Wednesday, February 24, 2010

December 21, 2012, is when the alleged Nibiru 'death star' will return, causing earthquakes or even a pole flip. While this might be too much to swallow, what will happen in 2012 will be the peak of the suns 11 year solar cycle. This will be the time when our electrical power grid will be the most vulnerable to solar storms. The intensity of these solar projections might surpass the 1958 storm, which happened before the modern era of communication satellites.

We got a small taste of what might happen - in 1989, the storm was milder than the 1958 occurrence, yet it still knocked out the grid in Quebec. Its expectated that the 2012 peak will at least equal 1958, which will bring us back to a pre -industrial level for a few days...but some think the 2012 peak could rival what happened in 1858, which has been labeled "Carrington event." This destroyed telegraph lines, the wires melted; the aurora borealis could be seen as far south as Cuba.

If 2012 brings a solar storm as strong as the 1858 Carrington event, then civilization will cease for a period of time lasting from months to years. Our communication satellites will be knocked out, and repairing the damage wont be as simple as sending a repair man to someones house. We are completely dependant upon these satellites for the functioning of almost everything electronic-computers, ATM's, phones, etc.


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