Saturday, May 22, 2010

For the last 50 years or so, the US has suffered from two very serious impediments- our uncritical support for Israel, and our dependence upon foreigners for our energy needs....usually, both issues are linked, at least as far as repercussion go.
This is our Achilles heel.

Two recent events signal the imminent collapse of American civilization: one is the building of a sprawling mosque complex just two blocks from groundzero......the other is the last space shuttle flight.
America was a spacefaring nation from 1962-2010. No more. Thanks, Obama, thank you very much. He killed the dream.... he is the un-Kennedy.

Once a civilization ceases to expand, once it begins to look inward and contract, a rot sets in. Go study Tonybee and see...if America gives up on space exploration and takes a back seat to China and India, then thats the end; we need a 'space-driver economy' or we will become a third and then a fourth rate power.

The fools who appoved the building permits for the supermosque in NY obviously have no concept of history or symbolism. The symbolism of a large Islamic center next to where America got struck by radical Wahabis in cohoots with Cheneys shadow govt teams and Mossad....This is a potent sign that our collective psyche cannot recover from...( Skyscrappers themselves are highly symbolic, they were invented by Americans). Radical muslims around the world will use this mosque as a propaganda tool to show that they have won and have beaten America.

The colonial Brits fought many wars with the Gold coast Ashante Africans- the last war involved a hunt for the 'Golden stool'...the symbol of the authority of the Asante king....once the Golden stool is lost or taken by the enemy, then the king and the people would lose heart and submit...Although the 'War of the Golden Stool' (1900-1) never captured the stool itself, it was hidden and thus not available to give full strength to the king....Ashante power was diluted, just as American power is now being deflected and pushed back upon itself.

The loss of those two towers and our manned space missions is the same thing as the loss of the Golden Stool....If we dont put our golden stools back in place, we will be no more.


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