Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama approved a logging scheme to cut down 381 square miles of the Tongass national forest. This is the last stronghold of the grizzly bear- about 30,000 live there. 2,000 Bald Eagles live here too. Its almost certain that Obama will approve more clear cutting in the future.

How many Grizzly bears will Obama murder ? 500? 1,000? 5,000?

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Google search is forever. Google never discards its records...everything you punch in on Google is stored away somewhere, for all time ( NSA? Goldman Sachs? the UN?).

(However, Yahoo and AOL delete their files periodically)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cowardly lion

Senator Kennedy- he watched the establishment murder his brothers, and he did nothing. He never rebelled or raised serious questions. He accepted the official lie, to save his own skin. To his eternal shame, he never sought justice for his slain siblings...he never pursued the case in any way.

Sandusky reversal

After the surrender of the Brits at Yorktown in October 1781, the war for independance raged on in the west.

"Crawfords expedition" led 500 Patriot militiamen into Ohio Indian territory (May-June 1782)...Indians, with some Brits, beat the Patriots, and General Crawford- a personal friend of George Washington- was captured, tortured, and killed. The militia men fled back to Pennsylvania..., and about ten days later, another Indian force raided a town in Pennsylvania, killing many inhabitants.

Terror gripped the hearts of the settlers along the frontier. Another British victory- in Kentucky, The battle of Blue Licks- caused the Patriots to fear that the war might be lost after all. This was nine months after Yorktown.

Then- British officers in Ohio learned that London had opened up peace negotiations. The war was over-everywhere.

The death of Crawford inflamed settler opinion against the Indians for years to come...

The Treaty of Paris (1783) that ended the war -didn't mention the Indians at all. The Brits left them to twist in the wind...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ive been reading the actual text of the House health-care bill- HR 3200. Its about a thousand pages long-good thing I'm a speed reader.

Page 16 does seem to force one to take the government option, if your prior plan isn't grandfathered in.

Page 29 admits that health care will be rationed.

Page 844 talks about forming a special government team to go into peoples homes to show them how to raise their kids. This scheme is voluntary, families have to be enrolled to be subject to these home inspections. The states will administer this plan with Federal money??
We know how the Feds force states to cooperate with their plans with 'unfunded mandates' ...the central government threatens to withhold funds, to get their way, and thus compel the states. I can easily imagine how this voluntary clause could quickly become involuntary.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's brother is deeply involved in these proposals. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel once said that elderly dementia patients ought to have severely limited care...

'End of life' counseling is part of the plan- the "unproductive"chronic patient will be advised on how hydration and antibiotics ought to be (maybe) withheld from him or her...

the price tag for all of this- 1, 2, or 3 trillion dollars?

Is this bill a eugenicist and bureaucratic nightmare in the making...?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Textbooks say that since 1900, western science has extended human lifespans by about 20 odd years ....this is a myth. What has happened: in the Western countries over the last 109 years, infant mortality rates have plunged.
In 1900, If you survived to age six, you probably would live be about 65 or more- not 50, like the textbook charts say. Just look at a list of famous people from way back- there are umpteen instances of individuals living to a ripe old age.

On tattoos:

most people get them because of a herd mentality, they get them because their friends are getting them....In old age, as the skin wrinkles, these tattoos will look like hell. Then there is the element of 'cultural theft'...

...a lack of a thematic aspect often prevails...and only about 10% of tattoos are aesthetically pleasing.
Russia released many of its UFO files about a month ago...there aparently was an incident in 1982 in Lake Baikal. Military trainees were diving at a depth of 150 feet, and spotted several "humanoids in silvery suits"...during a "chase" three of the trainees died.

About a week after this report is released, Putin shows up and dives under the lake. Plans are announced to excavate "archeological remains" and build a pyramid on the lake floor near the waters edge.

Does this story sound ultra-strange to you?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tom Daschle's book detailed how the over 60 year old set would be denied eye and brain surgery...Daschle was meant to be our new Health Czar, but bowed out under pressure over conflicts of interests and tax issues...But he is still an influence, his ideas are in the health care bill.

A special board would overseer all public dispensed healthcare...with no chance for anyone to appeal at all.
"Martial law" is the rule of the military commander on the battlefield. It has no legal basis in the Constitution. Just because a hurricane hits a city, or some other disaster strikes, doesn't mean that one ought to lose their First Amendment free speech rights...

Tyranny cannot endure. Hitler, Genghis Khan, Attila, Tamerlane, Bush-Cheney, Lehman Brothers....are all gone, they were swept aside. Justice and the people will prevail in the end.
I'm in my local university library....some of the freshmen are being paraded around, they are being given a tour of the school.

Universities are just businesses-too bad these hapless kids dont realize this...Whats amazing is that the last Chancellor of this school actualy admitted this on TV once...this was years ago, late at night, after 11 or even midnight...He said the school was just a business, and the interviewer-reporter nearly fell out of her chair.

