Sunday, November 30, 2008

the extra ingredient

As the new administration moves along in time, the mistakes of the dear one, large and small, will gradually erode Obama's support. Eventually the mainstream media will begin sniping at him(about a year from now). Those who oppose the administration will gain in numbers...while the festering wound in the constitution caused by Obama's deception about his birthplace and eligibility for high office...will create a reaction. This, combined with our un-repayable debt, are(is) enough to collapse the country. The USA will not exist in its present form for much longer- we will go through a Soviet style collapse before 2020, probably before 2012.
Nothing Obama signs as President will have any validity- already he has weakened under the pressure -will he be found out and exposed before the entire nation?- His facial twitch has increased in severity under the 'lite' pressure of selecting cabinet members...

Iraq has passed a law to limit US troop actions-Obama campaigned to end the war....Originally, his supporters were given the impression that he would begin the draw down on his first day on his usurped throne. Instead, the new Iraq treaty will dictate terms to him,our troops will remain for a few years more... but its all probably to his advantage. Now, he can go about with a more free hand with the business of the dismemberment of Pakistan, which is the goal of Obama's foreign policy mentor and master, Zbignew Brzezinski ( who was the real President during Carters term).

I find it hilarious whenever the validity of Obama's birth certificate is questioned, the Obama camp usually refers the questioner to "" for a rebuttal. "" is owned by people who support Obama...and Obama sits on the board of one of their subsidiaries.

This is a very dangerous Achilles heel- as evidence mounts that Obama is a fraud, people who would be mildly opposed to his rule will sharpen their attacks, which will in turn create a climate of hate against our faux President. Militia armies opposed to him, and opposed to our un-repayable debt, will increase in numbers. The debt will sink the dollar, which will create hyperinflation. Most people will lose most of what they have struggled for all their lives. During such a dangerous time, we need a President who obeyed the mere legal requirement needed to obtain high office....instead, we have a manufactured candidate, seemingly run by foreign intelligence services, who, with fake polls, screaming adolescents, and bused-in fraudulent voters, short-circuited normal politics and seized power. The media can only cover for him for so long...

If people did not view him as illegitimate, their opposition to him would be slightly less. Obama's apparent lack of US citizenship may be the straw that breaks the camels back.


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