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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who are you?

Just who, exactly, is this man called "Barack Hussein Obama?"

Before Halloween of 2007, almost no one outside of Illinois had ever heard of him... (he was the freshman senator for that state)... After being on the job in DC for a mere 150 days as US senator, he became President.

Obama has never been in the military, nor has he ever run a business. He has never been a mayor or a governor....his two autobiographies were ghosted by someone else...He was an attorney, yet he never argued a case before a court. Without a teleprompter, he is lost and his speech stumbles over one "um" after the other....While his prepared speeches often sound good while people listen to them, no-one can ever recall any dramatic phrases from said speeches; they are forgettable events.

He claims to be black, or at least used blacks for a vote base, yet his mother is white, and his father listed the family in Kenya as being Arab. He is said to have been born in Hawaii, yet his grandmother says she helped midwife his birth in Mombasa Kenya.
His mom is usually described as being some sort of proto-hippy, yet she worked for international banking agencies and helped lend out loans to the poor for exorbitantly high interest rates ( incidentally, her social security number is still active. If she is still alive , she would be 67)...Obama's real legal name is Barry Soetero, which means he commits a felony every time he signs anything "Barack Obama"....

He emerged out of the sleazy Chicago machine, being friends with the likes of Ayers and Retzco, and the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

He ran the most secretive campaign, and now presidency, in history. We have no records for him- no baptismal record, no marriage license, no medical records...he attended three prestigious universities, yet we are not allowed to see ANYTHING that he has ever written during his time at these schools (his lawyers are working overtime to prevent this- Obama has spent $2 million of his own money to make sure his papers never see the light of day)...Supposedly, he went to Columbia university, yet a survey of 400 classmates for the year he allegedly graduated reveals that not one single person remembers ever seeing him. Not one- and a tall mulatto in the 1980's then was a rare occurrence for Columbia U...if he was there, someone would know, yet no one does. (Incidentally, several years back both Barack and Michelle surrendered their law licences. Why?)

Now it has come out that he uses multiple social security numbers....the primary social security number for him is for someone 119 years old...he uses social security numbers issued to Connecticut residents, yet he is not from Connecticut.

more later....
"As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; They kill us for their sport..."

- Shakespeare's King Lear, (IV,i-38-39)
For the last 50 years or so, the US has suffered from two very serious impediments- our uncritical support for Israel, and our dependence upon foreigners for our energy needs....usually, both issues are linked, at least as far as repercussion go.
This is our Achilles heel.

Two recent events signal the imminent collapse of American civilization: one is the building of a sprawling mosque complex just two blocks from groundzero......the other is the last space shuttle flight.
America was a spacefaring nation from 1962-2010. No more. Thanks, Obama, thank you very much. He killed the dream.... he is the un-Kennedy.

Once a civilization ceases to expand, once it begins to look inward and contract, a rot sets in. Go study Tonybee and see...if America gives up on space exploration and takes a back seat to China and India, then thats the end; we need a 'space-driver economy' or we will become a third and then a fourth rate power.

The fools who appoved the building permits for the supermosque in NY obviously have no concept of history or symbolism. The symbolism of a large Islamic center next to where America got struck by radical Wahabis in cohoots with Cheneys shadow govt teams and Mossad....This is a potent sign that our collective psyche cannot recover from...( Skyscrappers themselves are highly symbolic, they were invented by Americans). Radical muslims around the world will use this mosque as a propaganda tool to show that they have won and have beaten America.

The colonial Brits fought many wars with the Gold coast Ashante Africans- the last war involved a hunt for the 'Golden stool'...the symbol of the authority of the Asante king....once the Golden stool is lost or taken by the enemy, then the king and the people would lose heart and submit...Although the 'War of the Golden Stool' (1900-1) never captured the stool itself, it was hidden and thus not available to give full strength to the king....Ashante power was diluted, just as American power is now being deflected and pushed back upon itself.

The loss of those two towers and our manned space missions is the same thing as the loss of the Golden Stool....If we dont put our golden stools back in place, we will be no more.
My ethical program consists of self development and national strengthening. The individual dies, but the nation continues. My aim is intertwined with the health of the nation, hence this blog.

President Jefferson introduced in congress a measure to ban slavery in any new American territory outside the original 13 states.....the measure failed by one vote could have averted the civil war.