This Chancellor eventually resigned under a cloud of scandal.

Maybe the public understands that universities are businesses first....but back in the early 90's this was still a hushed -up fact.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I don't believe one single word uttered by the reps of the government, the UN, the police, or any corporation. If you want to listen to these people, go right ahead, knock yourself out, but I don't believe one word they say, they have been caught in too many lies.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A certain radio host has triggered a minor national furor with his advocacy for a poster plastering contest. The posters depict Obama as the the comic book villain The Joker. The posters label Obama as a socialist, fascist, or minion of the "New World Order."

Many people have gotten upset over these posters and call this poster campaign racist, un-American, or disrespectful. People who think this way have very tiny brains...raucous protest is as American as Apple pie. Previous semi-devious campaigns against politicians have been much more outrageous...(song jingles or chants that speak of the bastard love children of Presidents, etc.)

I fail to see how this poster is "racist." This just shows you how idiotic many (most?) Americans have become. Its not racist in any way.

I never listened to the Alex Jones show until I found a website devoted to debunking him...Jones waves official documents around, quoting from them to make his point, he refers you to the primary source, etc....yet some people think he makes things up. (Jones has been instrumental in exposing DynCorp and Halliburton's organized child kidknap and sex rings...without Jones, our families would all be a bit less safe).

Jones admits that he's only 95% accurate...You try to be 100% accurate when you have to be on the air four hours a day, day in an day out. Even if Jones was only 25% accurate, or some of his context is wrong, he provides a valuable public service- he alerts us to the creeping totalitarianism that is spreading all around us like a poisonous nightmare weed (Patriot Act, violations of the Posse Comitatus and Insurrection laws..Military Commissions law,the bogus new bankruptcy laws, the banker stick-up, etc.)

Jones has the First Amendment on his side- if he is shut down, you better run for it. Wimps and gelded Obama supporters are upset about the poster- they know the power of the image-those who object to the poster use race to drive a wedge into the debate. I would not be surprised if this poster business doubles Jones listener-ship. Or gets him into very hot water.

(It is Obama who started all of this racial division- he completely rejected his white half around the age of 16...The media is playing a very dangerous game, labeling anyone who wants smaller government, less taxes, an end to illegal immigration, voices a concern over the loss of gun rights-the majority of Americans- as being a crypto-Klan cracker. Dehumanizing the majority of ordinary citizens...will backfire, and the Obama agenda will crumble. Unless they pull a false flag, which they almost certainly will).

Obama is a thief who stole over a trillion dollars from you- he got to where he is by illegally busing out- of -state voters into the primaries, etc. If you don't "disrespect" him, he will certainly disrespect you until you have nothing at all.

(Alex Jones
The 'Death Panel'...does it exist? Almost- the proposal, in embryonic form, is within Daschles book. The bailouts allow cops total access to your health records, once the databases are up and running. Medical privacy actually ended in the 1980's...(all your records pile up in a vault in Connecticut). HMO's pay doctors to withhold treatments, to cut costs...this has been going on for awhile. I know someone whose parents were killed by the HMO's...the slippery slope exists and it would not take much of a push for a real death panel to form, once the weird health-care bill passes.

On page 800-something of the bill, the Feds will be allowed to enter ones home, to make sure your child raising skilsl are up to snuff. Eventually, Feds will be pulling kids out of homes left and right...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wild horses

I loaded these wrong...I will fix this soon.

Little Turtle's War

After the Revolutionary war, the Indians of the Ohio river valley formed an alliance to halt the westward (and by treaty, illegal) expansion of white settlers into their lands (1785)... This western alliance of Indians consisted primarily of Huron, Miami, and Shawnee, plus some Cherokee.

In 1790, new US President George Washington sent General Josiah Harmar with 1,400 soldiers to neutralize the Indians, who had been raiding white settlements. Instead, Harmar was the one who was routed, being decisively defeated by Little Turtle, a Miami chief. This battle in present day Indiana killed at least 135 soldiers. (Its called "Harmars defeat")

Washington sent another force against Little Turtle. General Arthur St. Clair advanced with 1,800 men into the Ohio valley, and at dawn, on November 4, 1791, his force was nearly wiped out- the General lost about 630 soldiers, plus about 200 camp followers were killed. Only about 66 Indians were killed...Called "St. Clair's defeat", it was a devastating blow for the new American government- this was the greatest Indian victory over the U.S. (or English) , ever

(St.Clairs troops were mostly raw the Indians attacked at dawn, the inexperienced soldiers fell back inward of the camp, and crowded out the artillery, which was uselessly positioned in the camp center. After two hours, St. Clair finally managed to muster a bayonet charge, but the Indians merely fell back into the forest, and then picked off their confused pursuers...)

