Sunday, April 18, 2010


After the American civil war, gradually, many freed blacks were re-enslaved. Laws were passed that criminalized ordinary black life, sending blacks into forced labor camps, usually for petty offenses (talking too loudly in the presence of white women, vagrancy, etc.) . By 1900, at any given moment in the US, about 200,000 blacks were slaves. I dont mean that they were wage -slaves or peons, scraping by on their own for extremely low wages. No, I mean they were actual slaves, owned by someone or that persons organization. Most, but not all, of this neo-slavery occurred in the south...a black man or woman would get arrested for a trivial offense, and then end up a slave in someones farm or in their foundry, etc.

(Initially after 1865, most blacks made rapid gains in income and education. By 1885, the tide had turned against them-)

You ask, how could that be? The 13th amendment outlawed slavery after the civil war, there were no slaves after 1865...Well, federal anti slavery statutes didn't exist by which a slave holder could be prosecuted. It wasn't until a few days after Pearl harbor in December 1941 that this was pointed out to President Roosevelt- he was told that it could be used as propaganda by the enemy. How could we fight a war for freedom, when no anti slavery laws were on the books, and we still had over 200,000 slaves? The practice of this neo-slavery persisted into the 1950's.... (some states did have anti -slavery laws on their books, but a state prosecutor wasn't going to indict a fellow southerner for practicing slavery. The enactment of federal statutes allowed outside attorney generals to come in and put an end to slavery, 90 some years after the end of the civil war).

For the first few decades of the 20th century, 200,000 black slaves represented a decent percent of the total adult US black population. This neo- slavery affected almost every black family in America- the fear of returning to slavery was greater than the fear of being lynched.

( Source: Pulitzer prize winner Douglas Blackmon, 'Slavery by another name: The Re-enslavement of Black Americans from Reconstruction to World War Two')

Note: we still have real slaves. Slavery here is rare, but it exists. Colin Powell told the UN that the US still has 50,000 slaves, mostly in the textile industry, where girls are chained to their workstation. In this instance, the victims are not usually blacks.

Blacks are 12% of the US men raped about 30,000 white women last year. White men raped 8 black women last year (source, FBI)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have friends and I don't have friends.

I'm online 6-8 hours a day, yet I cant talk about what I learn online with anyone. They don't want to hear it. When I'm with someone, the conversation has to be 85% BS or they get mad or uncomfortable. I cant discuss serious issues or the things that I find fascinating/interesting.

I'm trapped inside my own thoughts and cannot escape, theres nowhere to run or hide.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Oklahoma bombing and McVeigh

The 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing is here. Never before have I seen a more obvious case where the government attacked itself- the Murrah bombing is more transparent than the JFK hit and 9-11 combined. The government's involvement and cover-up are in our face-
In 2006, Utah Judge Kimball declared that McVeigh had Federal accomplices and the real bombers remain at large. Two congressmen launched a fresh probe, which has since languished in chambers...
..McVeigh was surrounded by government agents, some foreign, and this was either a sting operation that went bad, or the government deliberately blew up the Murrah building. Either or- there is no other possible conclusion. Since ATF agents were warned to not go to work that morning, the evidence points to a deliberate detonation, so Clinton could act 'presidential' when he needed to. Due to the prior disaster at Waco, the ATF (McVeighs real target?) was about to either be defunded or merged into another agency ...yet after the bombing they got a nice big gummit check for $400 million bucks...

A well known film maker was allowed onto a North Dakota military base in the summer of 1993 (Bill Bean) He filmed various spots on base, looking for locations for a future project...He briefly ducked into a tank that was being taken off a transport vehicle- inside this tank , for about 15 seconds, he filmed a soldier...this soldier also spoke to Mr. bean, as he tried to avoid being filmed.
It has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that Mr. Bean was really on this particular base in August of has also been established by professional facial recognition experts and voice analysis that this soldier was Tim McVeigh, and that the directer has subsequently been the victim of surveillance and/or harassment. Why does this 15 second tape matter?
It matters because it completely destroys the official government version of events- supposedly, Tim McVeigh had already been completely out of the military for a year and a half when this film was made. The government narrative of the Murrah bombing has been undermined beyond repair...
This North Dakota base is where many soldiers go to specialize in demolitions.

