Thursday, February 25, 2010

Revolt of the Slaves

Our southern border is a war zone....Mexican police escort narco traffickers across the Rio Grande into the US; they get no resistance from our own police. Americans won't travel into northern Mexico anymore- too many headless corpses have turned up. Storefronts all along the US side are shuttered... people are afraid....we looked away and dropped our responsibility, allowing drug Warlords to step in and rule.

An entrenched political class leads our decadent middle class by the can stand down and wait to win the can wait for the Easter bunny to give you a golden egg....but the time to act is now. The government is literally building moats and walls to protect themselves from the expected uprising (the new US London embassy is a good example). CEO's are buying guns at record rates.
What we have to do: expose the international banking cartel for what it is- a clique of evil inbred families, with their hands on the levers of society, robbing and raping nations and the people.

The outcome of this war is up to you. We are fighting assassins- Geithner, Bernake, Greenspan, most of the Fortune 500 heads, Bushbama, Mossad, the Crown, the Papacy, the whole murderous group of degenerate assassins, hell-bent on total world domination, the murder of most of the population, and the zombie-fication of the survivors via mind control drugs....

Will you stand with the Founding Fathers, the Bill of Rights, and the spirit of mirth, and resist ?

America is a prize coveted by the offshore banking cartel; now is the time for all good people to come to her aid... if our ancestors could make a stand at Lexington and Concord, why can't we make a stand against the tyranny growing up around us like a noxious weed?
Now is the time for all good people to come to libertys aid and defend America.... and rise up against the cancerous beast control grid that the oligarchs are devising inside their dens of iniquity.

The Obama gang is just a stinking pile of trash. Put him in jail, then deport him to the country he is a citizen of, Indonesia.

Hey slave! You think you own your life and possessions? When are you going to buy a clue? You think your car or your house belongs to you? If you don't tag your car or pay your property tax, what happens? You will find out real fast who really owns your stuff...wake up, slave! ....oh, thats right, you can't wise up, slave, because you have to get up at dawn to sweat for the cubicle plantation system all day,...when you come home from a hard day of toil, you do exactly what you are told to do and you consume some 'bread and circus'...anything to keep you slaves in line...

We have 300 million souls in this nation, most are kneeling down in unholy fealty to a pack of 500 baboon legislators in DC...Are you going to let this wicked clique of venal simians push you around, slave? The only reason a million soldiers stand guard over this pack of law making monkeys is because the soldiers are paid to do so. What are you afraid of, slave? You wont resist, because you might lose your chains, hmm? You love your chains, don't you, slave?

What I want is a revolution. A peaceful revolution, where career politicians are turned out of office, corporate lobbyists have little influence, the Patriot Act and Commissions law has been repealed, the mushrooming surveillance cameras are taken down, the thug police are put in their place, the illegal immigrants who are here to keep wages low are booted out of the country, and the Federal Reserve is audited and nationalized, and most debts are canceled... we need to shut down most of the approx. 700 military bases we maintain overseas...

You are going to have to fight and fight and fight...lead meetings at your public library, pick your issue(s), collect money for a radio or cable access show, file a lawsuit, distribute the right CD's and your reps and punch them in the face (well, no, don't do that, not yet)...

We are taxed enough....a value added tax is coming, on top of the pre-existing taxes...we will be charged by the miles we drive...the dollar will soon be worth less than toilet tissue...a major war could break out in the mid east at any people out there who think you will lose too much by being politically active, you could not be more wrong. You cannot afford to NOT act...the mood on the street is getting ugly...when Mr. Stack kamikaze 'd into the IRS building, almost 100,000 angry callers to talk radio dialed up to say that the time for talk is over. They said they wanted a violent war against the system, they were barely able to restrain themselves...

In many states, cops can pull you over to give you a ticket merely for not having your seatbelt buckled. Think about that-this is just to intimidate and tip you upside down so the cop can scrape up your loose change. Whats next? Are we going to get arrested for not tying our shoelaces?

Obama is one weird dude- everyone is worried about jobs, but he's inappropriately fixated on healthcare reform.

