Friday, May 27, 2011


Im going to try to outline what I believe is going on; bear with me during this attempt.

1. The New World Order is just the Old World Order in its final phase

2. Members of the order are, primarily, a handful of banking families and their allies

3. This order is mostly composed of Talmudic Jews and Masons.

4. This order or movement mainly originates from the Enlightenment era, the 1770's; the main players are the House of Rothschild, who used Adam Weisphopt to found the Illuminati.

5. The forces of the NWO have certain goals: the destruction of the family, the nation-state, Christianity....they believe people are like cattle, entirely devoid of the divine spark, and thus they can be driven like cattle to serve their masters, the banker elite. The Illuminati are extreme materialists who deny spiritual reality. They want a world government, and vast reduction of the human population.

6. Around 1800, the Order began to unleash liberalism, socialism, and communism. These are tricks, meant to trap the worker inside a banker- owned prison society. In this sense, communism is a capitalist plot.

7. Feminism and sexual liberation are international banker creations, designed to destroy marriage, the individual, and society.

8. Our leaders, the global elite are in touch with extra terrestial and interdimensional beings, who are evil.

(stay tuned)