Saturday, February 20, 2010

The NASA THEMIS satellites have detected huge holes in our magnetosphere.

Inside the Earths core is a giant molten/semi-molten iron bar. This is what gives us our magnetosphere, which acts to deflect cosmis radiation away from hitting the earth.

Im too tired to explain everything right now- but we might be doomed. Billions of dollars are being spent to construct deep underground cities. Our shuttle fleet has been mothballed, we are giving up on space. Our magnetic shields are down. These keep out the solar wind, which hurtles particles equal to the mass of one Mount Everest toward the earth every day....these shield are down. The sun had just entered its peak phase- every 11 years the sun becomes very active, spewing higher than normal amounts of flares and radiation toward earth....during the coming peak, set for 2012, the grid might crash. Our satellites cannot endure the coming onslaught of charged particles, not without our protective magnetic shield. This shield will not reform in time...Our electrical power will probably go down- across the whole planet, for months or even years? Civilization will collapse.


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