Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Proportional vote and coalition government system seems to offer advantages over our winner- take- all system - it allows third parties to gain legislative toeholds, and allows these parties to become partners in executive governance.
Children would learn better if adults didn't put them in public strait-jacket 'desks' so often. When a scientist wants to work on a difficult problem, where does he go? Into a secluded laboratory, or study. We should have such 'study' rooms in our public educational systems- a secluded capsule-room where computer, wall maps, globes, the periodical chart, microscope, etc., are readily available, and the child can think alone, for certain period of time, being allowed afterward to mingle with the general school population.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Enjoy every sandwich"

Rock musician Warren Zevon, frail and underweight because of his cancer and its treatment, on the David Letterman Show, October 30, 2002, when asked what the disease and dying process had taught him
Nietzsche objected to 'Christian' morality/ethics: When one goes to confessional, one never boasts about how great one has been. One relates instead how bad they have been, or what they have done wrong.

This is the problem: 'Christianity' doesn't demand greatness or exellence from anyone; instead, mostly it demands NOT doing things, being 'good' in a circumscribed way, which leads to a devitalized life.

Nietzsche instead offers a revival of the pagan Hellenic concept of virtue, 'Arete,' meaning exellence. The creation of the great-souled man, one who is stern with themself while attempting to impose their will upon the external world, aiming toward the unreachable heights... this ought to be the new ideal.

Nietzsche did not object to Jesus too much- but condemned St. Paul, for distorting the original message.
In Morocco, many Sufi sects reside, and .... music is considered a gateway to mystical ecstasy...

At the base of the Rif mountains, live the musicians of Jajouka. They have a ceremony (Boujeloud) where the Goat-man God is honored . Legends say that their frame- drum, flute, and lute and Oboe-like instruments can heal even the most desperately ill ... body and mind can regain its composure and confidence after listening to the sacred Sufi sounds.

Early 1960's: The 'Beat' artist Brion Gysin heard about this obscure desert orchestra.. he went to Morocco to hear, and maybe be healed. He came back and subsequently produced some of his finest art..... Brian Jones, then guitarist for the Rolling Stones, made a pilgrimage to Jajouka, and eventually made an album about his musical experiences there...

Green Book

The problem with parliaments: they are suppose to act on behalf of the people, whereas real democracy implies no such surrogate. Democracy means the authority of the people themselves. Parliaments often function contrary to the authentic will of the people, being captured by narrow special (business) interests.

An ideal alternative would be Mass Assemblies, with real debates -locally, regionally, nationally,and in the international sphere. Each assembly electing a recallable council ...these councils or committees constituting the new legislative and executive branches, upward along the chain...

an end to 'parties'.

Qualifications for voting in the assemblies ought to be high ..... A simple majority (51%) to pass legislation won't work- a 2/3 majority is more appropiate, for very serious issues, with second round voting occurring at a later date to affirm the previous decision.
Social Darwinism. The 'survival of the fittest' doesn't necessarily mean the survival of what's 'best.' Beetles might outlast humans, but they certainly aren't 'better' than the Da Vinci's or Beethovens, or even the tigers, of the world. So the premise of 'Social Darwinism' is flawed.
The socio-economic survival of the financial elites at the expense of the rest of us does not mean that they are 'best.'
A lack of criminality led to the holocaust. If more Germans had broken the law in the 1930's, the concentration camp system would not have been implemented, the war would not have happened.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Biotechnics and sustainability

Automation holds the key and promise of freeing Man from drudge labor-machines will produce machines that will build robots that will build robots. Automation, once feared by the proles, now offers the prospect of abundant leisure, while only the privledged few will be able to 'work.' Then Man will be able to develop his full potential, in a world of plenty- everyone will live on a stipend provided by authority. If- we diligently implement the scheme.

But- if people not up to the challenge, if they are not 'good' enough, if they regress beneath the weight of too much time on their hands, then authority might decide to declare the proles superfluous, and decide to eliminate them.

