. Socialist say that a better Man could be produced by the effects of central planning, but this sounds like putting the cart before the horse. Collectives will not change my heart; they will deform my soul.

Nationalization of industry will only work or be a good thing if the people are the owners and they are saintlike, the books have to remain open, there should be no 'new class,' the Iron Law of Oligarchy would have to be broken....The current Left doesn't care much about any families welfare- the Left is overly wrapped up in identity/victim politics. The recent health-care legislation is a boondoggle- we wont get better, cheaper health-care for more people- the law is all about control.
The Left has ceased to be a working mans righteous outrage against the machine of mechanized and exploitative modernity.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In the end, we lose the war. The point is to win some of the battles along the way.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA wants your body


The naked body scanners and refusal pat -downs is simply an attempt to destroy the will of the American people. If we submit to this, then there is nothing we wont submit to in the future. We are guilty until proven innocent by TSA creeps.

The naked body scanners wont keep us safe. Six jujitsu terrorists can take a plane with nothing more than their bare hands.

If we dont rise up now all is lost.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Obama presidency is kaput, Barack is mentally ill and might be deposed

Friday, November 05, 2010