Thursday, February 04, 2010

All by design...

"Matricula Consular"....The Mexican government issues these ID cards to their horde illegally living here in the US.....then they bribe local and state governments here to accept these cards as proof of ID....the Mexican government sometimes will give about a hundred different cards to just one individual...these illegals will then usually go down to social services and register several times, to get multiple doles or benefits, when they are really just one person. This is why you will often see a group of illegal Latino immigrants, just cooks or contruction workers, cruising the streets in a new $35,000, $40,000, or $45,000 vehicle. These people get massive aid and subsidies, they pay almost no rent at all (after not paying rent for awhile and their utilities are cut off, and they get the eviction notice, they merely whip out a fresh 'matricula consular' card and pretend to be a new tenant, to start the process over again). These people flood emergency rooms, getting free health care, plus , they dont pay taxes.
"Matricula consular' acceptance by local governments directly overrides Congress. Local judges instruct cops to not arrest illegal immigrants, but they should arrest as many citizens as possible...just leave those invaders alone, because the judge has been bought off. ( Illegals still stuff our jails, since they cant help themsleves and commit soo many crimes here)This is happening everywhere in the country- two set of rules- one unfair rule for citizens, and a more 'tolerant' rule for the invaders.

Here, I want to say that I am not against Mexicans or other Latins coming into the US, per se - they should come, but in an orderly manner. The current runaway train immigration is a battering ram being used by a criminal offshore banking cartel to destroy America and merge her into a new global order. Im a nationalist, who supports an moderate international US- a country part white, black, hispanic, and Asian, etc...but I dont support a very rapid turnover of the US into an extension of Mexico. We have a standard here that they dont. Democratic accountability ends at the level of the nation-state...the emerging world order will be tyrranical, out of necessity; it must be stopped.

If you go to work, and someone breaks into your home and makes your bed, washes the dishes, and trims your lawn, that doesn't make it right. You would be furious...this is whats happening- they break into our country and do these sort of things, as well as stuff our jails and emergency rooms...( illegals are 6% of the US pop., yet they are 30% of our prison inmate pop)...I will add that a majority of US Latino citizens want the illegals evicted also...


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