Only a very careful training in Logic and the humanities can avert the disaster. Leisure, like Democracy, makes very heavy demands upon the individual.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The clock, (NOT the steam engine), invented by monks in the Middle Ages, really is the prime invention and harbinger of the industrial revolution. The clock produced 'hours and minutes,' forever regimenting our lives.
The thirty years war (1618-1648) in central Europe was triggered when several ambassador-nobles were pushed out of a 50 feet castle tower window, falling into a moat filled with manure -they survived.

The war and subsequent disease epidemics depopulated parts of Germany by 30%. Belief in witchcraft revived, and some instances of cannibalism were recorded (the story of 'Hansel and Gretel' is really an account of such desperation). The war also instilled in the German people a slavish obedience to authority... this helped the populace recover, but this worship of 'leaders' and the 'law' is thought to be a cause of World War One and Two. Even today, many Germans will not cross a street, even if there are no cars nearby, unless the traffic light gives them the go ahead .

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Social processes are intimately related to spacial forms-


Headshrinkers never cure anyone- they are merely pill dispensers, and they know it. Statistically, going to a witch-doctor yields better results than seeing a psychoanalyst .

Most Americans have lost the ability to live their own lives- they have to run off to report to someone their petty squabbles and frustrations- psychiatrists dont really listen to them, the just 'listen' the way one might 'listen' to some idiot relate a mind numbingly boring story, only occassionally taking note of the tale. Very few people are actually 'interesting.' No wonder psychiatrists have one of the highest suicide rates...

Therapy is addictive, enriches someone too 'good' to do honest work, is quite voyueristic, weakens the individual,and is usually futile. Its main function is to fulfill an interpersonal gap in a persons life, so most therapy ought to be banned .
Cinema presents a curious case. It might be the only art form suposedly enjoyed by the majority that is divided into two, and often, three, epochs.
'Old' (black and white) movies, versus 'new' (color) ones. And silent versus talkies.

The silent era, then black and white talkies, then colorized films. These are the three general epochs, and the vast majority of people generally only like the latter.

There really is no such thing as 'old' movies- there are only good, or bad, films.

It's as if someone said "I don't like old paintings, i only like the ones that were made recently." Philistines.

I think one of the reasons people don't like older films is an inability to relate- they cannot view the film within the context within which it was made- i.e., people are ignorant and unimaginative.
I just watched 1954 film 'The Salt of the Earth," the notorious banned film about a real labor strike. Besides the race, class, and gender issues involved i saw Darwinian evolutionary folly at work- the real meaning of the film.... Once you get married and have children, you are chained.. most people become a slave to support their family, your life is never your own again .

Marriage- with a success rate below 50%, it's a failed institution, and should be regarded with suspicion and contempt. Why would anyone want to get married? Biology impels the race toward reproduction, and civil society demands a sanction. Then you sacrifice yourself for the next generation, just so the world can eventually go up in smoke? Madness,... making Gay people's stampede toward 'tradition' extra crazy.

(Most children born in Sweden are born out of wedlock, and these kids do not have the 'problems' that their contemporaries have in North America).

And how many of you out there can genuinely consider yourself a 'joy' or 'comfort' to your own parents? To put it another way- how many would do it all over gain, if offered the magical chance, without anything being changed at all?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Giant Monkey

The Chillicutt evidence: Once i was waiting for my car to be repaired, and in the car shop lobby were numerious magazines. I picked up an issue of 'Field and Stream', and inside i found...

Jimmy Chillicutt is a fingerprint technician for the Conroe, Texas, Police department. His expertise is so valued, that the FBI and DEA often ask him for assistance. Years ago, he thought that the key to understanding human prints might lie in becoming an expert on other primate prints(humans are primates too). He then took over a thousand prints of lemurs, chimps and apes (it wasn't easy- the curators of said primates were skeptical about his intentions- but checking his credentials assured them that he was no kook).