For comparison, Custer at Little Bighorn in 1876 lost about 260 troopers.

Little Turtle, Blue Jacket, and Tecumseh were the war chiefs during this war... but they could not continue their successes. They were finally beaten by US General "Mad" Anthony Wayne in 1794 at the Battle of Fallen Timbers (Little Turtle did not participate). Tecumseh would later go on to fame, leading another confederacy, ten years later..

This war created a severe crisis for the presidency of George Washington, yet history usually overlooks this event; many textbooks omit this war for the Ohio/North West altogether.

Little Turtle eventually realized that further resistance was futile- the Brits refused to support him, the whites were too well armed, and were too numerous.

Little Turtle personally met with three American presidents- Washington, Adams, and Jefferson, sort-of becoming their friends. He tried to get his people to stop using alcohol, and learn how to farm...Near the end of his life, Little Turtle ran afoul of Governor Harrison during the War of 1812; he retired to his ancestral home, near Spy Run by Fort Wayne Indiana, where he is buried (died July 14, 1812). His grave was lost until a construction crew found it again in 1911...Today, many streets, towns, creeks, etc., are named after Little Turtle.
Someone I know...has a boat (36')...and a small ranch in a third world locale...sounds inviting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The world turned upside down

Rep. Conyers recently ridiculed the idea of reading Congressional bills....Pelosi called legitimate town hall protesters "un-American"...( Has she ever heard of 'tar and feathering'?)

First, these bills have no business being over a thousand pages long. They are sometimes written by foreigners ....of course the bills should be read! Rep. Dingell, Waxman, and Rangel supposedly wrote the health-care bill. I Pulled it up online- its the biggest piece of crap Ive seen in a long time, too technical.

Obama's proposals call for wiretapping of all of your computing and telephone communications; Jihadists are no longer the enemy, returning vets are*; and now if you object to the passage of a bill that no-one in Congress has read, you get labeled a Nazi and a Klansman.

When will you wake up?...Obamacare actually reduces or rolls back the Great Society and New Deal, its not a European style socialized medicine. Its a rationing and a control issue.


* Homeland Security issued its infamous MIAC report three months ago- America's new enemy has become returning veterans. Instead of directing our fight against foreign terrorists, we now target native military personnel. White men and gun owners are the new bogeymen, to the nth degree. But this new dangerous group believes in things that the majority of all Americans believe- small government, low taxes, an end to futile foreign wars...if you believe in these things, the Obama-ites have declared you to be a dangerous Ku Klux Klan hick.

The administration is attempting to dehumanize the vast majority of ordinary American citizens. Obama and his croneys hates your guts.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Illegal immigration harms blacks first. Blacks are the first casualties in this (illegal) immigration increases, black prosperity that were traditionally considered to be "black"...- maids, janitors, security guards, kitchen crews, various laborers, etc...have now been taken by illegal aliens.

These were toehold jobs, which allowed socio-economically deprived blacks a stepping stone up. Illegal immigration is bad all the way around, but is especially bad for disadvantaged blacks.

The tendency of many blacks to view 'blackness' (or " negritude") as being a very broad concept, a concept and racial idea that embraces peoples who are not really black or black African (Indians are sometimes said to really be black African, which is an absurd notion..., etc.) ...This is a dangerous idea, as many blacks seem to consider most Latinos to be in some way as being part of the black African diaspora. They think most Latins are sort- of a light skinned black or mixed black group-"black " enough-and both groups are oppressed by "whitey"- so the two groups ought to be allied.

But this is a bad and false idea- the vast majority of Mexicans and Latinos are quite racist, they do not like blacks at all, there is only a small amount of black blood within the Mexican genome.

Since Latinos steal black jobs, American blacks ought to be on the front-line in opposition to the invasion.
Ordinary citizens are up in arms. People are now camped outside of their Congressman's offices- this hasn't happened since the Vietnam war.
The gig is up. The Feds are running scared- in desperation, they have begun to send hired thugs to town hall meetings, to bust up the opposition ( i.e., ordinary outraged folks ). Media, normally compliant to the powers that be, are now having to bail their reporters out of jail. Their crime? Filming a protest. Arrests are happening all across the country. The protests are non partisan- its not just anti-Obamacare types. Its the whole mess- the banker bailouts, the deficits, the loss of our manufacturing base, the corruption, etc.

A majority of Americans want to sweep the "rulers" out and have the fat cats arrested.We are sick of all the lies and thefts. Almost every high official has to be arrested and jailed. I implore the thugs to back off, I urge the political mafia to disband. Police and soldiers are beginning to rebel-more and more will refuse to fire upon the people. More and more police and soldiers have pledged to support the people and will refuse to attack the citizens. Obama and Bernacke need to turn themselves in to the proper authorities right now- the gig is up.

