Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Morocco, many Sufi sects reside, and .... music is considered a gateway to mystical ecstasy...

At the base of the Rif mountains, live the musicians of Jajouka. They have a ceremony (Boujeloud) where the Goat-man God is honored . Legends say that their frame- drum, flute, and lute and Oboe-like instruments can heal even the most desperately ill ... body and mind can regain its composure and confidence after listening to the sacred Sufi sounds.

Early 1960's: The 'Beat' artist Brion Gysin heard about this obscure desert orchestra.. he went to Morocco to hear, and maybe be healed. He came back and subsequently produced some of his finest art..... Brian Jones, then guitarist for the Rolling Stones, made a pilgrimage to Jajouka, and eventually made an album about his musical experiences there...


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