A wayward debutant named Carol Howe became an informant for the Feds... she claims she warned them that the Murrah building was about to get bombed. The judge in McVeighs case refused to allow her to testify, claiming that her testimony would "confuse the jurors." (McVeigh had slight connections to Elohim City, where many white supremacists and militia types congregated...Miss Howe became affiliated with them there)...At least one other government informant says he warned the authorities that the Murrah building was about to be blown up, too. Both times, specific information was passed on, yet the only thing that seems to have been done was to warn the ATF agents, and maybe the US Marshals office, to not go to work that morning. The other government workers went straight to their doom without any warning.

Supposedly, McVeigh cased the area near the Federal building over a period of several weeks...yet on the day of the bombing, he stopped in a nearby gas station to ask for directions.

Just two days before the bombing , a reputable pilot flew over a military installation that was located 80 miles from Oklahoma City. He saw a Ryder truck on base, identical to the one used on April 19, 1995...he took some photos of this truck. Ive seen these photos...What would the military be doing with a lone Ryder truck? I thought they had there own trucks, hmm?

Seismographs recorded two separate events that morning, about 10 seconds apart.

The official indictment against Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols refers to "accomplices unknown"....this indictment has never been amended.

After the event, the FBI found the rear axle of the Ryder truck, which had been blown about 600 feet away from the blast site...they traced the serial numbers to the body shop where the truck had been rented. The FBI immediately went to the shop and interviewed the three employees who were working there for the date the truck was rented. The employees described two men, one of whom looked like Tim McVeigh; the other became known as John Doe Number Two. The FBI established that the second man was not Terry Nickols.

..Even though McVeigh rented the truck with an alias, the FBI determined that the man who rented the truck was indeed Tim McVeigh, by examining Hotel records (This part seems like a stretch. The authorities probably nailed McVeigh so fast due to the fact that he was already set up to fall for the bombing). After being named, it was only a matter of minutes before McVeigh would be discovered in jail on other charges.

The hunt for John Doe number two continued for two months before it was called off, after the FBI said that that the three employees at the truck rental shop must have been mistaken, and that McVeigh must have rented the truck by himself. These three employees might have gotten confused about physical descriptions, but its hard to believe that they got confused about dates. McVeigh rented the truck just two days before the FBI interviewed the witnesses-and this company is small, they only rent one truck a day. yet the government says the employees got confused and John Doe 2 was really in there on another day, and is innocent, and McVeigh got the truck by himself.
(JD2 might be a Mr. Guthrie. More later) Just how the Ryder truck on that base figures into all this, I don't know.

Now, 24 eyewitnesses said they saw McVeigh in the company of another man. 2-3 might be unreliable, but 24? The FBI agent in charge of the crime scene now says that the official govt version is wrong, he believes in a larger conspiracy.

What about Mcveighs confession? He never implicated anyone else in the bombing. McVeigh was never going to talk and rat out anyone, he probably went to his death thinking that his accomplices were his friends. He was kept away from anyone who might have told him about the governments infiltration of his group- he never knew John Doe 2 et al were Feds. McVeigh might be a lot of things, but he wasn't a rat.

When asked by polygraphs about accomplices, McVeigh totally flunked every lie detector test.

Andreas Strassmeir is the son of a prominent German politican...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obama is clearly mentally deranged. Long known to be pathologically narcissistic, our effeminate Commander- in -Chief gave a bizarre 17 minute 2, 500 word response to a recent simple tax question a citizen asked him....last year on '60 Minutes,' he was asked about the economy and job losses, and his reply was to giggle and laugh....the interviewer was stunned and asked him if he was "punch drunk"

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The evil of the democrat party complements the evil of the republican can eat no fat, and the other can eat no lean, and together they lick the plate clean...this is what they do to our Bill of Rights- the dems eat away half, devouring the parts they object to , and the republicans eat the other half, the part they dont like.... and together both parties destroy our liberties.

Folks, its hopeless unless we vote out every incumbent. A new Waco is about to happen, and this time the ATF and FBI themselves will be surrounded....the second American civil war is about to start. God help us...

Coronal Mass Ejection

The sun has struck- we got hit on the 6-7th with the most powerful geomagnetic storm to strike the earth in over three years- not big enough to damage our grids, but more are on the way- the 11 year peak cycle kicked in in January.
This, as our financial elites dig themselves deep underground safety bunker-cities.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Humans have a limited range of types of experiences...but there is an unlimited number of ways to to tell their story, which makes possible the wonder of literature and film.
I'm more fascinated by the things I dont know...