The only thing that can save the "administration" ( the extremist internationalist freak banker death cultists) is a false flag.

Friday, August 07, 2009

I propose some new national and Olympic sports...

1. 'Running with scissors.'

Contestants will compete in track and field events clutching razor sharp knives and scissors...

2. "Grizzly bear lasso"...

3. 'beer chug-a-lug,' but you have to eat the bottle too
Todays unemployment figures came out and showed a slight drop. Not true. The discouraged job seeker is not counted, and part time workers are not counted properly, they are often listed as being fully employed. We lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in July, unemployment in a dozen states is over 20%...part of the confusion this month over the numbers stems from the difficult task of tracking small business hirings/layoffs, firings...the 'counters' in DC merely guessed or deliberately fudged the books, vastly overestimating small business hirings.

The economic recession/depression rolls on.

Monday, August 03, 2009


Obama's not -so- latent racism reared its ugly head last week...

Famous Harvard Prof. Gates tried to enter his own home, arousing a justifiable suspicion from a confused neighbor....Police arrived and confronted Gates.
The police had to secure Gates home, and make sure no one was forcing Gates to shoo off the cops. Gates became enraged, the argument went outside, Gates completely blew up, created a disturbance, and got himself arrested for disorderly conduct. The charges were dropped about twelve hours after.

Obama brought all this up in a public address...He began by saying that he was ignorant of the facts of the matter...and then he proceeded to put both feet into his mouth. His statements endangered the lives of every police officer in the country. Later, he said all of this was a "teachable moment"...teach us what? How rich black men are constantly harassed by white cops? Or teach us that black men have a chip on the shoulder that no amount of success or wealth can remove, which distorts their concept of reality and turns them into permanent crybabies?

Gates and Obama jumped on the racial profiling allegation, which was groundless ( the cops showed up not knowing what color a suspect to look for- the 911 caller never clearly got that info out).

Obama still refuses to apologize to the police.

Obama is on record as being named 'Barry Sotero' while in Indonesia. Did he ever legally change his name back to his birth name? If not, then he committed massive felonious fraud whenever he signed his name for cash, or registered in states, during his presidential campaign.

"I'm not Hussein, but use Hussein to swear me in, I'm not a Muslim, but in Cairo I'm almost a Muslim, but I don't have any Muslim roots, no taxes for the middle class, but we might tax all your purchases and health benefits... let me apologize for America...I'm so smart, but don't ask me to show you my grades or papers, I'm Hawaiian, look at my slippery 'certification of live birth', don't ask my Kenyan grandmother where I was born...she's senile, don't ask the Kenyan ambassador where I was born , he's crazy, he doesn't know what hes talking about...I'm black, but my mom was white, but i'm not really white at all, blah blah blah"

What a phony baloney. Lock him up.

If you criticize Obama you are usually attacked as a racist. Race race race race race. That's all you from the alleged Left. But Obama loaded his administration with lobbyists "You're a racist!"
But Obama wont end the Iraq war and corporate occupation of Iraq..."You horrible racist!" But the bailouts will destroy the dollar "Racist!"... But 'Cap and Trade' allows the government to kick you out of your house if you don't comply... "Racist"... North Korea is running circles around us..."racist"..Race race race race race race raceraceraceraceraceracerace.
We have about 20 million illegal aliens in the US...they commit crimes, lower wages, etc...A solution? Deport all of them, and replace them with chimpanzees, monkeys, and gorillas.

These new apes can then perform the menial labor that the Latinos once did- but the apes will work for free! Imagine how low a price we will then pay for fresh produce at the supermarket...20 cents a pound? And apes have a natural instinct for which fruit is good or not, they will be able to naturally sort out the produce.

Most of these apes wont commit any crimes- the occasional monkey will go ape once in a while, and kill someone, but that will be very rare...But Latinos murder a few Americans every single day...

Trade your off -the- books Latino for an agreeable monkey today!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Causes of World War Two:

1. The 1919 Treaty of Versailles ( heavily influenced by Jews) ...the treaty was meant to ruin Germany forever....triggering a thirst for revenge.
(Germany was stripped of all of her colonies, she was not allowed to have an Air Force at all, reparations were impossible to pay-off, Germany had to accept full guilt for starting the war,etc.)

2. The hyperinflationary spiral of 1923- triggered by financiers based in London, and then the effects of the Great Depression...helped propel the Nazi's into power.

3. The war-mongering of Churchill- he persuaded Roosevelt to join him in war against Germany- in 1938. A policy of a gradual British military encirclement of Germany had begun by 1935.

4. Hitler requested from Poland a mile wide corridor, to link up East Prussia to the rest of Germany. This was refused.
(Ever since the end of WW1 in 1918, Poles had engaged in sporadic pogroms agianst the Germans that lived in the months prior to the outbreak of open war in 1939, Poles had murdered thousands of ethnic German civilians).