So Chillicutt became a world authority on primate prints. Then he saw a tv show on Sasquatch. Afterwards, he contacted Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Pocallo, Idaho, University, and offered to examine the 1,000 footprint casts of the alleged creature Meldrum has collected over the years. Chillicutt observed that the dermal ridges ran lenthwise, not vertically as with human prints( ape dermal ridges are slanted). Chillicutt also saw evidence of variation of the location of splayed toes
within casts taken from the (alleged) same animal. This showed that the print could not have been made by anyone wearing a faked-up 'boot.' The prints also contained signs of scarring, where the dermal ridge ran inward, which would be expected from an animal that walked 'barefoot' in the wild.

Jimmy Chillicutt began the examination intending to debunk the supposed existence of Bigfoot, but ended up a believer. He said only 4 or 5 other people in the world possessed enough knowledge of primate dermal ridges to fake the prints, and its impossible that these other experts are involved in any sort of hoax (being internationally respected biologists). The dermal ridge evidence is conclusive- an unknown bipedal animal made the prints.

Incidentally, most of the prints were found purely by chance- they were located in very out of the ways areas, with little chance of being found at all- a hoaxer would have made them near a well used trail, to guarantee discovery. But this is not the case.
(Feb. 21, 2000, Houston Chronicle)
Strange things are happening....

Friday, November 17, 2006

'Owning'things creates scarcity.If more objects were shared, the way we share books from libraries....

During the Spanish Revolution of 1936-1938, in the anarchist zones, everyone had to share- even automobiles. The rule was that whenever you parked your car, you had to leave the keys in the ignition, so any needy passerby could use 'your' car if they wanted. The anarchist collectives controlled Barcelona and several millions took part in the experiment. It worked- the end came because of military defeat at the hands of Franco, and not due to any economic 'flaw.'

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Earning a living" really means 'the right to live,' and this implies that it is natural to die prematurely, i.e., only the select few, the abnormal, are permitted to prosper. Until about 200 years ago, only the Kings and Nobles were allowed to have regular meals, they had the right to life , i.e. , they 'earned a living' by killing others.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I love humanity, and i hate people.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Republican Congressman Ron Paul (Texas) recently stated (much para-phrased): "Unless changes are quickly made to the Oct. 17 Military Commissions law, very soon thousands of innocent citizens could find themselves trapped inside Concentration Camps.

The global elites may desire a collapse of the world economy, partly in order to buy up everything they don't already own, for next to nothing.

The Dems have basically the same interventionist policy toward the Middle East and will behave similarly toward the budget (like the Republicans ), ensuring more wars and more reckless spending ....which will probably trigger a total financial meltdown, destroying whats left of our beleagured middle class."

People have got to want change, they have got to stand up for themselves ....Waiting for a hero, a Cromwell, or Roosevelt, or a Churchill, will not work.

Resist the Empire, fight the North American Union, fight for 9-11 Truth.
The major banks and corporations own both major parties- we vote, and no matter the outcome, big money wins and we the people lose.

No matter who wins an election, Exxon, AT&T and Citibank,et al, are still in control.

"By the time you become 'Presidential' material, you have been 'bought' at least ten times"
- Gore Vidal, America's premier man of letters of the 20th century.
Life imitating art: In Alfred Hitchcocks 'Psycho,' the (in)famous shower scene with Janet Leigh briefly utilized a 'body double'- Myra Banks. She was stabbed to death in 1988 by a real psycho.

Robber Barons

The Columbian civil war has raged for over 40 years. President Clinton and Senator Kerry helped devise 'PLan Columbia,' a cruel attempt to use torture to defeat the rebel FARC and ELN groups. Plan Columbia is really a sad scheme to protect and enrich the Wall Street backed oligarchy and their cocaine profits, at the expense of economic justice. ( The rebels in the jungle are more than 1/3 teenage girls and young women).

