Saturday, May 08, 2010

I read Arizona's anti immigrant law SB 1070 three times. I see nothing wrong with it, esp.since it was enacted to deal with an emergency situation.

The law isnt racist. For it to be racist, it would have to single out a specific race(s)...which it doesn't. The law never mentions race or ethnicity, it applies to Mongolians , Swedes, and others equally.

It is just a geographic/historical dint of coincidence that the bulk of the people affected by this law will be Latino. What do you expect? Would you expect police to use the law to bust Irish nuns? No. Why?

In case you soft -heads out there didn't know, Arizona shares a border with Mexico.

The law is probably constitutional. If the law mirrors federal immigration law, which it does at least 95%, then 'concurrent enforcement.' kicks in. The supremacy clause doesn't apply. A court might strike out the other 5%, but the rest should stand.

The law is clear: a cop can only use 'reasonable suspicion' to inquire into someones immigration status AFTER that cop and said individual are already involved with each other for some other, normal or routine police stop.

The law itself is ok, but its possible that on occassion, here and there, the application of the law will be misused, and there are laws in Arizona, and Federally, to deal with that. People must distinguish between the two- the law itself and its possible application.

Most of the stops will be traffic related. A cop pulls someone over for a busted light, which he/she is allowed to do, and THEN he can use reasonable suspicion' to ask about immigration status.... and he cannot use just race or skin color as a determinant; this is forbidden. He has to come up with something besides that...a constellation of evidence or factors. Producing a driving permit satisfies the legal requirement, you dont have to have your birth certificate.


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