Thursday, January 21, 2010

Take the red pill

Would you like to know why I go around with an inner smile?

Do you know what the Self is ? Do you know the meaning of the legend of St. Patrick chasing the snakes away from Ireland? Would you like to find out? Check your backside, if you want to know. Do you have spine enough to know? Do you get it? Haha.

Do you know what our religions are really all about? We cannot know ultimate truth intellectually...we must experience it. Symbols lead us toward intuitive knowledge...

The Christ story...this is a narrative that humans were familar with before Jesus. Its an archetype. You yourself must connect to your archetype, symbolically, to penetrate into your inmost self. Did you know that before Jesus, there were over a dozen crucified world saviours? They were born of virgins, and rose from the dead. This is the old way, before civilization dawned. The dying God. The Egyptian god Horus closely parallels the Christ narrative.
What happens on the Winter Solstice? To astute observers, the Sun seems to magically stand still, for three days. Then it re-starts its annual journey or cycle. Three days the Sun is in its grave...then it rises from the dead...Do not mistake mere astro-theology for the truth. This is bigger than pagan naturalism and modern materialism. The madman hath said in his heart- there is no God. Would you believe me when I tell you that there is a certain, special knowledge that can cause you to die, to vanish in the twinkling of an eye? This knowledge can also make you the ruler of the world... Here's a clue for you all: we are not what we are.


If you die burdened with compulsions or character defects, then you must try again. But who will be you? Are you even here at all? You can try to escape by killing yourself, you can commit suicide over and over again...but eventually, you will get tired of soiling your diapers and laying in your own feces. Haha. Do you understand?

What is forgiveness? It is total, ongoing, and mainly applied to yourself. If it isn't these three things, it isn't forgiveness.


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