Every year, the World bank and the International Monetary Fund engineer a slaughter of the worlds population that exceeds the carnage wrecked by the Nazi's during any given year of world war two... This capitalist holocaust is brought about courtesy of our 'leaders,' who are just out to make a fast buck or billion, using your tax dollars to accomplish their misdeed. By not actively resisting this dirty war against humanity, you become complicit with this nazi-esque cabal of banksters.
The IMF and World Bank impose 'conditionalities' upon a nations loan-debt. Attempting to settle up, a country then slashes social services and guts the safety net, which results in millions of premature deaths - sometimes caused when sanitation services are cut, which allows a disease epidemic like cholera to break out.
The bottoned up goons in their hi-rise glass box corporate offices know full well what they are doing, but believe their actions are the natural order of things.
Television was banned in South Africa until 1976.
Only solitude can produce the authentic spiritual life.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

operators manual

Mankind the generalist, affording ample opportunity for discovery and survival, a comprehensive view anabled the 'Great Pirates' to rule- the captains oversaw the machine of Colonialism, delegating tasks, until....

The end of The Great War in 1918 saw a new era emerge out of the smoldering rubble- Western civilization arguably slit its throat, and now specialization was king, overthrowing the 'Great Pirates' once and for all. Even earlier, by about 1830, the sciences had become too varied and complex for one genius to grasp them all- this being the fruit of the Cartesian and Newtonian revolutions, the de-myth, de-sacred-izing, atomizing cult of numbers and calculus.... Malthus, Marx, Ricardo, Smith, all designed futures based upon scarcity. Then the second law of thermodynamics was formulated,... (and) Darwin announced the survival based upon the fittest. Biological entropy codified by the Captains. They fell, the specialists took over,the technocrats won, but now they are overspecialized, as the planet bleeds and reels.

The assembly line, automation, the new binary electric brain. A two edged sword, holding the possibilty of freeing man from drudge work and allowing humanity to return to generalization, a new comprehensive view, a world without limits, without scarcity, the 'crisis of overproduction' turned around and instead forced to create a utopia, Man forever free from his brave new fear. Will we claim the prize?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

25% of all bottled water sold is derived from municipal sources-its tap water.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently conducted tests which indicate that everyone now has a compound of rocket fuel-perchlorate- in their urine/body. This chemical is known to disrupt thyroid functioning in developing fetuses and young children, and maybe adults. This poison got into our water and food supply by leaking off of military bases, and was produced by the company Kerr McGee, which refuses to do anything about the potential looming health crisis.

The rapid decline in the fertility rate in humans over the last 25 years may be partly caused by these military/industrial toxins.
Hunger did not exist within the Incan empire. Scattered throughout the Andes mountains were numerous storehouses full of foodstuffs, availably to anyone nearby who was in need.

Friday, November 03, 2006

From the Rooftop

Of all of the so-called religious persuations, atheists have the lowest incarceration rate. Judges almost never see them in the courtroom, even though they constitute about 20% of the population.

Ethics is based partly upon the practicality of obeying rules.

Religions that support the war machine are frauds, their followers are 'satanic.' If a minister isn't foursquare against war and ending the economic disparity/genocide on the planet, he or she is a fraud.

Politicians use religion for control- if you can control a persons body (the drug laws, abortion) then controlling their thoughts becomes easy. Believers become docile sheep.
Most police are just killjoy tax collectors.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

No personal act, no event in your life, is wasted, if you have the wisdom to benefit from it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Time-Portal 'Contraption' ?

After a magickal working in 1918,Aleister Crowley claimed contact with an alien intelligence - this being was named 'Lam.' The Gnostic Pleroma seemed to divulge a part of its secret- Lam is a shell entity, and possibly one of the Archons that rules this world on behalf of the Demiurge, which is the evil deity that created the universe, diguised as the Old Testament god Jehovah. Secret knowledge allows the spirit to escape and return to the Pleroma, this information is.....

The transcendant Godhead can be realized,seemingly focused and localized in one mind, (maybe) allowing one to reshape the material world.

Lam looks like the modern 'Grey' aliens of UFOlogical look into the eyes of this drawing is said to invite disaster.

