Monday, February 26, 2007


South Korean scientists have developed a "cellular fountain of youth." A synthetic molecule that prevents the human cell from ageing, a therapy should be ready for commercial application in about ten years.
Congressional salary = $209 dollars an hour

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Habeas my corpus

The one thing that made America great - Due Process of Law. Inherited from English common law and the 1215 Magna Carta, it was enshrined in The Constitution within the Bill of Rights, specifically Amendments 1, 4, 5, and 6.

Early in our history, freedom was almost obliterated. President Adams and his Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798, making it illegal to criticize the President in print, among other things. President Jefferson repealed the laws in 1802.

During World War One, thousands of dissenters were imprisoned, and later exonerated, when it was later decided that their free speech rights had been violated.

Cointelpro was a 1960's era clandestine operation mounted by the police apparatus, and involved gross and mass violation of citizen civil rights.

After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1996, Clinton signed the Omnibus crime bill and the Antiterrorism & Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA)....These laws reduced the due process rights of suspects... the AEDPA contained most of the provisions of the later Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act severely reduces the criteria needed before surveillance can be authorized- in many cases, absolutely no evidence of criminal wrong doing needs to be put before a Judge. Beforehand, police agents needed to compile a case before the surveillance could be approved-Now this requirement is drastically reduced or eliminated.

The FBI can now obtain business records without any Judges authorization.

Throughout the Cold War, due process rights were freqeuntly trampled upon- if an investigation came under the heading of 'National Security' interests.
This was just an excuse which came to take on a cultic aspect- the intelligence agencies function like cults.

Section 802 " Domestic terrorism"..provision 213, 215, with 'National Security letters" sneak and peak and seizures occur which plainly violate the Constitution.
Attorney /client privileges are weakened, Judicial review watered down, and reporting requirements eliminated.

Courts have struck down several sections- 805, 505, as being unconstitutional.

Eight states and 395 cities have declared the Patriot Act illegal, and forbade their local employees, including police, from cooperating with Federal officials. ( The supremacy clause in the constitution stipulates that Federal law will always trump state and local laws, when they are in conflict. But objections to the Patriot Act are based upon its unconstitutionality, it violates the fourth Amendment, and is thus itself illegal.

The effect of the law- hundreds of arrests, but no major criminals or terrorists have been snared.
The recent Military Commissions law almost completely wipes out due process, outdoing the Patriot Act- we are almost at the end of the infamous slippery slope - the next homeland attack will bring an open declaration of Martial Law, and the junta will never return us to constitutional rule.

America is less safe because of Bush's botched war- his reckless war for oil has been the number one recruitment tool for the Jihadists....After 9-11, America had the sympathy of the whole world- a million Iranians marched in the streets of Tehran in support. Bush has thrown this sympathy away, and we are now imbroiled in a new 'hundred years war' that has already depleted our treasury. We are trapped inside the Panopticon.

( needs rewriting, correcting).
A proposed rule change within the IRS (section 7216), will allow your tax returns to be sold to marketers and data collectors, ending citizen tax record privacy.

A race to the bottom

Democrats have ruled many major American cities almost continuously for over 30 years- during this time, lead poisoning among inner city youth has skyrocketed.

President Clinton and Vice -president Gore pushed hard for Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, even though the scientific evidence indicates that it is unhealthy ( most of the milk you now buy contains BGH).

President Clinton and Vice-president Gore blocked labeling of Genetically modified foods. They worked hard to weaken Dolphin protections, they de-regulated public grazing lands, they accelerated the corp of engineers destruction of wetlands....They refused to enforce or they weakened the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Air and Water Act.

NAFTA insures the weakest possible environmental laws in the America's- if a businessman in one country with a low standard sues another businessman in a country with a higher standard, then the high standard must be lowered- the treaty is a race to the bottom.

Clinton completely caved-in when it came to fuel efficiency standards.

Clinton also ended the only public way of counting hospital deaths.

He also repealed the 1958 Delany clause- this forbade the adding of known cancinogens into our food supply- so watch what you eat !

"President Clinton has done more harm to the environment than Reagan and Bush (no.1) did combined." - former Sierra club President David Brower

George W. Bush's environmental record: his misdeeds are too numerous to relate.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The idea that there is such a thing as an 'unforgivable' sin necessarily places a limit upon God's love and mercy.
In 1993, Mr. Salem was an informant for the FBI who secretly tape recorded his interactions with the Bureau. These tapes reveal that the FBI possessed extensive foreknowledge of the Islamist plot against the World Trade Center....

Salems tapes seem to criminally implicate the FBI - either the 1993 bombing was a classic entrapment setup gone awry, or the FBI actively assisted the bombers even up to the moment of the explosion ( at the last minute, access to a key support column seems to have been blocked by FBI agents, forcing the bombers to place the explosive laden van close to a more secure column, which prevented a complete collapse of the structure).

Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Allah has created a remedy for every malady."

From a Hadith. These are sayings or commentaries of the Prophet Mohammad, seperate from the Koran. Hadiths are very important within Islam, but not all are accepted.

Curiously, there are Hadiths that refer to Koranic surah's (verses) that don't exist. This means that the Koran has been altered over time, something that is vehemently denied by almost all Muslims.

( i guess now i'll get a Fatwa aimed against me, and some fanatic will try to cut my head off).