Saturday, May 22, 2010

My ethical program consists of self development and national strengthening. The individual dies, but the nation continues. My aim is intertwined with the health of the nation, hence this blog.

President Jefferson introduced in congress a measure to ban slavery in any new American territory outside the original 13 states.....the measure failed by one vote could have averted the civil war.

Most liberals are not patriotic. They consider themselves to be citizens of the world; they are internationalists, not nationalists. They acutely feel the deep cut of our slavery era and the liquidation of the native indigenous population. They know too well the sordid history of our interventionist foreign policy, esp. toward Latin America, which we have invaded over 200 times.

Let me address these issues. First, black people started slavery and white people ended it. Slavery is a timeless and universal phenomenon, It wasn't a uniquely American invention. The founders may have been flawed but they were also great: the system of government devised by Jefferson , Madison, et al, laid the foundation for the later further increase in freedom for blacks and women. At the time of our revolution, only two countries on earth even came close to having the amount of liberty that our Constitution and founders gave us -England and Holland.

The entire world attempted to model themselves after us, mainly in two key areas: our Bill of Rights and our freedoms, and the socio-economic opportunity society that has been the envy of the world. In general, we created the most prosperous and free nation the world has ever seen...

As far as the Indians go, we have a tragedy that could not have been avoided. It was inevitable that someone like Columbus was going to discover the Americas. Spain fought the Indians too. It did not matter which country settled the continent- Russia, Turkey, England, or Morocco......the Indians were going to suffer.
We did not slaughter the Indians- this is a myth. 96% of all the Indians who died from contact with the whites were killed by diseases. The story that we deliberately doused some Indians with germs is not true, this originated from just two minor incidents.
You have to understand that neither culture (Indians and the whites) had any understanding of the other. Each was alien to the other. The white settlers on the frontier lived in mortal terror of Indian raids, which helps explain white actions against the natives.

The military interventions our government launches against small countries from time to time....are, for the most part, inexcusable. Blame for these actions can be put, mostly, on the backs of the bankers and their takeover of the country that occurred in 1913, and on the creation of the CIA in 1949.


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