Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Al Bore

Al Gore: a fraud of the highest order.

1. He is (was) a great tobacco peddler

2. numerous suspicious fund raising events and characters (Buddhist Temple,etc.)

3. The rape of Russia. This is a big deal that could be turned into a massive book-with the fall of the Soviet Union, the nation went on the auction block-Gore formed shady alliances with highly placed Russians , giving them cash and advanced technology in exchange for a big slice of the Russian economic pie. As a result, services were slashed, and over a million people died.

4. He is an oil baron, too. He brokered a deal that allowed Occidental oil to seize Elk Hills, California, Indian lands- the value of his shares went way up.

5. Deliberately rolling over in the 2000 elections.

6. Drug hypocrisy- while in college, he spent most of his time smoking pot and watching TV (Just like Obama). As Vice-President, he oversaw the incarceration of millions of Americans for doing just the exact same thing- sometimes these prison terms were quite long.


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