Thursday, August 19, 2010

Iron und blut

I embarked upon the artists path, it lead to infernos of smoky illusions .... empty pain....I gazed into the mirror of life......whats there, behind me? a vague figure, a simian haze stalks off down the hall...The Holy Ape- again.

I cannot sleep. Its almost 3:00 am- inside this big house how many unseen souls dwell? I hear the piano eerie melody, every night....lilts from the upper floor to my aused ears- the blade stopped short- in the nick of time, which does not exist.

The piano keeps playing its dreary dirge...but

Do you know the secret?

The room swells, breathes, exhales.a hot truth ..I see the apes face staring at me, looking down....a mist swirls in the corner, explosions..... there is terror inside this dream but I am wide awake.

Terrible woe, curses, famine and disease..... come soon, I must hide and warn you, you are in danger. The secret is layered; does your room spin in space too? Do you understand? Feints within feints....forever

I roll the dice..... bones the rooster rises as a new creature with torso and human limbs. Would you be afraid to conjure thus?

I know the future.

Blood, rain toil, tears. The way-crusher...I talk in the temple of abstinence, you look away....Its a trick-..... colors, warmth, solidity, sense perception, all this 'stuff' is just a spiders web. People becoming other people, each trapped on the wheel, but who set the snare? One.

A glow in the cobble alley...the ape grasps my wrist a nail is slammed inside my arm, the tree smells sweet, the crown is universal, a great cosmic electric chair hovers inside someones mind...who conjured you out of the clay, poor creature?

In this secret room from the past... I seek the future....sulfur, mercury, the land bound by iron, I am free...


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