Friday, November 30, 2007


Behind organizations that seek to persuade us that ET's are of an extraterrestrial origin you will usually find a officer of the Pentagon or CIA....

The evidence for 'Aliens' is overwhelming, but most of them are certainly not from 'other planets.' The reports describe beings too humanoid, breathing our air, unafraid of our germs; and they frequently display paranormal and extra-physical abilities (defying gravity,etc.)- aliens from other worlds inside our universe should not function or be this way.

They are probably from another dimension, and have a aeon's long relationship with the Earth and humans, and the global elite. The phenomenon is disguised as being extraterrestrial in nature, possibly to confuse the populace into submitting to some sort of universal control, when the time is ripe. Governments are responsible for staging many abductions (as well as some ghostly hauntings), and reports of crashed saucers are certainly erroneous or caused by experimental craft piloted by earthly humans (Aliens with super advanced technology probably would not be crashing their crafts every now and then). Individuals like Stanton Friedman, Richard Hoagland, Linda Moulton Howe,General Ware, et al, and organizations like the Rand corporation (a CIA front) attempt to convince people that the aliens are from outer space, when they are really from inner space- why? Some sort of control system seems to be afoot, leading us toward a technological/demonic destiny. (Abductees usually report great fear associated with their experiences, and the aliens use medical techniques that are primitive by our standards, they seem to derive pleasure from our discomfort).

If the world threatens to disintegrate into chaos, and saviors from above suddenly appear in the skies above our cities, do not believe salvation is at hand- the saucers only offer slavery. Do not be deceived.

"Earth is just a people farm" - Jimi Hendrix

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

During the Katrina hurricane disaster, most of the New Orleans police force temporarily evaporated. Many officers donned ski masks and prowled rich neighborhoods looking for goodies...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Microwave ovens have been banned in Russia since 1976. ( Extensive Soviet testing of microwaved food showed that it caused cancer and a general decline in health).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prohibition: born of fear, and attempts to legislate the appetites; and turns into crimes things that are not.

Wither Wyoming?

In August -September of this year, strange events unfolded...leaders of the anti -war and 9-11 truth movements issued the "Kennebunkport Warning," a document that warned against a likely soon to come false flag operation, designed to trigger a retaliatory strike against Iran...four days later, a A B-52 in Minot North Dakota was outfitted with cruise missiles on its wingtips, six nuclear bomb warheads in launch mode were included. The plane flew to Barksdale air base in Louisiana (the staging base for operations in the middle east). Why is this unusual? The Air Force stopped flying live atomic bombs this way in 1968. During the flight, at least one of the bombs was reported missing, and may still be so. There is evidence that these weapons were ordered by forces allied to Cheney to be sent to the Iraq-Iran theater, and the evidence also points to a 'mutiny' by several Air Force personnel and intelligence agents- they refused to obey the unlawful back channel-outside the Pentagon chain of command Cheney-inspired orders. These events were related to the mysterious Israeli bombing raid directed against the interior of Syria that happened at about the same time...Subsequently, several Air Force officers that were said to be involved in the incident have been killed in odd accidents-Lt. Weston Kissel, Capt. John Frueh, and four others. ( for more info about this, go to the Wayne Madsen Report archives, the Jim Marrs website,,, etc....).
The errant flight has been characterized by the establishment as a 'mistake.' It is impossible to load armed nuclear bombs on the wings of a B-52 this way by accident- you need 14 authorized signatures, the weapons are kept apart from all others, etc.; and if they were really intended for decommissioning, they would have flown after being separated and loaded into a cargo plane in another direction, to New Mexico.
If the order to arm the B-52 this way originated with Cheney's office, what was the purpose? To drop one of these bombs on top of an American city during the night, killing a million innocents; then blame the Iranians- and then nuke Iran into nonexistence while imposing a draconian martial law here in the US. (The power elite don't have any concept of 'nation' or 'state'; their only loyalty is to their own group and money. High officials killing their own countrymen for a strategic cause is called 'sacrifice', just like in chess when you sacrifice your pawn to capture the enemies queen...if the cause is deemed important enough, the sacrifice can be scaled up to any number of casualties deemed necessary.This is how our rulers think and operate).

Friday, November 16, 2007

I never talk to myself.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

There have been several recent attempts to rehabilitate the reputation of Joe McCarthy, citing new evidence from the Soviet archives, the Venoma documents, and closed records from the Senate. McCarthy failed to dislodge a single 'Red' from the government, if any existed after the end of WW2, and drank himself to death at the age of 48, after being chastened by President Eisenhower.
It should be noted, that the attempt by McCarthy to make anti-communism a partisan tool seriously undermined the 1950's anticommunist consensus.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Alan Greenspan, the flimflam man of the century- his role was to periodically adjust two interest rates- the bank rate and the discount rate- which were always very close to each other ( the bank rate= the rate banks within the Federal Reserve charged each other; the discount rate was the rate banks outside the Fed were charged by the Fed, for loans. The Prime rate is something else altogether). The intent was to always keep inflation low, no matter what- so that investors would not see an erosion in the value of their Treasury notes, among other speculations. The workers (globally) be damned- unemployment as a result was considered to be OK. The low interest rates caused the housing bubble.
Greenspan never objected to Bush's deficits or tax giveaways to the rich- this could be offset by cutting benefits to the middle class and limiting social services- and states had to raise taxes in response, anyway. A Chimpanzee picking random numbers out of a hat could have done a better job than Greenspan.

America has to maintain over 730 military bases overseas- we can only do this if our currency is the worlds reserve currency. Once the dollars value drops below a certain point, our debt and trade deficit will wreck our world- our empire will vanish overnight. (Incidentally, China has zero military bases abroad).

A low dollar means= it will be harder (almost impossible, now) for the US to have its debt serviced by foreign countries- they are financing our debt by buying T-bills/bonds. Now other countries are dumping dollars and other US instruments like crazy, because the dollar is almost worthless. Soon, a few banks in Japan and China will dump most of their dollar reserves, and collapse the US economy.
( A low dollar also means that we cannot purchase as much from abroad. China and Japan face a quandary- stop lending to bolster our debt, because they don't want worthless paper...but if they dump their US reserves, we won't be able to buy anything from them at all, their domestic manufacturing base will be hurt- they will have to seek other geographic markets).

Our manufacturing base has been deliberately eroded over a 29 year period, swelling our trade deficit; this has caused a lot of the current crisis-America now just exports: chemicals, grain, telecommunications and auto parts, media, and weapons, mainly- these categories, except the last two, are declining. We can thank our myopic corporate/governmental heads and ignorant voters for the coming economic destruction of America.

Jim Rogers, an associate of billionaire George Soros, has sold all of his homes and earthly possessions so he can purchase China's Yuan.
Billionaire Warren Buffet several years ago dumped most of his American dollars- he saw the writing on the wall....

The future investor ought to consider precious metals, land, and commodities. One can survive the coming storm by being useful to the global elite. Expect high inflation, crushing interest rates, and $6 a gallon gasoline by the end of next year.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Child protective social services workers receive a cash bonus whenever they take a child away from its family.
The idea that there is a prohibition against being tried more than once for the same crime (double jeopardy) is a misnomer. If the offense is a crime federally and in the state it was committed, you can be legally tried in state court and then federal court (or vice versa) for the same offense. This is why lawyers, when they obtain immunity for their clients, seek it at both levels.