The American people are angry- they know the bankers have looted the country. We know the bailout was not $700 billion, but at least $12 trillion...We know a gun has been put to our whats left of the middle class begins to wake up, the government has labeled this rising discontent "extremist." If you are a patriot against the offshore banker takeover of America, you are probably on a "watchlist." Our police have been federalized. In Pittsburgh last year, sound cannons and microwave guns were used on citizens for the very first time....police attack dogs were sicked on old women...We dont want a violent uprising, but the establishment is edging events toward a manufactured incident, to be blamed on "extremists" (patriots objecting to unconstitutional Federal overeach). Our leaders openly announce a soon to- come- world government, yet demonize you as a "dangerous conspiracist" if you object to this foreign occupation of your nation.
The Feds and their private banker owners are saddling our children with unrepayable debts- if you object to this and the erosion of our civil rights, then the sytem declares you a terrorist. Resisting the treason of the traitors is labeled treason. Does this make sense to you?

What will happen: the government will launch a false flag attack, another Oklahoma City bombing (Its a fact that Tim McVeigh was a special agent and a patsy).

Time is running out for a peaceful solution...the 'middle of the road' is the most dangerous place to drive...
...there is a big difference between a revolution and an has leaders, organization, a clear plan, a strategy, etc....the other is spontaneous and doomed to fail. We are not yet at the revolutionary level- we cannot use force yet, unless we are fired upon first.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bushbama launched the fight or battle for Marjah around Feb 11.....a town of 50,000 souls, and about 2,000 Taliban fighters.This is the largest battle of the war since it began in 2001...

The town has no strategic value. The attack was very publically announced ahead of time, to allow the armed fighters time to our marines could attack....unarmed civilians?

The reason for the fight? Its for domestic consumption only, to convince Americans that Bushbama is doing th right thing in Afghany-stan. An easy victory and photo-op....
December 21, 2012, is when the alleged Nibiru 'death star' will return, causing earthquakes or even a pole flip. While this might be too much to swallow, what will happen in 2012 will be the peak of the suns 11 year solar cycle. This will be the time when our electrical power grid will be the most vulnerable to solar storms. The intensity of these solar projections might surpass the 1958 storm, which happened before the modern era of communication satellites.

We got a small taste of what might happen - in 1989, the storm was milder than the 1958 occurrence, yet it still knocked out the grid in Quebec. Its expectated that the 2012 peak will at least equal 1958, which will bring us back to a pre -industrial level for a few days...but some think the 2012 peak could rival what happened in 1858, which has been labeled "Carrington event." This destroyed telegraph lines, the wires melted; the aurora borealis could be seen as far south as Cuba.

If 2012 brings a solar storm as strong as the 1858 Carrington event, then civilization will cease for a period of time lasting from months to years. Our communication satellites will be knocked out, and repairing the damage wont be as simple as sending a repair man to someones house. We are completely dependant upon these satellites for the functioning of almost everything electronic-computers, ATM's, phones, etc.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

If you are in this country illegally, you need to be thrown the hell out of here. I dont care what color you are, if your a citizen, your one of us. But if you broke into this country to be a parasite, then you can go to hell. There are so many illegals here that now both major parties are sucking up to these people...
America has become a joke. Our tax code robs us blind. If you work harder, then you get hit up-side the head with confiscatory taxes.
People in the street are afraid to talk about politics with their neighbor, for fear of offending them. Fear eats our soul and rots the body politic.
The nation is in a pit. Israel, through their lobby, the AIPAC, totally controls our Congress. We fight Israel's wars, bankrupting our treasury. Israel's influence has America kareening off a cliff toward utter destruction...If you believe ANYTHING any elected official or midstream media head says, then you are a pathetic fool.
We can take back our country by simply being Americans- exercise your rights. Take control of the juries- we can vote to nullify any law. Form grand juries to indict Bushbama. Send Bushbama into a rock quarry to bust rocks, on bread and water for life. Put the criminals in prison and throw away the key.
The NASA THEMIS satellites have detected huge holes in our magnetosphere.