Most liberals are not patriotic. They consider themselves to be citizens of the world; they are internationalists, not nationalists. They acutely feel the deep cut of our slavery era and the liquidation of the native indigenous population. They know too well the sordid history of our interventionist foreign policy, esp. toward Latin America, which we have invaded over 200 times.

Let me address these issues. First, black people started slavery and white people ended it. Slavery is a timeless and universal phenomenon, It wasn't a uniquely American invention. The founders may have been flawed but they were also great: the system of government devised by Jefferson , Madison, et al, laid the foundation for the later further increase in freedom for blacks and women. At the time of our revolution, only two countries on earth even came close to having the amount of liberty that our Constitution and founders gave us -England and Holland.

The entire world attempted to model themselves after us, mainly in two key areas: our Bill of Rights and our freedoms, and the socio-economic opportunity society that has been the envy of the world. In general, we created the most prosperous and free nation the world has ever seen...

As far as the Indians go, we have a tragedy that could not have been avoided. It was inevitable that someone like Columbus was going to discover the Americas. Spain fought the Indians too. It did not matter which country settled the continent- Russia, Turkey, England, or Morocco......the Indians were going to suffer.
We did not slaughter the Indians- this is a myth. 96% of all the Indians who died from contact with the whites were killed by diseases. The story that we deliberately doused some Indians with germs is not true, this originated from just two minor incidents.
You have to understand that neither culture (Indians and the whites) had any understanding of the other. Each was alien to the other. The white settlers on the frontier lived in mortal terror of Indian raids, which helps explain white actions against the natives.

The military interventions our government launches against small countries from time to time....are, for the most part, inexcusable. Blame for these actions can be put, mostly, on the backs of the bankers and their takeover of the country that occurred in 1913, and on the creation of the CIA in 1949.
People are more medicated than ever before, yet they are in worse shape than ever before- proof that most medications are useless.

Every ten years a new psych med is rolled out....more and more people get these type of drugs, yet everywhere I go, people are just as nutty as ever, and more. Wake up morons-you are just a guinea pig, those drugs don't work.

I can prove to you that the 'Tea Party' isn't racist. If we had an authentic black conservative President, one who wasnt expanding the size of government, etc...would the Tea Party exist? No. This counter factual or thought experiment shows the fallacy of the racist liberal accusation.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Okie hokey

The Oklahoma City bombing is clear cut, we know we are being lied to : the official gov't version of events has more holes in it than a spaghetti drainer....with the Sept 11, 2001 tragedy, the evidence against the gov't is largely a series of circumstantial bits and pieces, but with Oklahoma, we are dealing with a blatant lie. You have to have the mentality of a 12 year old child if you accept the official story- if you think that Tim McVeigh almost by himself (with some modest help from Terry Nickols and Fortier) bombed the Murrah building, to extract revenge against the gov't for Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Jim Brady anti -gun law- then you must also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, and you are probably a member of the Flat Earth Society.

The OKC bombing was one of two things: either a sting operation that went bad, or a deliberate government santioned false flag attack. The govt had many warnings that the Murrah building was about to be bombed- these warnings were very specific as to time and place (Carol Howe gave the most direct warning-she was intimate with the militias in Elohim City)...At least 27 witnesses saw McVeigh in the company of someone in the days leading up to the blast- this person was not Nickols. There are more than one 'John Doe #2's. " There might be over five John Doe number two's. They, or their replacements, are still out there, on government payrolls, waiting to strike again.

We know what the next target will be: the detonation or shoot- up of a US shopping mall, and maybe a chemical/biological release, in conjunction with widespread internet hack.

First, lets examine the crime scene. The damage to the Murrah building is suspicious- the Ryder truck and bomb were located to the front and to the the left.....close to the blast zone, support columns survived.... yet farther away toward the right, receding into the building, support columns were blown apart. For the official version to be true, the bomb would have to have actually increased its explosive power as it got further and further away from the point of detonation- an impossibility.

Local university seismographs recorded two seperate explosions that morning in Oklahoma City- about eight seconds apart.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The rescue of Greece will fail, and the contagion will spread. Our markets will soon take a deflect attention away from the mess, we might launch a war against Iran ( the war will revolve around a faked up incident, a terror attack probably on American soil. This could happen anytime. Or a series of smaller incidents might unfold, that seem to add up to a need for revenge.....North Korea remains a wild card.

