Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who are you?

Just who, exactly, is this man called "Barack Hussein Obama?"

Before Halloween of 2007, almost no one outside of Illinois had ever heard of him... (he was the freshman senator for that state)... After being on the job in DC for a mere 150 days as US senator, he became President.

Obama has never been in the military, nor has he ever run a business. He has never been a mayor or a governor....his two autobiographies were ghosted by someone else...He was an attorney, yet he never argued a case before a court. Without a teleprompter, he is lost and his speech stumbles over one "um" after the other....While his prepared speeches often sound good while people listen to them, no-one can ever recall any dramatic phrases from said speeches; they are forgettable events.

He claims to be black, or at least used blacks for a vote base, yet his mother is white, and his father listed the family in Kenya as being Arab. He is said to have been born in Hawaii, yet his grandmother says she helped midwife his birth in Mombasa Kenya.
His mom is usually described as being some sort of proto-hippy, yet she worked for international banking agencies and helped lend out loans to the poor for exorbitantly high interest rates ( incidentally, her social security number is still active. If she is still alive , she would be 67)...Obama's real legal name is Barry Soetero, which means he commits a felony every time he signs anything "Barack Obama"....

He emerged out of the sleazy Chicago machine, being friends with the likes of Ayers and Retzco, and the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

He ran the most secretive campaign, and now presidency, in history. We have no records for him- no baptismal record, no marriage license, no medical records...he attended three prestigious universities, yet we are not allowed to see ANYTHING that he has ever written during his time at these schools (his lawyers are working overtime to prevent this- Obama has spent $2 million of his own money to make sure his papers never see the light of day)...Supposedly, he went to Columbia university, yet a survey of 400 classmates for the year he allegedly graduated reveals that not one single person remembers ever seeing him. Not one- and a tall mulatto in the 1980's then was a rare occurrence for Columbia U...if he was there, someone would know, yet no one does. (Incidentally, several years back both Barack and Michelle surrendered their law licences. Why?)

Now it has come out that he uses multiple social security numbers....the primary social security number for him is for someone 119 years old...he uses social security numbers issued to Connecticut residents, yet he is not from Connecticut.

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Blogger Nick said...

We are talking about a man who wrote 2 books, a Harvard Law graduate, the president of the Harvard Law Review, A Civil Rights Attorney, A Community Organizer, A Law School Professor, A US Senator, The President of the United States, A Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

...and what do you complain about? "well he never ran a business, and he was never a mayor or governor!"

He skipped past Mayor and Governor and you fault him for it?

Did you know you are openly racist? Or did you do all of the above, AND you run your own business? Because then I would understand where you are coming from.

His real name is "Barry Soetero"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He is also implanted with a microchip that controls his mind, right?

Ask yourself why you are so eager to believe all the hoaxes you read online, REALLY, seriously, ask yourself.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Zero said...

Well, he was president of the Harvard Law Review, even if he didn't do much- he never contributed anything, since we haven't seen anything he ever wrote. Those two books he wrote- well, at least one may have been ghosted. Can you find any cases where he tried anything in court? I'd like to see....while a law professor, his collegues never liked him much, he rarely attended meetings...and his Nobel Prize? He never earned that- the committee closed nominations just two weeks into his presidency....he accepted the prize the day he ordered tens of thousands of troops into Afghanistan...He lacked executive experience, and it shows.

Openly racist? Because I dont like Obama? So if I liked him I wouldnt be racist, is that how it works? Can I like Colin Powell instead, does that meet the requirement, or do I have to like 99% of a race before Im not racist, or can I just cherish 51%sight unseen- hows that?

There is no paper trail- we have none of his records, school, medical etc. Which is what creates the impression that he is hiding something. He has done this-he has created this atmosphere.

7:53 PM  

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