Certain Nazi occultists sought contact with 'aliens' living in another solar system, and a society-the ' Vril,' began building machines to reach the stars (Algol). These crafts were too rudimentary to be effective weapons during WW2- the ElectroMagnetic method of propulsion was often uncontrollable. But the allies captured the blueprints, and ......
In 1950 over 2,500 companies owned the media (all forms- newspapers, tv, radio, magazines, etc.)

Now, six companies own most media. " If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they dont have worry about the answers." - Thomas Pynchon

Corporate taxes once accounted for about 50% of Federal revenue- now its about 13%.
Former World Bank Vice- President & Chief Economist and Nobel winner Joseph Stiglitz predicts that there will be a global economic collapse within the next 24 months.

Strange Days

On September 12,2006, in Tappen, North Dakota, a farmers son woke up get a glass of water. The 16 year old Evan Briese heard odd sounds coming from the corral where two hogs, which were basically family pets,were being kept. Entering the corral, he saw two 8-9 foot tall beings trying to transport one of the hogs. The boy shot his .22 rifle at one of the beings, which screamed. Then the creatures knocked the boy to the ground, and he briefly passed out. When he woke up, one of the 450 pound hogs was gone. The local sheriff -Doug Howard -is stumped.(sourced from

A father and son were travelling a back road in LaCrosse,Wisconsin about 9:30 PM on September 26,2006. Suddenly, a large-7 foot tall Man-Bat-like creature with about a 12 foot leathery wingspan almost smashed into their windshield; then it shot straight up into the air and vanished. It had long fangs and claws,with a humanish face, and seemed angry that it had been seen.The two witnesses promptly crashed their truck into a ditch. For hours afterwards, they were violently ill, vomiting .The father, named Wohali (they are Amerindians) later brought investigators to the scene, where they found a dead deer, sliced cleanly in half, without any tooth marks on the carcass, and completely drained of blood.The son refuses to discuss the issue. ( The Anomolist).

Lobbyists ate my brain

Republicans and Democrats essentially vote the same way, and periodically alternate control of branches of the government with each other. So any minor differences between the two parties are eliminated by this switching back and forth-the net effect over time is the promotion,generally, of just one viewpoint and policy, which is overwhelmingly pro-corporate,pro-war, anti-worker, anti-poor(anti-majority),and anti-environment.

In debates, the Dems are reduced to PC rhetoric, and are sucessfully depicted as tax and spend 'liberals' but are really intentional foils for the Republicans, allowing them to secure ever greater rights and loot for their corporate pay masters, at the expense of the people/nation. Political correctness works so well to discredit an entire major party and so efficiently assists mega corporations in their pursuit of their nefarious agenda that PC MUST have been created in a corporate board room somewhere, in the mid-80's , and NOT on some college campus.We have one entrenched institutional establishment party with two right wings... the same major banks finance both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Most news media is overwhelmingly pro corporate, anti-worker, and 'conservative.' The 'man in the street' is often portrayed in the worst possible light, while the International Cartels and the governments that they own get scant negative coverage...even once progressive magazines like Rolling Stone and The Village Voice are now owned by agents of the Bush- Cheney regime. The illusion of 'liberal media' is created when 'Hobsons choices' are presented to the public- two views are presented on an issue, both are bad but one is deliberately weaker (PC?) than the other, and often the entire 'issue' is inconsequential anyway (smokers vs. non-smokers, or some aspect of some petty criminal meladrama, etc.).

The controlled left, the pseudo-liberals, do a very good job protecting the financial elites.

Basically,the Democrats are the Republicans fall- back position.

Whats needed is a broad based authentic Labor party.


Vermont was an indepenent nation from 1777-1792. Currently, about 500 citizens there are attempting to secede from the union, to form the 'Second Vermont Republic'-their beautiful state is about to become a giant parking lot for corporate America, and independence might put brakes on the trend.
The images i use off the internet i believe constitute 'fair use' and do not violate any copyright rules. In any event, i claim ignorance.