As the economy screeches to a halt and bombs burst over Tehran, the internet's plug will be pulled. There will be a banker holiday, the remaining pension funds will be confiscated by the central govt....Americans will riot, but will be suppressed. Martial law will be openly declared (not by Obama- he is scheduled to be replaced before 2011 has ended)...This is when the sun will burn us, solar storms will send us technologically back to the middle of the 19th century. This will be the 2012 cataclysm.

God helps us. You come yourself, dont send your son. This is no place for children.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

When I began this blog, my attacks upon the Bush regime may have led you to think that I would be kinder towards its replacement by the Obama administration. This blog seemed to display a leftist stance, which has now apparently shifted towards the far right. This change is, in part, an illusion.

First, let me detail the areas where I have changed...

I always hated Bush and still do. He belongs in prison. He was bad, and had to go, and so Pelosi took control of the House. People voted for the democrats in 2006 thinking they would impeach Bush, and end the war in Iraq. The democrats did neither.

The problem with capitalism is its tendency to devolve into wage slavery and monopoly. A solution rose up called 'socialism'....the idea being that private functions would be transferred over to public ownership, usually via increased government control. The problem with this, in part, should be obvious: the new governmental managers of society would come to resemble corporate CEO's, a distinct wall would form between the governed and the governors, just like there is between the workers and the bosses under capitalism. A case in point would be the Soviet Union- under Stalin, the system there became an example of 'state capitalism'....where the state became a giant national corporation, albeit one nominally harboring constructive social goals. For socialism to work, it requires saints to be in charge.
The abstract remedy of 'democracy' was thought to offer a solution, but democracy is flawed too. When a vote is taken and 51% wins, guess what? 49% lost. When factions realize that they can use their majorities to loot the state and abuse the people, the system degenerates into mob rule... Under democracy, your rights can be voted away by a majority- democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner. Under a constitutional republic, your rights can never be voted away, they are permanent.

As far as polity is concerned, a republic is desirable over a democracy; our nation was formed as a republic. A proof that we were never intended to be democratic: the electoral college.

So, Ive changed my views- im more skeptical toward socialist schemes, I'm more nationalistic and supportive of the Western project...Initially, I thought if the US changed its foreign policy, the muslim world would respect that and we could become friends...I was wrong- they hate us for our inner decay, we dont believe in anything, we are gamblers and we are sexually loose, with broken families. A shift in our foreign policy wont change that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If a VAT is enacted, or the angry brown midgets get their amnesty, I'll either take up the gun or retire to the forest to search for the Sasquatch creature. One or the other....

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I read Arizona's anti immigrant law SB 1070 three times. I see nothing wrong with it, esp.since it was enacted to deal with an emergency situation.

The law isnt racist. For it to be racist, it would have to single out a specific race(s)...which it doesn't. The law never mentions race or ethnicity, it applies to Mongolians , Swedes, and others equally.

It is just a geographic/historical dint of coincidence that the bulk of the people affected by this law will be Latino. What do you expect? Would you expect police to use the law to bust Irish nuns? No. Why?

In case you soft -heads out there didn't know, Arizona shares a border with Mexico.

The law is probably constitutional. If the law mirrors federal immigration law, which it does at least 95%, then 'concurrent enforcement.' kicks in. The supremacy clause doesn't apply. A court might strike out the other 5%, but the rest should stand.

The law is clear: a cop can only use 'reasonable suspicion' to inquire into someones immigration status AFTER that cop and said individual are already involved with each other for some other, normal or routine police stop.

The law itself is ok, but its possible that on occassion, here and there, the application of the law will be misused, and there are laws in Arizona, and Federally, to deal with that. People must distinguish between the two- the law itself and its possible application.

Most of the stops will be traffic related. A cop pulls someone over for a busted light, which he/she is allowed to do, and THEN he can use reasonable suspicion' to ask about immigration status.... and he cannot use just race or skin color as a determinant; this is forbidden. He has to come up with something besides that...a constellation of evidence or factors. Producing a driving permit satisfies the legal requirement, you dont have to have your birth certificate.
The facade is cracking . Stoicism has its limit.