Saturday, May 15, 2010

When I began this blog, my attacks upon the Bush regime may have led you to think that I would be kinder towards its replacement by the Obama administration. This blog seemed to display a leftist stance, which has now apparently shifted towards the far right. This change is, in part, an illusion.

First, let me detail the areas where I have changed...

I always hated Bush and still do. He belongs in prison. He was bad, and had to go, and so Pelosi took control of the House. People voted for the democrats in 2006 thinking they would impeach Bush, and end the war in Iraq. The democrats did neither.

The problem with capitalism is its tendency to devolve into wage slavery and monopoly. A solution rose up called 'socialism'....the idea being that private functions would be transferred over to public ownership, usually via increased government control. The problem with this, in part, should be obvious: the new governmental managers of society would come to resemble corporate CEO's, a distinct wall would form between the governed and the governors, just like there is between the workers and the bosses under capitalism. A case in point would be the Soviet Union- under Stalin, the system there became an example of 'state capitalism'....where the state became a giant national corporation, albeit one nominally harboring constructive social goals. For socialism to work, it requires saints to be in charge.
The abstract remedy of 'democracy' was thought to offer a solution, but democracy is flawed too. When a vote is taken and 51% wins, guess what? 49% lost. When factions realize that they can use their majorities to loot the state and abuse the people, the system degenerates into mob rule... Under democracy, your rights can be voted away by a majority- democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner. Under a constitutional republic, your rights can never be voted away, they are permanent.

As far as polity is concerned, a republic is desirable over a democracy; our nation was formed as a republic. A proof that we were never intended to be democratic: the electoral college.

So, Ive changed my views- im more skeptical toward socialist schemes, I'm more nationalistic and supportive of the Western project...Initially, I thought if the US changed its foreign policy, the muslim world would respect that and we could become friends...I was wrong- they hate us for our inner decay, we dont believe in anything, we are gamblers and we are sexually loose, with broken families. A shift in our foreign policy wont change that.


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