Thursday, March 13, 2008

Starr county, Texas, receives about 15 tons of marijuana and 1,000 pounds of cocaine from Mexico a week. Often, these drugs come in under Mexican police escort. (This is an old statistic-from 1986. The figures are much higher now).

Almost 90% of the cocaine that comes into the US comes in through the Laredo,Texas area. It is a 10+ million dollar a day business, just for this small area.

The President and Congress refuse to seal the border. If we can defeat Saddam Hussein and Iraq twice, then we can seal the border. Just position a machine gun nest about every 500 yards along the Rio Grande-shoot anything that moves (in the air, too). Make illegal drug smuggling a capital offense.

About 10-20 American citizens 'disappear' in northern Mexico every year. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Mexicans are murdered every year in the border zone-90% of these cases will remain unsolved.

Most Mexican states are owned and controlled-completely- by Drug Lords. The border zone is in a general state of lawlessness, and soon the entire southern tier of the US will be too.


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