Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Okie hokey

The Oklahoma City bombing is clear cut, we know we are being lied to : the official gov't version of events has more holes in it than a spaghetti drainer....with the Sept 11, 2001 tragedy, the evidence against the gov't is largely a series of circumstantial bits and pieces, but with Oklahoma, we are dealing with a blatant lie. You have to have the mentality of a 12 year old child if you accept the official story- if you think that Tim McVeigh almost by himself (with some modest help from Terry Nickols and Fortier) bombed the Murrah building, to extract revenge against the gov't for Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Jim Brady anti -gun law- then you must also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, and you are probably a member of the Flat Earth Society.

The OKC bombing was one of two things: either a sting operation that went bad, or a deliberate government santioned false flag attack. The govt had many warnings that the Murrah building was about to be bombed- these warnings were very specific as to time and place (Carol Howe gave the most direct warning-she was intimate with the militias in Elohim City)...At least 27 witnesses saw McVeigh in the company of someone in the days leading up to the blast- this person was not Nickols. There are more than one 'John Doe #2's. " There might be over five John Doe number two's. They, or their replacements, are still out there, on government payrolls, waiting to strike again.

We know what the next target will be: the detonation or shoot- up of a US shopping mall, and maybe a chemical/biological release, in conjunction with widespread internet hack.

First, lets examine the crime scene. The damage to the Murrah building is suspicious- the Ryder truck and bomb were located to the front and to the the left.....close to the blast zone, support columns survived.... yet farther away toward the right, receding into the building, support columns were blown apart. For the official version to be true, the bomb would have to have actually increased its explosive power as it got further and further away from the point of detonation- an impossibility.

Local university seismographs recorded two seperate explosions that morning in Oklahoma City- about eight seconds apart.


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