Inside the Earths core is a giant molten/semi-molten iron bar. This is what gives us our magnetosphere, which acts to deflect cosmis radiation away from hitting the earth.

Im too tired to explain everything right now- but we might be doomed. Billions of dollars are being spent to construct deep underground cities. Our shuttle fleet has been mothballed, we are giving up on space. Our magnetic shields are down. These keep out the solar wind, which hurtles particles equal to the mass of one Mount Everest toward the earth every day....these shield are down. The sun had just entered its peak phase- every 11 years the sun becomes very active, spewing higher than normal amounts of flares and radiation toward earth....during the coming peak, set for 2012, the grid might crash. Our satellites cannot endure the coming onslaught of charged particles, not without our protective magnetic shield. This shield will not reform in time...Our electrical power will probably go down- across the whole planet, for months or even years? Civilization will collapse.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"All perception is a gamble"

- Husserl
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sarah Palin might take America over a cliff and into the maws of hell.
Obama has spent $1.7 million in lawyers fees to prevent any records from his Occidental college days from ever seeing the light of day...

Absolutely no-one from Columbia university remembers him..he's not pictured in any yearbook, his diploma is missing, no-one who took the exact same classes that he supposedly took in 1982 recalls ever seeing him. Back then, he would have been the only "black" in several of his classes, making him hard to miss. ...when Columbia held its 20th reunion for O's alleged graduating class, 400 former students all say that they never saw Obama at Columbia 20 years earlier (The coordinators of the event confirm this).

Where was he, then? He probably was in Afghanistan, assisting the forerunners of the Taliban, the Mujadeen.

Obama was recruited long ago- he's CIA.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

One family- the Rothschilds- has so much wealth, they could end all poverty on the planet (estimated worth somewhere between 5 and 500 trillion dollars, which could be over half of all the money in the world).

The same goes for two other characters- the Queen of England, and the Pope.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

All by design...

"Matricula Consular"....The Mexican government issues these ID cards to their horde illegally living here in the US.....then they bribe local and state governments here to accept these cards as proof of ID....the Mexican government sometimes will give about a hundred different cards to just one individual...these illegals will then usually go down to social services and register several times, to get multiple doles or benefits, when they are really just one person. This is why you will often see a group of illegal Latino immigrants, just cooks or contruction workers, cruising the streets in a new $35,000, $40,000, or $45,000 vehicle. These people get massive aid and subsidies, they pay almost no rent at all (after not paying rent for awhile and their utilities are cut off, and they get the eviction notice, they merely whip out a fresh 'matricula consular' card and pretend to be a new tenant, to start the process over again). These people flood emergency rooms, getting free health care, plus , they dont pay taxes.
"Matricula consular' acceptance by local governments directly overrides Congress. Local judges instruct cops to not arrest illegal immigrants, but they should arrest as many citizens as possible...just leave those invaders alone, because the judge has been bought off. ( Illegals still stuff our jails, since they cant help themsleves and commit soo many crimes here)This is happening everywhere in the country- two set of rules- one unfair rule for citizens, and a more 'tolerant' rule for the invaders.

Here, I want to say that I am not against Mexicans or other Latins coming into the US, per se - they should come, but in an orderly manner. The current runaway train immigration is a battering ram being used by a criminal offshore banking cartel to destroy America and merge her into a new global order. Im a nationalist, who supports an moderate international US- a country part white, black, hispanic, and Asian, etc...but I dont support a very rapid turnover of the US into an extension of Mexico. We have a standard here that they dont. Democratic accountability ends at the level of the nation-state...the emerging world order will be tyrranical, out of necessity; it must be stopped.

If you go to work, and someone breaks into your home and makes your bed, washes the dishes, and trims your lawn, that doesn't make it right. You would be furious...this is whats happening- they break into our country and do these sort of things, as well as stuff our jails and emergency rooms...( illegals are 6% of the US pop., yet they are 30% of our prison inmate pop)...I will add that a majority of US Latino citizens want the illegals evicted also...