Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Mehmet Ali Agca (pronounced Ad-ja) has been released from prison. He shot the Pope in 1981, served 20 years in Italian custody, then he was released to serve another 10 years in a Turkish jail for the assassination of a journalist.

Defiant, dignified, and strange- this is Agca. He has announced that he is the second messiah, and that all humans will perish this century. He allegedly was hired by the Kremlin to kill the Pope, yet he issued a book after one of his trials- "I, Jesus Christ." Is he feigning mental illness?

In the 1970's, Agca ran with the Grey Wolves, a Turkish right wing terror group that was run by operation Gladio, which was a Kissinger asset. He was in prison and escaped, only to end up in Saint Peters Square, aiming a 9mm pistol as the Pontiff.

Bulgarian agents were implicated, then the Russians. Agca's infrequent outbursts of hyper- religious zeal only muddies the waters. He is caught in the crosshairs of several conflicting agenda's...he says he knows who kidnapped Emauela Olandi (a 15 year old Vatican citizen who "dissappeared." Archbishop Paul Marcinkus was thought to be identified on the telephone, posing as her kidnapper? He was president of the Vatican Bank before falling from grace (a position that was considered to be about 3rd. in the Catholic hierarchy. The girl was thought to be intended for a hostage in exchange for Agca's release...She languished awhile in a Castle near the Alps, or so my infomation goes...) Agca once said that he had accomplices in the Vatican- he shot the Pope on the anniversary of the 1917 Fatima miracle, and a priest found a skull, sans jaw, in his confessional on the same anniversary, 25 years later, which is also the anniversary of the girls 1983 abduction. Even today, the Orlandi case has the power to rivet the imagination of Italy...

Mehmet Ali Agca promises to rewrite the bible; he wants to sell his story, he says he is our saviour...I doubt he will live long, he will be killed. His ravings wont stop the hit. Agca is a quietly desperate man who wanted to change history, and he might yet accomplish that goal.



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